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pushing through heels when squatting

Movement Myth #2: Push Through the Heels

Learn why this is not a good idea and what you should do instead

By Coach E

Have you been told that you should push through the heels when you squat? Here’s why this is bad advice and what you should do instead.

Knees and Toes

Movement Myth #1: Knees and Toes

Here's how doing this all the time can damage you...

By Coach E

The popular cue to keep your knees behind toes during exercises like squats and lunges is misguided and can actually hurt you.

Improve Hip IR and Decrease Impingement with these 3 Hip Internal Rotation Exercises

3 MUST DO Hip Internal Rotation Exercises

Improve Hip IR and Decrease Impingement

By Coach E

The hip internal rotation exercises in this article will help you improve this widely overlooked range of motion. If you’re an athlete, improving hip internal rotation mobility will prevent catastrophic knee injuries and if you’re not, it’ll help keep your hips and knees generally healthy.

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