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office spine care exercises 5

4 Exercises to Keep Your Spine Healthy

Do these at work to prevent low back and neck pain

By Coach E

Don’t just accept that office life means a constantly achy back. Learn to keep your spine healthy with these simple exercises you can do at your desk.


New Shoulder Mobility Exercise (my current fave)

Do this daily to improve shoulder mobility and health

By Coach E

If you’re looking for one shoulder mobility exercise to do – whether it’s to use in your warmup, cool-down or as part of your workout to improve your mobility, then you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than this.

techniques for better shoulder mobility and posture bl

Address Shoulder Posture from Too Much Sitting

Try these techniques for better shoulder posture & mobility

By Coach E

When busy at your desk, it’s easy to ignore shoulder posture. Work can take a toll on your shoulder mobility and function, but you can help offset it with these techniques.