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Our MISSION at Precision Movement is to help active peeps like you eliminate pain and improve flexibility, mobility and movement so you can do what you love, better.

We've so thrilled that our courses, as well as our free content, are actively making a difference in your training, health and LIFE.

Following the Precision Movement philosophy

Here's some amazing feedback we've received from you guys. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and results with us!

I did three of those exercises. :press-up, bird-dog and bridge. Just one set before going somewhere, even 5 or 6 reps, 10 sec hold. Just to loosen up my back. It works great, I am getting up from the floor so easy after this set, like some 18 year-old gymnast 😁. Than You for this. It's a pure magic! 😎

Mirek S. followed the Spine Control Program

I have begun module one of the spine control after many years of lower back pain and I am already feeling better doing the basic exercises. I think your approach and explanation of how to maintain a healthy spine is outstanding and meets a wide spread need due to many people spending much too long sitting at desks.

Berry W. followed the Spine Control Program

Hi Eric, I just wanted to say after i am noticing huge improvement in my spine from this program. I just actually did squats for the first time and some jogging up hills yesterday, both normally finish me off for days with back pain. I probably shouldn't be squatting yet but no pain, this is wierd ( but in a good way ) thanks !

Adam E. followed the Spine Control Program

I just want to shoot you a quick email and tell you how much I love every single article you post! I have learned so much from your expertise. Your articles are always written with great explanations and detail but in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Colby N.

Your program is one of the best programs I have ever used to improve my athleticism. My hips are looser than they have ever been, my core is getting a lot stronger and more flexible, and the level of pain in my hips and knees has almost totally diminished. I am expecting the level of pain to be gone completely by the end of the program.

Michael F. followed the Hip Flexibility Solution

Awesome sir I can't thank you enough 4 weeks ago I could barely kick chest level now I'm doing the splits almost 180 degrees your program works!!!! 😉

Robert H. followed the Hip Flexibility Solution

The program has been really great so far. I'm only about 2 weeks into it and between kids and work I admit I've had a little trouble sticking to the schedule. But I noticed considerable improvement after only a few
I take Muay Thai nightly Mon through wed. Then Thursday and Friday I jog to and from work for a total of 4 miles per day. I'm alternating between the kneeling and standing routines right now and it's really helped my
kicks, and knees. It's also greatly improved my over all flexibility and pain level. So, in general, I'm very happy with the program and I've told a bunch of people about it at my academy.

Steve. followed the Hip Flexibility Solution

I am extremely appreciative of the help- your stuff has been a huge part of my training for the last year and a bit and has made possible goals that I had all but given up on.

Daniel C. followed the Hip Flexibility Solution

I have gotten in 2-3 weeks worth of behind the back and rounded shoulders routine so far. I managed to start most of them off with rotator cuff hardening routine. I have had decent issues with weak rotator cuff and bursitis in the past. I went through physio program before that focused on rotator cuff strengthening. It helped at the time but it has gotten much worse since, and just before I hit the doctor up again, I picked up your program thinking I don't have much to lose. I have to admit it worked wonders. I didn't do the second assessment yet to see the improvement on tests you prescribe, but I went from having pain just about anytime I move my right arm, to being able to move my arm overhead and anywhere really, without pain. Still, a bit of work as I feel the painful spot when doing powerful and fast movements but the results have been a game changer. Not just for my BJJ but everyday life as well.

Michal P. followed the Shoulder Flexibility Solution

I took the assessment and followed the Rounded Shoulders and Hand Behind the Back plan. I would do an exercise between my Smolov sets!! I did it for 2 weeks and saw tremendous improvement in my shoulder mobility. Muscle ups, HSPU, jerks all felt sooooo much better!!

Jessie G. followed the Shoulder Flexibility Solution

Thanks for the "Behind the Head" Video. I have been using the exercise three times a day that the last three days. I can feel the difference. My upper back is not as stiff and my head can now rest on the "head rest" of my car seat. That may seem unusual, but I have never been able to do that comfortably before. I purchased the "Shoulder Routine" from you. Just now reading the manual. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope this works. I've had upper back stiffness and pain since I was a teenager. I'm almost 60 now. Thanks again, I appreciate your desire to help me by sending me the video.

Robert T. followed the Shoulder Flexibility Solution

With SFS I do believe I'm gaining some of my overhead lifting strength back, keep in mind I'm talking being able to lift a pound or two over head, stretch and put onto a shelf w/o my left top shoulder feeling like it's on fire.

David V. followed the Shoulder Flexibility Solution

My scaps have been awakened and I feel that my shoulders are much healthier so far. Can't wait to finish the course to really feel the benefits!

Gill G. followed the Scap Control Program

Love the exercises and your demo's. Just the right length of time on each exercise and easy to listen to. It's amazing how well some of the exercises target the area; and how testing they are with little or no weight/ resistance.

My scapula are already becoming less winged, and my shoulders feeling healthier and stronger. I have increased my shoulder press as well. These new types of exercises have re energized me in my training as well, keeping it interesting.

Jason R. followed the Scap Control Program

Have been performing the rehab exercises as per your program together with other exercises you have posted as supplementary and have to say I have seen a great deal of progress. I am almost pain-free, only on the extreme of my flexibility and back to using weights.

I am now concentrating now on your scapula retraction/protraction program and finding this is really beneficial as I was having real issues with push ups; pull ups, bench press and overhead squat snatch. I think this was my real problem been doing em wrong for years.

Peter B. followed the Scap Control Program and the Shoulder Flexibility Solution

The Scap mechanism seems to be a lot stronger and my shoulder doesn't hurt now. I have managed to do my first strict pull-ups, although chin- ups are easier and I am able to do five unbroken of them.

Ann D. followed the Scap Control Program

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