By Coach E

Which Course is Right for You?

Whether you've got chronic pain that you haven't been able to fix despite your best efforts or you're an athlete looking to improve your mobility for your sport, we take pride in delivering efficient (i.e. 15-20 minute routines you can do at home) and effective programs to help you get back to and keep doing the active things you love. 

Hassle-free 1-year money
back guarantee

To back this up we've got you covered by our industry leading 1-year money-back guarantee*, so you’ve got 1 full year to hold us to our promises and if we don’t keep it or you’re unsatisfied for any other reason, all you’ve got to do is email us and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

* For Precision Movement Academy memberships, the refund period is 30 days.


For those new to Precision Movement or who aren't sure where to start

The Foundation for Movement Longevity program is the perfect place to start for most people as it introduces you to the Precision Movement way in an easy-to-follow format. While it doesn't address any specific issue, it can help with many different issues from plantar fasciitis to chronically tight and painful neck muscles as each week Coach E and Dr. B will guide you through 5 distinct routines that each target one of the most commonly dysfunctional areas of the body. 


The Control series includes 5 x 12-week courses designed to restore optimal function to every area of your body in a systematic way: spine, hip, shoulder, upper limb (elbows/wrists/hands) and lower limb (knees/ankles/feet).

If your ultimate goal is movement longevity then you will want to complete every course as you'll leave with a full understanding of what your body is capable of, what it can do right now and how to train it for optimal function so you can get back to and keep doing the things you love.

Spine Control

Whether you want to be finally rid of chronic low back pain or you want to get your spine moving the way it's designed to, Spine Control's got your back and will restore lost ranges of motion in a safe and progressive way.

Hip Control

The common lower body exercises we do neglect 3 important muscle groups leading to muscular imbalances, pain and tightness. Hip Control will restore muscular balance and function and improve your mobility and strength.

Shoulder Control

If your shoulders are tight, typical static stretching is the worst thing you can do for them as it'll decrease stability. Shoulder Control will teach you how to properly develop mobility for strong and healthy shoulders.

Lower Limb Control

If your feet and ankles are not functioning properly, it will result in compensation somewhere up the chain. Lower Limb Control will restore proper foot, ankle and knee function, ensuring you're moving with stability and control.

Upper Limb Control

If you've got recurring problems or tightness in your wrists or elbows, issues like tennis or golfers elbow or stubborn shoulder pain that hasn't responded to shoulder specific protocols, give Upper Limb Control a shot to fix these issues and more.


For those with a very specific goal

Shoulder Flexibility Solution

Unlock your tight shoulders with specific routines to help you gain ranges of motion that you may not have had in years.

Hip Flexibility Solution

Unlock your tight hips to gain strength, speed and power while eliminating knee, hip and back pain with routines that take less than 20 minutes.

TFL Pain Solution

Restoring proper function to all muscles of the hip - not just the glutes - is the path to lasting relief and the 2-phase TFL Pain Solution will do just that.

Scap Strength

Whether you press, pull, row, throw, punch or swing, you'll do so with greater power and control after following Scap Strength.

Knee Recovery Program

A systematic and proven movement-based approach to address the root causes of knee dysfunction, whether surgery is required or not.


If you're serious about being able to move freely and without pain for the rest of your life then you'll want to follow the entire Control series and integrate the other programs as needed.

That's why I'd like to invite you to learn more about the Precision Movement Academy where you get access to every program and course and additional complementary content not found elsewhere to optimize your body for pain-free movement and mobility at a significant discount.


I finished Hip Control a couple of months ago. Overall, I am thrilled with the results, I recommend the site to other people as I think it is valuable. I liked a lot the assessment piece, in the beginning, it helped me a lot to understand what things in my posture I had to correct.

Daniel L.

FOllowed Hip Control

I had been experiencing pain in my feet for many years. Often when I rode my bike, my knees hurt. I could not lift my knee up and around to get into my kayak. My legs feel a lot stronger and my balance is better. I can walk further, cycle without pain and get into my kayak. 

Leona L. // Retired teacher, 70

followed Lower Limb Control

I’m already able to run and bike again without shoulder pain, although there is a strange residual « lumpiness » especially when I try to swim. I’m very happy with the progress so far and I've started working on other areas which need attention.

Kevin J // Biker
Followed Shoulder Control

I took spine control because of limiting low back pain on one side. The progression of exercises was perfect for me. I had gradual reduction of pain until it was no longer an issue. Previous to the course it had been low grade for decades.

Lynn B. // Wildland Fire fighter


I've been doing the TFL Program for 11 days now and the program is working really well for me. I'm already seeing remarkable results and it feels like it's benefiting more than just the TFL. I can't say how grateful I am for new hope after almost two years of pain.

Jeanette C. // Yoga instructor


Absolute MAGIC since starting with your program, (even though I have not been doing routines religiously each day). Specifically pain eliminated, increased range and enthusiasm/confidence to work to fuller capabilities. I do feel the difference in a meaningful way!!

Sheldon A. // Entrepreneur, 70