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By Coach E

Eliminate pain.
Heal & prevent injuries.
Improve mobility.

Whether you're into CrossFit, running, golf or martial arts, we help active people like you get back to and keep doing the things you love, better.

What is Precision Movement?

Our MISSION is to help active people eliminate pain, heal and prevent injuries
and improve mobility so they can do the things they love, better.


Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we've created simple yet powerful assessments to figure out precisely what you need to improve your body.

Personalized Exercises

You'll receive personalized exercises and techniques based on your assessment that precisely target your specific issues and goals.

Clear Instruction

Time is limited, which is why our content gives you clear and precise instructions so you leave with a plan of exactly what to do and how to do it.

What Others Are Saying About Precision Movement:

Alex Sturrup

Hello Eric, first off I must tell you how much I enjoy your programs. I love the details given that makes the most out of the workouts. For years I've went trough MANY programs to restore my shoulder mobility and didn't stick with because I did not see any improvements, but yours 100% did. Thank you sooo much for your amazing knowledge....already my mobility has improved by at least 80% and I'm just in my 3rd week on 4 times a week training.Thanks again for the awesome program.


Age: 31

Location: Nassau, The Bahamas

Robert H.

Awesome sir I can't thank you enough 4 weeks ago I could barely kick chest level now I'm doing the splits almost 180 degrees your program works!!!! 😉

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