By Eric Wong

Eliminate pain.
Recover from injuries.
Improve mobility.

Weather you're into CrossFit, running, golf or martial arts, we help active peeps like you get back to and keep doing the things you love, better.

What is Precision Movement?

Our MISSION is to help active peeps eliminate pain, recover from injuries
and improve mobility so they can do what they love, better.


Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we've created simple yet powerful assessments to figure out precisely what you need to improve your body.

Personalized Exercises

You'll receive personalized exercises and techniques based on your assessment that precisely target your specific issues and goals.

Clear Instruction

Time is limited, which is why our content gives you clear and precise instructions so you leave with a plan of exactly what to do and how to do it.

Latest Blog Posts

Bicep Tendonitis: How to Address the Root Cause
Is pain from bicep tendonitis getting in your way? It’s time to stop treating the symptom and get to the real issue so you can find lasting relief.
ERA Sequence for Overhead Shoulder Mobility
Today’s technique will improve your overhead mobility because it helps you build strength in muscles that bring you into and stabilize this end range.
The Arched Hang (do this daily!)
Arched Hang - when you first start this technique, warmup by doing some passive hangs, then do some active hangs, and if you're more advanced add some hanging scap circles and brachiating.
Technique to Restore Hip Rotation Mobility
Rotation of the hips, specifically of the head of the femur (thigh bone) in its socket (acetabulum) is critical for performance in the gym and sports for example: Getting deep into squats, Throwing kicks in the striking martial arts etc.
Brachiating for Overhead Shoulder Mobility
Everything that gets us back to nature, like the paleo diet or animal movements such as the brachiating technique I've got for you today is very popular these days.
Flexibility vs. Mobility: What’s the Difference?
When thinking about it, most people think of the word flexibility, not mobility (although this is changing) so if a program has the word “flexibility” in it, it might be seen as a better fit.