Back Pain, Posture and Spine Mobility Article Roundup

By Coach E

Here's a collection of 10 articles we've published all about the spine - whether you've got issues now or you want to prevent them in the future, there's something here that will help you move freely and without pain so you can get out there and do your thing without that nagging thought in the back of your mind that anything you do might tweak your back. - Coach E

If you have low back pain... 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they tweak their back is to start static stretching, which can further exacerbate the damage behind the pain. This article outlines our approach and is a MUST-READ for anyone who has or has had low back pain.

Is Stretching Good for Low Back Pain?

If you have sciatica...

Then you need to check this article out because the exercises have given many quick relief:

5 Best Sciatica Stretches for Quick Pain Relief

If you have SI joint pain...

While the SI joint isn't meant for much movement, it should move a little bit otherwise it can result in discomfort. Check this article out for exercises you can try right now to unstick a stuck SI joint.

3 SI Joint Stretches For Proper Sacroiliac Motion

If you have the posture of an ogre...

Just trying to "stand up straight" isn't going to fix it. Learn about the key muscle you must get working to make maintaining good posture effortless here. 

How to Fix Hunchback Posture

If you have anterior or posterior
pelvic tilt...

Check out these quick routines to help you correct these postural misalignments:

Posterior Pelvic Tilt   |   Anterior Pelvic Tilt

And regardless of what direction your pelvis tilts in, read this article for the "missing" link to the two routines above:

Fix Anterior, Posterior or Lateral Pelvic Tilt via Awareness & Control

If you have neck tightness...

Take a few deep breaths to help you relax, then read the following two articles:

Do THIS Instead of a Levator Scapulae Stretch for Neck Pain

Controlled Neck Rotation (full neck mobility exercise)

If you want a more stable core:

The stability ball is one of my favourite tools for training core stability because it causes your core to react to unpredictability, training it for sport, which is full of unpredictable situations and requires the core to react correctly.

3 Unique Ways to Use Core Stabilization Exercises

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Eric Wong (aka Coach E) is the founder of Precision Movement and has a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. He's been a coach since 2005 and spent his early career training combat athletes including multiple UFC fighters and professional boxers. He now dedicates himself to helping active people eliminate pain and improve mobility. He lives in Toronto (Go Leafs Go!) with his wife and two kids and drinks black coffee at work and IPAs at play. Click here to learn more about Eric.