Eric Wong

Founder and Chief Movement Coach of Precision Movement

By Coach E

I’m 40, a husband, dad to 3 young’uns, love playing all sports (especially hockey and tennis right now) and prefer my beer hoppy and coffee black.

I’ve been doing this for 16 years straight.


What exactly is, this?

Well, this, is creating, teaching and organizing exercises into time-efficient programs that improve various aspects of movement and fitness.

In the early days I mostly wrote up strength and conditioning programs for MMA fighters including a few who made it to the big show.

These days, this is MOVEMENT LONGEVITY, which is a concept about maximizing the duration of life one is able to move freely and without pain.

I know what it’s like to not be able to do the active things you love, due to long-standing compensations that created movement dysfunctions and pain because of a back surgery I had at 14.

lower back pain from squats

Now, my life’s work is helping others overcome issues that are keeping them from living their active life.

Sound intriguing?

Then come along and join us. It’ll be fun!

And if you ever need support, rest assured we’ll be here for you – it’s been 16 years and counting for me, and my team and I absolutely love what we do and have no desire to do anything else.

Eric aka ‘Coach E’