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Introducing the Controlled Flow

Integrate These Into Your Training For Efficient Results

By Coach E

The Controlled Flow is a concept I’ll be fully integrating into my training philosophy.

One of the questions I get most asked by customers is, “After I’m done a course (i.e. Hip Control), what do I do to keep the results?”

My typical answer is to take a few of the more challenging exercises from the latter phases of the course and do them a few times a week as part of a cool-down or separate movement session.

I also provide monthly Movement Sessions and Mobility Challenges to my Precision Movement Academy students, that helps them do exactly this, with new techniques I haven’t included in my courses.

One of the things I’ve got for my students is the Controlled Flow.

I like to deliver them in 2 parts:

PART 1: the Controlled Flow without instruction.

I do this because I want my students to practice applying the concepts they’ve learned in my courses on their own, to movements that they may have never performed.

It’s helping move people from conscious competence – my goal for when people finish a course – meaning they know about, can discuss and can demonstrate skill in the topic i.e. proper movement of the hips via Hip Control.

Ultimately though, my goal has always been to help my students build unconscious competence, because then they can go off and do their own thing and do it right because they’ve ingrained the concepts and skills into their being.

So delivering the Controlled Flow in this format first, helps my students build unconscious competence in movement.

Watch and try the flow and think about the key technical elements on your own. HINT: there are elements from all 5 Control courses.

PART 2: the Controlled Flow with coaching.

Once you’ve tried Part 1 on your own, it’s time for Part 2.

So go ahead, make sure you do Part 1 and when you’re ready, the Controlled Flow with my coaching will be waiting for you in the new Precision Movement VIP Lab on Facebook.

I’ve created this community to bring all the active people who follow Precision Movement together, where we can ask questions, learn and share.

If you appreciate the work I’m doing to train you up to unconsciously competent movement ability, you’re the perfect fit for the VIP Lab, so come join us and we can continue this journey there.

– Coach E

About the Author

Eric Wong (aka Coach E) is the founder of Precision Movement and has a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. He's been a coach since 2005 and spent his early career training combat athletes including multiple UFC fighters and professional boxers. He now dedicates himself to helping active people eliminate pain and improve mobility. He lives in Toronto (Go Leafs Go!) with his wife and two kids and drinks black coffee at work and IPAs at play. Click here to learn more about Eric.