Eric Wong

Kinesiologist & Movement Coach, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur

By Coach E


Hey and welcome to my longer bio page where you can learn a little bit about me and what’s lead me to this current leg of my life journey that includes the site you’re on right now – Precision Movement.

1981: last of 5 kids born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; spend most of my adolescent and teenage years playing any and every sport I can especially ice hockey (centre) and baseball fastball (pitcher)

1995: undergo major back surgery with complications that left me with a pretty significant scar

lower back pain from squats

1995-1999: the side effects of the surgery included but were not limited to back, hip and shoulder tightness especially on the right side and recurring episodes of low back pain triggered from innocuous incidents like bending over to tie my shoes; ability to play sports hampered

1999-2004: attended the University of Waterloo to study Kinesiology and was lucky to have an innovative biomechanics professor who specialized in low back pain named Dr. Stu McGill

2004: earned my Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology, traveled around Europe and Asia for a few months then started working as a trainer at a big box gym but left after 4 months to start my own personal training business; began in-depth study in corrective exercise under Paul Chek

2006-2013: started blogging and sharing YouTube videos and switched my focus to performance training for MMA fighters; was lucky enough to work with a few UFC fighters and even feel the electricity from the crowd inside the octagon after a big win

2014: had a beautiful (and hilarious) baby girl named Livia; priorities = shifted

2018: had a chubby and cute son named Camden

Present day: I wake up, have breakfast with my family then get to work on helping my online following of 60,000+ active peeps around the world eliminate pain, heal & prevent injuries and improve mobility so they can get back to and keep doing the things they LOVE; learn from a vast range of sources and many different coaches both living and not in all different fields; integrate what I learn (to the best of my ability) into an approach for people who want to keep moving and improving until they’re old and grey (and beyond) but require EFFICIENT solutions that can be implemented into their busy lives.

So there are some of the highlights…

I’m truly grateful for my present situation because I wake up everyday excited to do what I love to do, which is study movement and then go move and share what I’ve learned and created.

And I’m also grateful to have you with me on this journey, so THANKS for being here and I hope to be able to help you keep moving.

– Eric aka Coach E