By Coach E

Will you be next?

At Precision Movement, our mission is to help active people (like you!) eliminate pain, heal and prevent injuries and improve mobility so they can get back to and keep doing the things they love.  

We're proud of each and everyone of our followers who use our free content and premium courses and on this page we've highlighted a small portion of the feedback we've received that inspires us to keep doing what we love and that we hope inspires you, whether you've been sidelined by pain or an injury, limited by a restriction or want to stay active and mobile for the rest of your life.



Courses Followed: Coaching with Joshua

I am truly amazed by Coach Joshua’s exceptional expertise and care. His ability to coach effectively through Zoom sessions is impressive. The quality of coaching exceeds what I have received in person elsewhere. I highly recommend him to anyone.


Courses Followed: Foundation for Movement Longevity, ROM Coach

I’ve been doing the FML, the DMT, and the recommended exercises after my assessment, using the scheduling in the app.

I am moving a lot better, my balance is better, and I just recently played squash for two days running with no apparent ill effects, which has not been the case previously.

Despite the 1001 cat camels I have done, I’m still not the world’s most flexible person, but I know it’s helping. I shall continue with the exercises.


Courses Followed: Knee Pain Solution

The program worked great and I am back to playing tennis full speed with no pain!! Thank you!


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

I have the Pain Solution Series constantly open on my computer – for about a month now. ♥️Do it first thing outa bed. You realize you’re letting things slip when you start injuring yourself in your sleep. 🫤 Trying to do ROM routines more. Sometimes get distracted- pulled into the day. Have to get up earlier!

I remember how to do most activations after doing the course initially but I agree that having your cues especially for quad ramping and cervical / lumbar / thoracic make sure it’s most effective. I can focus on visualizing the muscles and you guide me through the timeframe. That course has been ultra essential for core strength and not falling into my compensatory movements as easily. Constant posture reminders going off!! All your courses allow me to have a better life. I don’t even bother searching for alternate advice anymore.


Courses Followed: Knee Pain Solution

Dr. Bs advice on the importance of isometric exercises post-surgery to help manage swelling has enhanced my cycling. I recently had two total knee replacements 5 weeks apart. For both, as soon as I was awake in recovery, I started to try to do quad activations even before the spinal wore off. At first I could not move but just kept telling my brain to activate both sides. After 15 mins or so, there was a flutter. I kept going and by the time I got to the ward about an hour later I could do a small straight leg raise and within 2 h was walking, albeit with a frame. Next day no frame. Recovery (now day 18 for No 2) has been excellent. Just a big thanks to Dr B and you guys for all the great info you provide.


Courses Followed: Spine Control

You are a God-Send!

I’ve found myself saying this almost every week since I first came across your ‘Rhomboid Pain’ video last year, which led to my signing up to two of your courses. I did this because in February 2022, I’d experienced what I’d though was a rib-related pain after my fantastic physio of 11 years (who applies the ‘Sarah Key’ method of WALKING on your back to help treat lower back pain), walked a little higher than normal up my spine on one occasion, and I think, tweaked a rib or something. I was subsequently in a great deal of pain and discomfort for months afterwards.

I am now very pleased to say, after following your advice, watching your videos and strictly complying with the requirements of your courses, my rib-related pain and discomfort has disappeared.

As we speak, I am two weeks into a 13 week trip around Europe by train on a Eurail Pass. I’m travelling through many different countries, staying in hotels, Airbnbs or with friends for only 2 or 3 days at a time before moving on. This leads to me invariably walking to and from train stations with my two heavy back-packs (will send a picture separately by email) which I would never have been able to do so comfortably had it not been for you!

You are a ‘one-in a-million’ guy and I really mean that. You are knowledgeable, experienced, have a terrific demeaner with no signs of impatience or ego. You keep yourself up-to-date with developments on health care, and you are extremely generous in sharing – explaining and delivering your messages simply and clearly.

Your Precision Movement organisation is truly professional and efficient and offers exceptional ‘bang-for the buck’. I’m so pleased I stumbled across your video, and you’ve no idea how pleased I am to have found you. Just knowing you are there as an exceptional resource (should I ever have any additional queries or need to find out how to treat various other parts of my body – knees, for example), is so valuable to me!

You truly are a ‘God-Send’, Eric, and I really take my hat off to you for the way you deliver and impart your knowledge and suggested activities to us all!


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy ROM Coach

I want you to know I am so happy with your and your team’s work. I have bought some programs and am helping my husband move into another program for his unhappy back. I want you folks to know that I have worked in the medical profession and am older, so I have lots of experience working with various help modalities. Your presentation, research, expertise and sweet, genuine way about you make you a star. I am constantly referring folks to Precision Movement. I’m just sending you way … a little love.


Courses Followed: Spine Control

This is a one-year journey that has changed my life for the better. I spent too much time sitting at my office job and started experiencing lower back pain (flexion dysfunction). I started Yoga, which eased my back pain but never disappeared. After many YouTube exercises, I invested in the Spine Control Program from Precision Movement and never looked back. A well-designed program that does not only address the problem area but surrounding muscles as well. I soon realized how much my lower back pain affected the chain up and down my body. As I moved through the phases of the program, I could see improvements in sitting comfortably in a chair for extended periods of time, bending forward using a neutral spine and turning left or right to look over my shoulders. It was worth the 12 months of effort as this program taught me much about my body and how to care for it. I am now using the daily routine as an early morning exercise to start my day, and I always look forward to doing the exercises each day. Thank you, Coach E and your incredible team for the support throughout this program. I wish you all the success, and you deserve it.


Courses Followed: ROM Coach Hip Pain Solution

Thank you for your program. I have been a fan for some time and credit your instruction on proper form and movement for helping me with a thorough recovery. I am 3 days after a total right hip replacement and am walking, going up/down stairs, and able to perform most daily tasks myself. Thank you!


Courses Followed: ROM Coach

Your app has completely transformed my body and made the maintenance of my chronic condition so, so much easier and more intelligent. I must say I only found these benefits when I upgraded to a pro account and organised workout programs as the pro version allows (I’m doing and redoing all the foot and hip programmes).

I can now safely do a yoga pose that requires quite some shoulder mobility after following your shoulder mobility programs, and complete 1000km running in barefoot shoes, which truly would have been impossible if I wasn’t diligently doing your foot and hip programmes every day (I also used a mix of the exercises when designing my running warmup). This pic is of me climbing on top of a rocky torr – improved balance thanks to working on all these things with ROM coach. 🙂


Courses Followed: Hip Pain Solution ROM Coach

You and your team are amazing, it’s been great having so much material explained in a very easy to understand way. I love that you go into the root causes and physiology of why a certain ailment might be showing itself. I love nerding out on that stuff!

One thing that did come to mind as I’m writing this… My girlfriend partially tore her ACL this summer while whitewater rafting. Your exercises and explanations for ACL tears was really helpful and got her healed pretty good. I think it was a big mental win having you guys as support too.

We’re working with a PT in town and that’s been good too, but your team really got us through the first couple months and we’re still following a lot of your exercises.

Thanks so much coach E and Dr B!! Here’s one of my favorite pictures of happy bodies in motion. Your routines and explanations have for sure been a huge part of me getting here.


Courses Followed: TFL Pain Solution

Just thought I would let you know that I am pleased with the program. A year ago I had bilateral hip replacements which apparently left me with some muscle imbalances. I was getting a sharp pain on the outer part of my right thigh but it was intermittent and I could not tell what was triggering it. Physical therapy just kept telling me to strengthen my glutes – which I was constantly working on but things kept getting worse. I have a dance background so I decided to do a degage’ repetively until it triggered (trying to figure out what was causing it).

I started to realize that it was not the type of movement as much as the volume of movement.

Then online I found Coach Eric’s TFL pain solution. Then everything made sense. What Physical therapy did not tell me is I have to strengthen the glutes but also deactivate the TFL. I was working my glutes but then the TFL would try to take over and end up in a spasm. Probably also pulling on the IT band. The TFL pain solution has brought the pain down from 5 or 6 times a day to only once or twice a week. I am hopeful that I can eliminate it entirely. I just started the hip pain solution as an adjunct.

Your program has really helped me solve this mystery pain. Thanks!


Courses Followed: Forearm Pain? STOP STRETCHING (Do These 3 Exercises Instead)

I just wanted to thank you for the video on relieving forearm pain. My left forearm has been getting progressively worse for about a month due to my workouts with little to no relief from my stretching etc. I’m approaching 70 years old now but do my best to feel 21, hah! I tried your three suggested exercises and was totally surprised how much relief occurred! I may have pushed a little hard as I bruised my skin a bit that I saw the next day, however, it’s been an entire day now with no pain, cramping and more strength (like it used to be). I sure hope it last but now know something that works I can do (maybe a little gentler this next time though!). Thanks again!!!


Courses Followed: Low Back Pain Solution

After over two decades as a very competitive Ironman triathlete, I was experiencing severe lower back pain and muscle spasms when riding a bicycle for more than 30 minutes. This condition had been occurring for a couple of years and had prevented me from doing long bike rides and racing competitively.

My back pain while biking has resolved and I was able to complete a half Ironman without any discomfort.

I’ve tried chiropractor, yoga, or stretching in the past and that didn’t work.:

The muscle activation techniques gave me the awareness that enabled me to start using “sleepy” muscles. It took a few weeks before I could get some muscles to engage. However, once those muscles were activated, the painful lower back spasms started to diminish. This program is about “re-learning” how to activate and strengthen sleepy muscles. It took a few months to totally resolve the lower back pain but it was definitely with the effort. I’d recommend Low Back Pain Solution to anyone experiencing low back discomfort. It was a game-changer for me.


Courses Followed: ROM Coach


I meant to let you know that after about 4 months of your program I achieved a personal best in a national field archery competition last June (good enough for silver! –Mostly because the top competitors didn’t show up, but still…). This personal best was a 14% increase over my previous PB, from 5 years ago.

According to USA Archery, Masters at age 70 can’t shoot squat because of breakdowns at the cellular level. I am very happy to prove them wrong. I told all my masters competitors about your program. The core strengthening routines and pelvic girdle strengthening did the most, for me.

On to the International Masters Games Association meet in Cleveland, next summer!

~Sue P.


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

Dear Coach E,

My name is Argy i live in Greece. Im 54, 5’1 48-50 kilos… my highschool friend Lucas bought me the whole year program to help me(. I was unable economically.) The reasonI i wanted the program was YOU!!! I could tell frm the look in your EYES, the way you spoke and what u said that you were REAL!!! Your no bullshitter… and that you had to have personal experince in pain cuz u can tell you MEAN what you SAY!!! And as i read your backround after purchading program i was right!!

my troubles started in 2019 when i felt something funny in my left arch like i was stepping on a crunched up sock… civid 19 came around couldnt go to dr bla bla bla… when i managed, they did MRI ON WRONG PART OF FOOT… only ankle… was told nothing wrong with me just someinflammation around ankle… was told just . go swimming walking bla bla bla… pain got worse… went to 15 different dr… nero sergons orthopidics no one took rhe time to put the freekin cd in and look at image.. just read papers… i was told it was frm my back, frm S1 nerve …. You name it, (it originslly was PLANTERS, Peroneal tendons nerves u name it inflamation everywhere)

Due to wrong diagnoses and NEVER Seeing IT WAS PLANTERS ETC… THEY INSISTED IT WAS ONLY THE NERVE/BACK SO THEY SCREWED UP WITH MY BACK , 54accupuncters with electricity, 54 full body massages…physical therspy… CONCUDING to CAUSING SERIOUS INJURIES TO MY WHOLE BODY…LIGAMENTS shoulder scaps,trapeze neck t-spine and so much more!!!

Then got vax in may 2021, and in 5 minutes that was it , FROZEN I got every side affect on the planet!!! (And still have to but to lesser degree…)

My muscle ligaments organs ALL LIKE FROZE , MY WHOLE BODY FROZE as In FROZEN SHOULDER!! I eiuld try kegal and i felt ithe pull on my ankle everything was like u gave me glue to drink!!!

I’m as you and Dr B say, thawing out now , so i ‘m starting frm the feet, and gonna work my self up!!
SO I STARTED LLC Lto CLEAN THE SLATE AND REPROGRAM MY BRAIN!!! AND I FIGURED START FRM FEET AND WORK MY SELF UP!!! I am not a giver upper and i will do whatever you say!!!

Sorry for the long email… i needed u to know RUFFLY my back ground so you can guide me… im home and have all the time in the world to get better so please guide me…


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

Thank you for the shirt, Coach E!

I am excited to continue moving forward with your programs. As an aging Order Selector (54) in a large Grocery warehouse, I have been struggling with a laundry list of aches and pains.

I have benefited previously from your videos regarding De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis (my version of the mid-life crisis was buying a PS4 and logging hundreds of gaming hours) and Patellar Tendonitis.

Ongoing knee pain from previous injuries and years of abuse combined with a recent flare-up of low back pain helped me decide to look further into what you have to offer. I am very glad I did!

Still in Rehab Phase 1 of Back Pain Solution and Knee Pain Solution, I am much more comfortable in my daily activities. Waking up and starting my day is no longer a painful ordeal. I no longer dread driving. Much more able to interact with my dog and toddler granddaughter. No longer relying on a knee brace and routine of using painkillers (pre-work Aleve, break time Tylenol and lunchtime Advil were becoming normal to get through the day).

Will be doing the shoulder and elbow pain programs next, as these are occasional but ongoing issues, before hopefully moving into a maintenance phase so that I can enjoy life to the fullest. Great respect for the work you and the Precision Movement team are doing.

Thank You!


Courses Followed: Hip Pain Solution

Tight hips that stopped me from sleeping peacefully, inability to seat on a chair without having back pain, not being able to do my pilates group classes as I would like, a horrible feeling of my lumbar spine being “twisted”

I now experience less pain in my daily activities, sitting is not as painful as before, my hips seem to work more correctly when I am walking and I sleep much better

Static stretching did not work for me in the past.

Through 5 or 6 years, and before buying the Hip Pain Solution, I went to 1 Orthopedist, 2 physiotherapy centers and 2 osteopaths and none of them addressed the Root cause of my problem properly. Hip Pain has absolutely been what saved me from having a completely stiff hip at 25 years of age 🙂


Courses Followed: ROM Coach

I’ve been in and out of rehab for over a decade for “IT band syndrome” “piriformis syndrome” fractured forearm, bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome, and twisted ankles.

They said I also had weak glutes and tight hamstrings which I now understand is sooo true but why couldn’t they teach how to do the exercises correctly? Insane.

Was doing a million glute bridges and everything else but no improvement. I just got it when I started with ROM coach. The exercises are unlike any I’ve ever had in therapy and a main reason it works is because the number of reps is doable and I don’t quit because I can’t do them all or because I hurt myself. And it’s usually hard to stay motivated but you’ve really put a doable program together.

I’ve been telling everyone I know. It took almost 5 months of pretty much daily work for right glute issue, right rotary cuff issue and left brachial tendinitis thing and my balance seems better due to the footwork.

It’s not all perfect but I can feel the improvement and I’m slowly starting back running without pain. Thank you so much!!!


Courses Followed: Elbow Pain Solution

This program has been going great. I have had elbow pain off and on for years. Never bothered me in my younger years. Now 65 and I tried to do pickleball this last year and had to give it up because of tennis elbow. But now I am pretty much pain free and can resume more upper body strength training and enjoy tennis, pickleball, cross country skiing, etc. Well, no more snow, so skiing is out for awhile.

I have been a runner all my life and am entered in a mountain 15 mile event next week. Would never be doing that except for the fact that I worked through the hip pain solution, knee pain, lower limb pain, back pain, etc. I have done every one of your programs and every one has helped me to continue to do the fun sports and movement that I enjoy so much.

I still do wildland fire fighting, go on week long back pack trips, swim, bike, run and now can even enjoy pickleball again! Thanks so much for all that you contribute to the world. I am one of your backers and wear the T shirt and ball cap with pride and tell people that I work out every day with my PT coach in Canada. Many people who know me have adopted the ROM and use your programs as well. I had bad shoulder pain a year ago and I just did the first set of exercises and got over that problem in a couple of weeks.

Knowing the principles that you teach, I can usually head off some aches and pains before they become debilitating injuries. I spend about an hour day doing the key exercises for all the body parts that are specifically helpful to me, then watch every video that comes along on email and do the 5 minute daily ROM exercises at night as well.

I am one grateful person for all the work you put into what you do and I hope you know what a difference it makes to people like me and so many of my friends. The elbow exercise that helped me the most was that bicep curl with a twist and lowering slowly palms out. I started with one pound and am up to 20 pounds.

Blessings and best wishes to you in all that you do.


Courses Followed: Spine Control

This course is incredible. It has given me the confidence to do move again!

I was sick and tired of constant back pain on and off for over a decade. Good days/bad days. Good few months, then out of action for months.

I had to stop playing football and my passion of surfing in the end. And car journeys and mornings were a nightmare.

Did lots of stretching for 10 years, with limited success…in the end nothing helped.

Spent crazy amount of money on Osteopaths and pyhsios. My last Physio was very good and got me playing football again for a few years, but then that stopped working too!

Many thanks to Precision Movement for helping me to return to the activities that I love pain-free!!!


Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

Over time I had become plagued, pretty much all over my body, with soft tissue injuries, repetitive use, arthritic joints, carpal tunnel (mild) from my much younger years as an active “junkie” for sports and competitive university softball pitcher. I developed discomfort in my wrists and had lost range of motion/mobility and hand/wrist strength so I started the Upper Limb Program to improve all of this.

I’m just about finished the program and have found a tremendous improvement in both range of motion/mobility in my wrists, hands and fingers plus a much improved grip strength. While I still experience a little discomfort in my wrists from the carpal tunnel when doing some of weight-bearing exercises, the improved range in both flexion and extension and grip strength has made other exercises (and my yoga routines) much easier and less of a discomfort.

I will continue with a condensed version of the Upper Limb Exercises once I finish the program this week then I’m off to start another program. I had enrolled in the Academy and access to greater content after I finished the Hip Control Program about 5 months. So far I’ve completed (or almost completed) 4 programs – Upper and Lower Limb, Hip Control and TFL and I have greatly benefited from them all. I am determined to get my body moving more freely and with less pain as I move into my later years, I’ll be 59 soon!

Thanks to the Precision Movement Team, your programs have given me a much better quality of life!


Courses Followed: Knee Pain Solution

I needed to reduce my knee pain due to osteoarthritis

When I started my pain level was around 5-6. I was walking 3-4 miles a day putting an unnecessary load (intensity) on my knees. I started the program and reduced my walking speed. I also started consciously adding rest days and icing my knees when they felt achy.

My knees slowly began to comfortable and more confident. My legs now feel good and I look forward to what moves the day brings.

The advice from Dr. B was also very useful. The concept of linking the connecting parts of the knee that affect knee health is an effective approach.


Courses Followed: Hip Control

Over the course of 20 years, the front of my hips increasingly became stuck. My knees were often tender taking the stairs as well. More aches and pains came along and I noticed a lack of strength and coordination.

I was getting desperate.

I found Precision Movement on YouTube which led me to the Hip Control program. Hip Control educated me. Understanding the importance of all the muscles and how they work (not just the abductors) is huge. Not understanding was my main problem.

I’d been to physical therapy several times but the therapists always prescribed clam shells and side-lying leg lifts. It didn’t really fix much in the long run.

Thank you Eric and team for shedding light on how the body is supposed to work. Awareness as well as movement is so vital. I am feeling much stronger and there is rarely any pain. I have a ways to go in gaining strength and flexibility but now I know I am on the right path.

I cannot think of any way to improve the course. Thank you so much!


Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I invested in Upper Limb Control because I was rehabbing my broken wrist, which now has a titanium plate.

My physical therapy was good but I wanted to make faster progress. I have only done less than half of the program but feel the difference already.

Moreover, I feel progress and also because I understand what progress should look like. This is very important when training on your own.

I had questions that I emailed and Coach Joshua got back to me within the day. I really appreciate the way in which he gave me assistance.

It feels like I have found the secret behind healing injuries and going beyond. This stuff is what the pros get, and that’s why they can get back up on the mat. It’s a clear approach and it’s simple but a necessary foundation for staying healthy.


Courses Followed: Hip Pain Solution

I have a possible labral tear and I really want to fix it.

I love the overall results of this program. I like the way the course is structured with progressively more challenging movements. There was always at least one in each set that was challenging.

This is a good program to tune hip movement, control and balance between hips. I appreciated that none of the moves were overwhelming and that I could notice consistent progress in many of the movements. I noticed a big difference in my hip strength when I restarted yoga


Courses Followed: Hip Pain Solution

I used to have a very active lifestyle…kickboxing, hiking, rappelling, etc., but I had a serious MVA many years ago (multiple pelvic fractures, fractured sacrum, dislocated SI joint), and the professional consensus is that I never actually healed but have instead been compensating for a very long time. The HPS program has helped a TON. I’m still working on many areas of dysfunction due to years of damaging compensatory patterns that have affected the entire left side of my body. BTW, your shoulder program really helped the shoulder on that side!!!! Better than any PT I had gone to for shoulder rehab! I’m probably going to try your other programs, too, because I really hope to rappel the waterfalls again in CO in September!!!!!!

I really appreciate the program’s approach to addressing the foundational elements of dysfunction. I think that working on these areas, along with my local PT intervention, is helping me slowly regain some mobility. I wish I would have known about these concepts sooner. I’ve adhered to the “No pain, no gain” mantra for decades and pretty much drove myself into the ground by continuing to kickbox and hike my way through the pain. Coach E says in one of the videos (which could be any of his YouTube videos as I have an entire library of them) that if you don’t work on the foundation, it’s stupid to just keep working out because it just creates damage. Yep, that’s me.

I wish I would have found the program sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and money as I hit my insurance max on PT visits and had to pay almost $1,600 out of pocket for PT.


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

Painful knees brought me to LLC. I no longer suffer shin splints and also noticed I have a bad (previously unnoticed) habit of standing on the outsides of my feet which I now correct.

The course is very well presented and explained, I had no trouble following along and understanding what was needed to gain results.

Keep up the great work Team.


Courses Followed: Shoulder Pain Solution

I wanted to report to you regarding the Shoulder Pain Solution.

My shoulder pain is no longer an issue. I play pickleball two to three times a week with no problems. I do strengthening and pushups and various exercises from the program.

I am so pleased. I had a 40-year shoulder injury from volleyball and now I can do whatever I want.

Thanks for all that you do.


Courses Followed: Hip Control

I recently finished the 12-week Hip Control course and I highly recommend it. The program was a good balance of disciplined work while also leaving it up to the user when to do it throughout the week.

I started it because I have a bad right hip and didn’t know what to do since everything I would try before seemed to only temporarily relieve it.

After completing the course I have learned much about my issue and have strengthened the main weaknesses that were causing the majority of the pain. I can’t recommend Coach E and his team’s program enough, and I look forward to doing more with Precision Movement!


Courses Followed: Knee Pain Solution

My favourite activities are skiing and running. I was hoping to help my recovery from a meniscectomy earlier this year so I can get back to being active at the level I want to be at.

I was looking for something to help with recovery I could follow on my own My mobility has increased, the pain has decreased and I feel stronger.

When I did the exercises regularly I noticed the pain level decreased dramatically. I thought the program was laid out really well, easy to follow, and has a good progression and I like how you can schedule it.

This program allows you to learn about what your body needs and figure out how to treat your symptoms best.


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

I am grateful for all the knowledge you share with us, it is a true gift!

All my Ph.D. in Dance and Sports Medicine did not give me even a small percentage of the insight (and good humour) You provided me over the recent years.

Thanks to your wisdom I have been able to help many dancers in the Czech Republic and I am deeply grateful for this gift, for all your generosity, humility and effort. You have a special place in my heart…

I hope you will continue this amazing journey for many, many, many years!!


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

Dear, Eric

I met you and Dr. Boynton jointly in one of your Precision Movement videos several months back. And looking back on it now, life-changing in a “life-affirming” way. I have long believed that this modality is the key and also should be the FIRST step in treating musculoskeletal disorders and pain. Though it lived in my thoughts, I’d never seen it actuated. Yes, some come close, but not the way it truly needs to be. When I saw that video, OMG — you two were IT!

I rapidly subscribed, downloaded the ROM Coach app, and bought the Shoulder Pain Solution program. Next, I urged my husband to check out your material, and he joined the community and purchased the Foundation for Movement Longevity course from you.

I continue to be touched by how strongly both you and Dr. B care about helping others and empowering them to take greater care of their bodies! I consider you both blessings to me and to all who follow your joint work (and to your team as well.)

I want you to know that I have strongly recommended your app and your material to the Rheumatology Clinic doctor where I go for [“seronegative RA”] checkups. They were very excited to learn of the app and want to check it out and possibly recommend it to other patients. I only hope that they do so! Last weekend, while working at a household chemical waste collection event as a volunteer, a county police officer (we were in a county park for the event) came by to check on us. In a brief conversation, we learned that he was uncomfortable having to sit in his job so much, and he also mentioned that his wife is a yoga teacher; he was looking for some kind of relief (and he looked to be only in his 30s.) The next thing I knew, my husband was eagerly telling him about ROMcoach and Precision Movement.

Dear Doctor B,

To find someone who combines knowledge, skill, compassion and a sense of humanity all in one place, and exercises it professionally — in such a field as modern medicine — is truly a gift in itself for those of us who “get it.” You are the gift today, on your special day! Not only do you help treat people that you see in person, but you now reach out to those you don’t know or see and help them to change their lives.

On top of all the things I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, how you have touched other human beings with your way of being and doing, with honesty and frankness as well, all I can say is that you also restore faith all you interact with by “just being you.” In a world smeared with celebrity and false imagery, people doped up with industry-wide mass hypnosis of the traditional North American diet, you are a beacon to those who follow your work with Coach E. Keep on being yourself, stay strong, and collect all these messages of thanks and appreciation — to restore faith in even a tiny way is a miracle, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m glad to “have met you!”


Courses Followed:Scap Strength

I no longer have a continual sore shoulder. My shoulder is still weak which I’m working on. Being an older woman at 65 does take more time. On the whole, I’m over the moon and can recommend Coach E to anyone of any age. Thanks ever so much!


Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I decided to explore this course because I self-diagnosed a case of Golfer’s Elbow. I was happy to learn anatomy and engage in the exercises over the past 12 weeks. The exercises were helpful in helping me realize various restrictions and range of motion issues. Thank you for your time and advice.


Courses Followed: Hip Control

I really enjoyed this course – over the past 12-weeks I’ve seen some amazing progress in balance, strength, flexibility and control. This has absolutely been worth my time and money and I will definitely be checking out some of your other courses. It was interesting to see a consistent progression throughout the course: I’d get a new exercise and would be totally overwhelmed; I’d practice and struggle, and then, 1-3 weeks later, I’d be doing it. Not always well…, but doing it. That was very fun to observe and achieve. The check-in emails were great, and I like the structure you have where you don’t present everything all at once — having a weekly reveal gave me something to look forward to. In the Stair Hack video Coach E looks ready to abandon society and join a survivalist commune somewhere in the woods outside of the Bay of Fundy. I’m glad you didn’t edit that video out. It made me smile. Also, I walk stairs differently now, so that one was a two-‘fer. It’s clear that this was a lot of work — that really comes through, and I thank you and your team for the effort. I’ve stolen some of your exercises and applied them to my work as a bodyworker/massage therapist, and I’ve encouraged several clients to check out your ROM Coach App, which is also a great resource.


Courses Followed: Knee Recovery Program

I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with the KRP, this was just what I needed to get back to it after I injured myself swimming, post lockdowns after quite a break from the sport. Alas, I am no longer a teenager so what was initially Pes Anserine Bursitis from bad breaststroke technique then became an MCL tear when I went back to it too quickly without improving the technique. Since following the programme, I feel no pain and have recovered my range of motion and just need to build the strength a bit more but I have now even been able to do a few low impact HIIT sessions with no issues afterwards, but I’m taking it very steady so I don’t undo all the good work.


Courses Followed: Hip Control

I found Eric’s video online as an easy way to do squats. I was never able to squat properly or deep. After following Eric’s video a few times I was able to squat properly and deep. I had tried and followed many videos and they didn’t work for me. Doing the course has made me stronger and much more flexible.


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

I’m a long-time cyclist – both road & MTB. I have “aging” medial meniscus tears in both the left & right knees with the right knee being significantly worse. The physical therapist didn’t think therapy would help since it had been going on so long (a little over a year), but that I could manage the pain with ice & elevation if that would allow me to do the activities I wanted to do or scope the knees to remove the tear(s). So that’s why I thought I would try the lower limb control program.

Being a cyclist I’ve always had strong legs so I was amazed after going through the program how strong my legs are now from my feet to my glutes. And my feet feel very grounded when I stand. The pain in my left knee is basically gone. The pain is greatly reduced and I can do most of the activities that I want to do.


Courses Followed: Foundation for Movement Longevity

Hello, I purchased this course because for years I’ve been dealing with tension, and lacking ROM which leads to my body seemingly not working as designed, muscles not activating properly, resulting in pain and me not being able to exercise as I want to. I believe my issues are rooted in poor technique at the gym in the past and bad posture. In 2019 I reached a breaking point after an afternoon jaunt in the woods, my right knee was very painful and I could barely walk for a week. A second instance occurred mowing the lawn which has some slopes at various spots. I had x-rays done with no issues found, I did 6 months of PT, switching facilities after about 2 months as I wasn’t happy with the first. The second seemed better, but I still found it lacking(I also requested/did not receive routines for my entire body). The focus was only on my right knee/hip (whereas I have issues all over). The issues were overwhelming and PT seemed cost-prohibitive, so I searched for other solutions. COVID hit and lead to a lot of googling and youtube, trying various stretching routines, hours on the floor with my foam roller, yoga, and PT videos. I pieced together various PT routines, trying to work on fundamentals/build a foundation but progress was slow, my created routines lacked informed design.

Recently I discovered Coach E’s youtube channel, started the same process of stringing videos together before checking out the Precision Movement website, finding the Fundamental program which seemed 100% in line with what I was aiming for and deciding to give the program a shot.

The program has been immensely helpful. I’m still benefitting and becoming more proficient at the routines included. Activation throughout my body has improved across the board. Thank you! My experience with the FML has been fantastic, my girlfriend runs through it with me from time to time and enjoys it, and I recommend it to anyone I talk fitness with (especially those who want to be more active, it feels like the starting point I’ve been looking for).


Courses Followed: Shoulder Control

I originally posted my issue on the Facebook VIP lab page after watching various free YouTube clips of Coach E & one of the first things I noticed that really got my attention was the community spirit & all the members who jumped in to offer advice & encouragement. I had been working with an Exercise Physiologist prior to taking this course and they got me to the point where my inflammation was gone but I’d hit a bit of a wall in getting the shoulder better & I felt I needed something different.

That’s where the Shoulder Control course came in. The difference in my shoulder issue which had been ongoing for 12 months prior, in the space of 4 weeks, is quite staggering. I hit my first golf balls at the range in over 2 years this weekend – 40 balls in total actually. There was almost no pain (except for the inevitable DOMS the day after!) I couldn’t have even swung a club 4 weeks ago. I’m now doing everyday tasks such as driving & bathing almost entirely pain-free. I’ll probably cry because I’ve felt like I’ve lost my purpose this past year.

The video tutorials are great, & the supplementary reading to go with it. All great. Coach E explains things so well & also the exercises are so different compared to anything else I’ve done in the past. I wish I’d done this course years ago.


Courses Followed: Fundamental Precision Movements

I have some dysfunction in my left leg that in the past has led to some knee pain. This was the first time I felt I was really getting good activation right from the ground up through my hips in that left leg. I am really excited to see how I’ll be able to keep using this new muscle activation in other programs and exercises in the future.

In terms of sports/activities – I noticed a positive impact on my downhill skiing. In particular getting my glutes and hips going helped me steer the skis with my upper leg by rotating the femur, rather than getting caught doing that with my feet and lower limbs. This helped take some strain off my knees but also helped to get make better turns through earlier edge initiation with my skis.


Courses Followed: Fundamental Precision Movements

I enjoyed it. It was well done and loved the intro videos and all the details. I liked how the movements built on each other during the course.

I feel as though it was helpful for posture as well and will remind me in the future when I begin to slip back into bad habits. I enjoyed Eric’s calm voice. I liked the emails throughout the month and the fact that I could send in questions and they were answered almost immediately.

I liked the flexibility of when I could do the course (what time of day) and could pick and choose from the prior weeks’ exercises and concentrate on what was most needed for my body.

I will be able to continue to use these movement patterns in the future.


Courses Followed: Foundation for Movement Longevity

This has been a great help in staying functional for my job and recreation. Even though I have strengths and endurance, as I get older it is so easy to be out of balance, lessened range of movement, less balance, and those movements that I don’t typically do much anymore start to get weak. This routine is helping so much in those aches and pains that can turn into injuries and sideline me from participating in my job and life. I seemed to be missing the paper version of each unit and needed to keep watching the videos. Great job with this. I have been through hip, knee, shoulder, and foot units and have been more functional than I was 10 years ago! Thanks!!! Like having my own physical therapist on my team. Loving it. So fun to slowly get functional on exercises that at first, I couldn’t do at all. Like going downstairs pain-free.


Courses Followed: Hip Control

I invested in the course because I was having hip pain during and after ballet class, which I take at least 4x per week. I have noticed less pain during and after dance class. I also feel that I am better able to maintain hip centration during hip rotation.


Courses Followed: Hip Flexibility Solution

I’ve been doing religiously the exercises and the pain is gone, I can do longer distances and have no pain during the walk or after. I feel grateful to you and your team.


Courses Followed: Shoulder Control


I have had no impingement shoulder pain since February 1 /2022 thanks to your videos on biceps tendonitis and the rotator cuff.

The problem started in December 2019 when I woke up with bilateral shoulder pain and did not have any prior shoulder injuries. During the following day I had a lot of impingement pain +++.

On January 27, I received a notice of your new biceps tendonitis video on YouTube. I started doing it the same day, 3 times per week since then. And, EUREKA, it worked!

The key to my success was a phrase by Dr. B. just after the 4 biceps tendonitis exercises: “if you have impingement pain during these exercises, either you are missing activation or missing alignment”. Her alignment tips allowed me to do the exercise properly and extract the benefits.

You are both doing amazing work. Your videos are always very well explained.

Thank you big time for helping me.


Courses Followed: Hip Control

I was having daily aching and pain in my hips, likely from sitting all day at my job, and some mild arthritis. I had also developed some stabbing pain from the obturator nerve in my right inner thigh.

I had been walking daily and attending yoga classes 2-3 times per week, but I still had the pain. My body was trying to tell me I needed to get moving in a different way! About halfway through this course my hip and even nerve pain disappeared.

I feel so much stronger and stable in my hips, and now I can do movements in yoga class I couldn’t do before, like the deep squat! The progress I’ve made makes me feel motivated to keep going to maintain and improve other areas. I’m planning to go through the back stability program next.

These programs are well worth the investment!!


Courses Followed: Hip Control, Lower Limb Control

I use to have pain in my knee and ankle and I couldn’t train squats properly.

I discovered many restrictions in femoral and tibial rotation. I tried to search for help at the gym, from trainers, professional athletes, osteopaths, and physios but I wasn’t happy with the result.

I can move pain-free and my feet are stronger now.


Courses Followed: ROM Coach

I’m a runner and running is an important part of my life.

I’ve been dealing with hip issues for a few years. It’s been up and down with the drills that were given by a physical therapist and I felt lost.

I didn’t want to give up doing what I love to do. Then I started to search YouTube videos and luckily hit your videos.

While nothing else really worked well, your drills worked amazingly. After I started to do some of your drills every morning and evening for a week, I was able to run almost pain-free. I said “wow!” to myself!

Then I found your ROM Coach app, hip flexibility & mobility 5 days challenge and learned about your hip control program. I had no doubt to move on to build a strong body!


Courses Followed: Spine Control

I’m a trail runner and love endurance sports. I have bad posture and some low back pain, which is why I tried this course. It was great and easy to approach. Your techniques are not like other strength programs. They’re “Precise” to the root problem, like the name and lay a good foundation for any of my moves. Now I have a better posture, low back pain is getting better too. I’ve also done Hip Control and love it too.


Courses Followed: Hip Control, Lower Limb Control

The first of Coach E’s courses that I did was Lower Limb Control. I got so many benefits from that one – including no more knee pain and better balance – that I decided to continue working my way up the body. Hip Control was next and the balance benefits continue. I feel fit and strong at 75 and am grateful for the excellent courses.


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Email Subscriber

Hi Eric,

Just wanted to thank you for putting this one out there and for all the content you offer.

I’m a CrossFit coach and have been suffering some back pain for about a year now. Every time I would jump up to a pull-up bar, it felt like someone was stabbing me on my right side SI joint. Hammies were always super tight. Couldn’t do cobra without pain, even the bench press started to hurt. I’ve had constant physio and chiro treatment – releasing tight hip flexors, dry needling in the glutes, pelvic manipulations etc, stretching, exercises etc, but to no relief. It would come good for a few days, then it would be back again.

Hinging would be ok, but any trunk extension would give pain. And particularly a pain in my glute that I just couldn’t seem to stretch or massage.

Then your video link popped up. Since watching, my pain has gone from at least an 8 to zero pain. 🙏🏻. My tight hammies seem to be relaxing as well, and I am feeling like I’m able to tuck my pelvis and activate my core to get into better positions. Amazing! Thank you!


Courses Followed: Spine Control, ROM Coach

I’m in my third month of Spine Control and feeling so much better after years of chronic back pain, surgery and all sorts of therapies. It’s quite wonderful and empowering to be moving and feeling better, and I can’t wait to discover how I’m doing in a year!

I am enjoying the ROM Coach app features including the daily movement routines and mini-programs very much. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the online information, exercises and programs re: moving and living without pain, and you’ve come up with a truly sustainable, innovative and highly efficient way to address such issues in a simple and user-friendly format.

Thank you to everyone at Precision Movement for your tremendous contribution to functional fitness. It is apparent that you have put considerable time, thought and effort into your programs and platforms!


Courses Followed: Spine Control

I took the course because I had an episode of acute back pain back in February which came on after a dull backache over several months previous to the acute episode. I assumed the ‘dull ache’ would get better, but then one day it developed into sth unimaginably worse. Eric’s rope analogy helped me realize what was going on – repetitive pilates where I was forcing myself to do stretch more and more to achieve what for my body is probably an unobtainable level of flexibility.

I found the changes in pain to be pretty fast with your course and within 3 weeks I was 80% over the acute pain, but mentally I have not forgotten what a shock the whole episode had/has been. I have religiously followed your course, sometimes going back and redoing phases,

Spine Control has taught me so much about how I was misusing my body and had all sorts of wrong movement patterns that have caused both problems. I have tried the usual back stretching exercises in the past and they don’t work for all the reasons you talk about in your videos and can actually make the problem worse.

I have also tried things like Chinese chiropractors and previously they did the trick for e.g. sore neck from too much computer use but on the whole, I no longer trust these types of therapy and I feel that your courses are extremely safe and well researched and don’t rely on one ‘expert’ chiropractor/physio to make the difference. It’s all within oneself.

I also really appreciated the support from Joshua, one of the programme coaches, who quickly answered my questions about the exercises and how to adjust them based on the level of pain or difficulty I was having with my back. To have such timely email support was invaluable especially when you are busy and don’t have time to consult physiotherapists in person, or during times like COVID when it was impossible to see anyone who could help.

I am grateful to have had this experience in my 40s when I have enough strength and confidence to work on this day today,

Thank you!


Courses Followed: Foundation for Movement Longevity

I’ve been an enthusiastic yoga practitioner for many years but as I have aged I am slowly losing my flexibility, balance and strength despite keeping up my practice. It is disappointing but I can see it is an inevitable life process.

I agree with Coach E and Dr. B that keeping our mobility is the key to movement longevity. I took up the FML Program as it seemed to be a well-rounded set of advice and exercises that will lead to maintaining a positive effect for future fitness and activity. I like the combination of stretching, breathwork and strength building/maintaining exercises.

I really enjoyed the presentation style and pace of the FML Program. All in all, it is a very well-thought-out program.


Courses Followed: Foundation for Movement Longevity

I find that I need to keep doing exercises or my pain will return and I often look for new inspiration from Eric’s programs.

It seemed like a good idea to take the FML as I am not getting any younger.

I feel stronger and more agile and will keep on doing the routines for a while. I like the exercises and right now I am able to cycle, hike, garden and want to keep that up.

I like how both Eric and Dr. B. demonstrated the routines because it enhanced my understanding of how to do them.


Courses Followed: Shoulder Control

I’m always looking for any new information or approach to keep my shoulders healthy and Eric at Precision Movement certainly fits the bill!

His innovative and mixed-method approach to strong, healthy shoulders is highly recommended.

I have exposed students at both my martial art academy, Lathen Martial Arts, and those in my CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County), Physical Conditioning Weight Training classes to his methods as well.

If you want to stay injury-free, check out these great programs!

Train Safe and train for life!


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control, Hip Control

I started with the Hip Control class. I was having a lot of knee pain from a running injury and from being hit laterally in the knee in Thanksgiving Day flag football.

HC was excellent and I have also done LLC. The pain in my knees and the sensation of very tight hamstrings has ceased. I have even noticed differences like my legs not feeling tight from static standing and my knees not throbbing at night in bed. I also feel so much more confident that my knees can handle lateral movement appropriately.

My knees, hips, and ankles feel 100x better than they did before finding Precision Movement. I have struggled a lot with a lot of foot pain. I feel like my feet have gone from being practically frozen to much more mobile and I continue many of the exercises to wake up my foot muscles and teach my brain to move my toes on a daily basis!

I’m so grateful to Coach E and Dr. B. I finally feel like I have found “the solution” and in a way that is doable, affordable and accessible. It’s the best feeling ever. Eric’s video tutorials and program videos are spot on!


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

I have been a fitness instructor since 1978 and took some training from a wonderful person who saw the body as far greater than the sum of its parts. This inspired me to look beyond the usual grunt work and has kept me interested for all those years.

I teach many types of populations including older adults, people with disabilities and everyone else! I take courses every year much of them to do with how the body works and what to do when there is a malfunction.

Alignment and optimal range of movement are so important and when attention is paid to these principles, posture and all other movements are less stressful on the whole body. This is where Eric’s programs come into play. I go to them regularly and always find some different way to describe or to execute a movement and I find novel exercises as well.

My class participants are well used to having me stop a class when I see a potential problem and get people to do a movement Incorrectly and then to do it correctly and notice the difference.


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

I really liked the course and have benefited from it greatly. I took the course after finding videos of Eric on YouTube. His approach to improving specific problems really made sense to me.

I had knee surgery about 12 years ago, I’m 74 now and the knee hurt and didn’t feel centred. My balance on that side was also challenged. Now, I have NO pain in the knee, my feet and legs are stronger, and my balance has improved.

I’m very glad I did the course and intend to keep much of it in my daily routine. I really appreciate Eric’s easy-going style. I also like it very much that he doesn’t waste time by over-explaining.

I was able to stick with the program because I knew that I was going to spend only about 30 minutes a day doing it.

He is the best!


Courses Followed: Knee Recovery Program

I am recovering from a bucket tear meniscus followed by arthroscopic surgery to unfold it. I had many problems from the surgery and Coach E’’s in-depth explanations of what and why are so helpful in giving me the direction I need to address all the different issues that are standing in the way of my recovery. I’m loving it all!



Courses Followed: Spine Control

I took this course because I have had an injury for a long time that prevents me from walking well, which causes me to continually have back pain at the lumbar and dorsal levels. The course has helped me to make my back stronger and better resist bad postures.


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

I really saw some improvements by the end of the program. The first phase of the program helped build up strength and get body awareness and I could definitely feel the difference by the end of the last phase. You guys help improve things In a systematic way. When I’m left to train by adding my own workouts I end up pushing myself and adding in exercises that I’m not actually ready for yet. I really appreciate the guidance and direction that you have given me.


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

I’ve been with PM for some time now and it has changed the way I look at mobility and rehab.

I have completed all of the control and targeted programs.

It’s great stuff!


Mary Ann

Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

I have no cartilage on the back of my knee caps and had a lateral release of my left knee in 2000.

I like to play 18 holes of golf while carrying a 20-pound bag. After years of walking incorrectly to favour my left knee and sitting at a desk, my left knee and quad became angry.

I took 8 weeks off in total from golf, biking and hiking and had a cortisone shot in my left knee. Then I did traditional PT with limited results. The Lower Limb Control program and other Precision Movement exercises gradually allowed me to move to a more correct walking gate without pain.

I am slowly building back strength while working on hip mobility and getting my handicap back down.


Courses Followed: Hip Control, ROM Coach


Thanks for the great course!!! I strained my adductor 5 months ago and Eric’s exercises were the only thing that rapidly reduced my pain and brought back my mobility. So I’ve decided to buy the HC course and continue my recovery. I’m absolutely amazed by the results!!! I’ve never felt stronger, I don’t have pain and my running is much more enjoyable and pain-free. I’m using Rom Coach, the exercises from the YouTube channel and I’m doing Lower limb control course too. The course is amazing!!!


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control, Knee Recovery Program

I decided to invest in the courses due to an issue with both foot and knee pain. Although I have not been able to complete every exercise in either of the courses, I have noticed improvements in many areas. My knee pain and foot pain have decreased significantly and my balance is much better.

Thanks, Eric and Dr. B!


Courses Followed: Hip Control

I started this course because I was increasingly experiencing lower back spasms. I have also had chronic lower back pain when sitting and neck pain for years. I have worked with a trainer and a myofascial release PT over the years but turned to Youtube videos during COVID.

I was doing a lot of yoga and felt worse instead of better. I knew I was stretching my lumbar spine as an unintended consequence of poor hip mobility. What I thought was inflexibility was actually a hip weakness.

I was so excited to find Coach E and will continue with his other programs. The Hip Control Program immediately ended my back spasms. The coolest achievement was being able to squat while roller skating and put out one leg and then the other. So fun!

The main thing I have learned is not to stretch for mobility and range of motion but to activate and strengthen after disassociating bad habits. It’s very exciting and hopeful. Coach E is a true inspiration! I am very grateful to have come upon this program. I also have gleaned a lot of incredible information from the videos with Eric and Dr. B. So informative and well-done!

Thank you for being an encouraging and extremely knowledgeable person to turn to – making things simple and understandable, and most of all, hopeful!


Courses Followed: Spine Control

I had mild back pain that caused me to fear doing certain simple movements, e.g., forward roll. I also have a head-forward plus excessive kyphosis that I thought that the SpC program could help with.

The back pain I had in my back was not severe and not centralized in the spinal area, but on the mid to lower right back, so I believe it was strictly a muscle or fascia problem.

I was only halfway through the program and greatly improved when I decided to start again on a resistance band training program I had been doing previously. I found the area had improved even more from strengthening the trunk and core via the program.



Courses Followed: Knee Recovery Program

I bought the Knee Recovery Program because I was having pain on the inside of my right knee. The pain had been there on and off for a couple of years e.g. after playing soccer with my kids without warming up, but during the last year, I was feeling pain almost every day and sometimes also during the night.

I had tried all kinds of exercises to strengthen the knee but nothing really helped with the pain. My provisional diagnosis from the Knee Recovery Program was a medial meniscus tear, no bucket handle or undisplaced bucket handle tear.

After one week of doing the program, I was already feeling better and my knee had stopped hurting at night. After 1 month I only occasionally felt pain in the knee and when I finished the program after 6 weeks the pain was gone.

I still couldn’t bend the knee completely as when sitting in seiza, but now after a couple of weeks more, I am almost there as I continue working on this specifically. I am also slowly easing into other things I used to do.

I feel an increased awareness of what is going on in my knees and how they function together with my hips and ankles. I am really grateful for this program. Thank you very much, Dr. B and Coach E!


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control


I got this course because I thought that it could help me with improving strength in ankles, fix flat feet and one unstable ankle.

This course really helps you to reconnect with your feet and to activate all the muscles that don’t quite work as they should.

One of my ankles was a bit unstable and the bones could literally move from side to side due to weak ligaments…the exercises really did the trick to stabilize everything.

Thanks for the help and awesome course!


Courses Followed: Hip Control


I bought Hip Control because I love trail running and found that I was losing hip mobility over the course of my training.

I have never done any training like this before and I love it.

After I completed the program I found my hip gained much mobility. For example, my hip IR, abduction, squat depth, single-leg stability and posture have all improved!



Courses Followed: Hip Control


I invested in Hip Control for two reasons: 1) to regain general hip mobility that I had lost after 16-plus years working at a desk (and not getting any younger during that time ;-)), and 2) to hopefully reduce pain in my right knee.

For a little background on my knee pain…I have osteochondritis in my right femur (near the knee). I had surgery in 2019 which was only mildly effective. In 2020, after still having knee pain for over a year after surgery, I saw a different orthopedist who advised me not to have a second (more invasive) surgery at this point because my pain level is fairly low (typically 1 or 2 out of 10, with occasional “episodes” that bring the pain up to a 5 or so) and there is a good chance that I will still have some level of pain after a second surgery.

I’m very happy to report that Hip Control did not disappoint. I have noticed several improvements, including – Significant increase in hip flexion (and hip flexor strength) – I can now squat “butt to heels” with body weight and down to parallel with weight, and I can also ride my bike in a lower torso position without putting pressure on my back. – Increased hip internal rotation, which has improved my cycling mechanics and my ability to lunge or go up/downstairs with minimal knee pain – Increased hip extension – Better hip joint centration (My left hip used to pop loudly when I extended it.

At this point, I am happy just to be able to run again, because about 3-4 months ago I was questioning whether I’d ever run again. Prior to starting Hip Control I attempted to run a few times but had pain episodes in my knee that lasted for several days. After completing Hip Control I’m no longer having such episodes. If I do have pain it typically goes away by the next day.

While Hip Control gave me good results, it also taught me how to feel and control the different hip movements, and I learned techniques that I will continue using to maintain (and hopefully continue improving) my hip mobility going forward. In terms of favourite or most effective Hip Control exercises, all of the internal rotation and flexion exercises were very effective for me.

Thanks, Eric for your dedication to helping people improve their ability to move and be active. Your programs have improved my quality of life, and I’m sure they have done the same for many others.

I got what I could realistically hope for out of the course. I’m a happy customer 🙂


Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I injured my wrist while rock climbing and had to stop climbing completely due to loss of grip strength and mobility.

I did not manage to make much progress for 2 months despite seeing a physiotherapist.

After trying out the first few sessions of Upper Limb Control, the pain gradually reduced over time and I was able to regain my wrist mobility and strength.

I could start climbing easier grades again as I progressed through the program.

I still use the program on days that my wrists still feel a little too funky.

Thank you. Keep up the good work.


Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

I had been experiencing pain in my feet and my knees for many years and occasional pain in my ankles. Often when I rode my bike, my knees hurt. I could not lift my knee up and around to get into my kayak. I live in an isolated place and it is a journey to go to see a physiotherapist and I tried other exercises, but they did not seem to work.

I had found Precision Movements and tried many of the exercises and found that they really helped. So, I decided that the Lower Limb Course would be worth a try. I am glad that I did since I do feel a great improvement and my goal of having less pain has been reached.

My legs feel a lot stronger and my balance is better. I can walk further, cycle without pain and get into my kayak.

Thank you, Eric and Precision Movement family!


Courses Followed: Hip Control

Hi, I finished Hip Control a couple of months ago. I did it very slowly in the initial phases as my back was still hurting. I ran for several years but had to stop due to my back pain.

Overall, I am thrilled with the results, I recommend the site to other people as I think it is valuable. I liked a lot the assessment piece, in the beginning, it helped me a lot to understand what things in my posture I had to correct.



Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

Wow, thank you to Eric Wong and his crew.

I have been in sports medicine for four decades and have completed courses in Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology and Human Performance Assessment to name a few.

Eric’s insight, knowledge and professionalism have definitely helped me a lot in my recovery from a meniscus tear and shoulder injury I suffered while surfing.

He is an excellent teacher and I am looking forward to learning more from him. I hold a level two coaching certificate from USA Track and Field in sprints, jumps and hurdles. I am a three-time National Championship medalist and ten times USATF Masters Track and Field All American and surf coach.



Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

Hi Eric,

I’ve long heard that knee problems are dominantly in the feet and hips. About 2 years I began to focus on my patella knee pain that I have had off and on for probably 30 years. I began with prolotherapy because I had great success with an old shoulder injury. Not so lucky with my knees.

I tried lots of different programs and none seemed to have much lasting impact. I chose to go with Eric’s LLC mostly because of the great education he gives. I have accumulated a wide array of mal-adaptations including a right foot that always points outward 45 degrees and I have lost much of my arch in my left foot in the past 3 years.

At 71 the remodelling takes place slowly but I know I am on the correct path and have seen substantial improvement in the way of balance improvements. My big functional improvements (big to me) are as simple as being much more stable and able to simply balance while putting on my pants in the morning – now it is a breeze. And dismounting from my bicycle by swinging my leg all the way over without needing to lean the bike down to make it low enough for my leg to clear – that is no longer a problem. All smiles for those successes.



Courses Followed: Scap Strength, Hip Control, Shoulder Flexibility Solution, Hip Flexibility Solution, Spine Control

Hi Eric!

I injured my spine as a young teenager but did nothing about it. Then I started to suffer back pain at age 16 but was told at the time that I was young and should take up weight training. I didn’t get a thorough examination (incl. x-ray) until my early 40s, from which I found that I have compressed (now fused) discs. Since age 16 I’ve always worked out/sought out exercises to maintain my health/look after my back.

I have a number of your programmes (Scap, Spine, Hip Control & Flexibility and Shoulder) all of which have helped/given me improvements and allowed me to age relatively pain-free for the majority of the time.

Thanks for all of your help!



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Hey Coach E!

I hope you’re well!

Firstly thanks for all the great resources your putting out there! Really high quality stuff, and I for one am really grateful! I’m just coming to the end of the TFL pain solution. To cut a long story short, I’ve had pain in my left hip for some 6 years, and have seen various physios, tried all kinds of exercises and techniques with only limited and temporary success.

I came across your program and what I read made sense! No one had previously talked about the TFL and the role it might be playing. But it explained so much of what I was experiencing! So I’ve run the program and experienced some real improvements as well as understanding my body lot better.

Following this program has also revealed how weak my adductors and internal rotators are, especially on the affected side! It became clear there was more work to do to balance and strengthen my hips so I took your offer to purchase hip control and will be starting this after Christmas, I’ve begun reading the manual etc, learning lots and excited to run the program!

As it’s coming to a new year, I’m beginning to plan out next year in various ways. Having hit 30, with two small children, my health and fitness goals are very different to they used to be! No longer am I so concerned with hitting big numbers in the gym, or gaining muscle mass. My primary goals now are about joint health, longevity, injury prevention and mobility. In light of this I’ve made a promise to myself to fix my various aches and pains and work to restore my body as best I can for the long haul.

Thanks for your excellent programs!


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Hi, Eric

Due to a low back injury in 2006 and further injury in an accident in 2009 I’d been experiencing worsening muscle imbalance in my hips. This caused stiffness, aching and an awkward gait. Also, in my work, I do a lot of reaching, bending, squatting etc.

Your exercises in dissociation and strengthening helped tremendously. The follow-along videos were what made it so great (including the background music). Always being reminded of the goal and specifics of each movement and the modules. The detailed instructions and well laid out plans are excellent. I feel so much better, stronger and have improved control of movement from the hips.

I discontinued meeting with the physio because I find your program is so much better.

I appreciate all that you do,



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Yo Eric!


I’ve lived a gonzo adventure life. As a result, I live with pain.


When a sudden onset of sciatic pain from piriformis syndrome threatened my passion for riding and hiking, I got serious about finding a fix. Nothing in my arsenal worked. I was buying my chiropractor a new Jag, but the pain persisted. I had to quit yoga because it makes things worse. Stretching, hitting pressure points with a softball, and massage brought only temporary relief. .


I started collecting information from physical therapists to write an article on piriformis syndrome for a motorcycle publication. Eric’s name popped up a few times, usually in association with MMA fighting and correct use of the body. One freezing morning, I stumbled out of the tent and when I threw a leg over the bike, my TFL cramped up. It stayed cramped all the way home. I’m doing something wrong,” I thought. So I checked out Eric’s course and found a treasure of anatomy, kinesiology, and technique.


I invested in the hip course…Activation, ROM, dissociation, AMR brought immediate results. Once the hip thing started clearing up, it was time to address shoulder pain, so I went with the shoulder course. Learning to activate the psoas was the key to recovering from hip pain. Increasing ROM in the shoulder joints was the key for shoulder pain. Neither of those alone is sufficient, but they unlocked a visceral understanding of how everything worked, and what new kinesthetic patterns I had to build in.


My practice of chigong has deepened – I can see where the old masters incorporated the same principles Eric espouses. I lack patience and persistence, so I’m not “healed” yet. But, I’m back to having fun again, and now I have a go-to source for those moments when I’m serious about getting better.


Thanks for all of your help,




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Hi Eric!

I have been enjoying this app a lot and my physical therapist is noticing a difference at my regular appointments.

Thank you so much for creating it!




Courses Followed: Hip Flexibility Solution


Hi Eric!

I just want you to know how much I love your instructions and videos. I am an older (58) female cyclist and my greatest accomplishment was coming in 3rd in my age group, (and 25/343 in all age female group, 184/973 all men and women) in the Hotter Than Hell 50 (famous 100-degree century ride in Texas) mile ride in 2019!
I was always the scrawny kid who got picked last for teams in gym class as a kid and never played a team sport in my life. I have always liked working out (running, lifting weights, classes) but didn’t really “become an athlete” until I was in my 40’s and discovered I was quite competitive 😀 I teach spin (pre-pandemic anyway) and love HIIT classes and lifting weights. This year I reached my goal of riding 1000 miles in July, so will have to set the bar a little higher next year. I also will do the HHH ride again next year and will be at the top of my age bracket so I will really have to get in shape if I want to do at least as well as last year.
I started your targeted hip program since I have patellofemoral syndrome/crunchy chondromalacia for years and sore feet. I also have bursitis in my left shoulder. I’ve never had surgery on any body parts thank goodness yet. I think I must be off-balance as I even have developed a lump on the medial ball of my left foot, and a non-painful fibroma under the arch. I am a nurse case manager around a lot of orthopedics, so I do a lot of self-diagnosing. I’m hoping getting all these joints moving better will really help me keep moving in the right direction.
I also love your talks with Dr. B, she is super informative too.
Thank you so much and look forward to getting better ROM!

Courses Followed: Shoulder Control


Hi Eric,

I have been making great progress using Shoulder Control

For now, I can particularly see improvement in my downward facing dog, and in my handstand preparation.

My chest-to-wall handstand is now very close to the wall and more stable. I can also go further in the bridge pose, with way less effort 🙂

Thanks so much for your guidance!



Courses Followed: Hip Control

Hi Eric,

I will now apply my athletic work ethic to good use taking on and adding to the knowledge and exercises you have made available.
I am starting with Hip Control and I’ll see where that takes me.
After hearing from orthopedic surgeons that painkillers, injections and hip replacement are the only options I was quite dejected.
Your programs, encouragement and advice have given me hope and something to fight for.
Courses Followed: Hip Control
I just wanted to thank you for this course. I have had 2 hips repair surgeries and a lot of PT within the last 4 years.
I have lived with chronic pain but within the last 8 months really started losing my mobility and had FAI like symptoms. I felt like I had a 90-year-old hip and the pain was getting worse. Your exercises gave me instant pain relief and mobility!!!!!
This is the most pain-free I have been, without meds, in 4 years! My mobility is starting to come back too.
I still have a long way to go, but thank you for helping me get out of pain.
You gave me hope of someday restoring some of my normal workouts.
Forever grateful,

Courses Followed: Precision Movement Academy

Coach E,

I’m truly impressed. I’ve absorbed all the info in all the videos, written material, and YouTube vids with Dr. B.
I can feel my brain getting rewired around correct movement.
After x-rays of the back and hip, both back and hip surgeons said that my joints look great.
I’m truly happy I found Precision Movement,

Courses Followed: TFL Pain Solution

Coach E,

I will be starting week 7 of the TFL pain exercises and I have no TFL pain.

I can’t even remember that I had pain in my right TFL.

Something must be working right!

Thanks for the help,



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Hey Coach,

I just wanted to thank you and Dr. B for the suggestions last week about preparing for my meet last weekend and dealing with a mild groin injury that had been bugging me. As a result of doing the myofascial release technique that you showed me and donning a girdle for the event, I completely forgot about the injury and it was not a factor in the race. Now, if you have a technique that can help me avoid stumbling out of the starting blocks…

Thanks again!



Courses Followed: Shoulder Control


You have helped me so much.


While my winged scapula and neck/shoulder discomfort when sitting have not been completely eliminated they are definitely improved.


I have enjoyed learning more about movement and anatomy and the exercises are functional and purposeful.


Well done for a course that is well put together and explained with comprehensive notes and videos. Your knowledge and passion for what you do shines through.


Thank you and keep up the good work!



Thank you so much for the five-day brain health boot camp. It helped restore my concussion-messed-up eyesight.


I gave myself a concussion (and a broken nose) when I walked into a glass wall that had just been cleaned at a grocery store. The stupid part was I got on an airplane the next day because of a work commitment, and then another plane the day after that. When I landed, my eyesight in my left eye was sparkling flashes of light, whether my eyes were open or closed. I went to bed and hoped it would be better in the morning. It wasn’t.


After a Lyft to the hospital (driving myself would have been dangerous), the doctor told me that there is jelly in everyone’s eyeball and I had shaken mine. He said to rest--it might get better and it might not. (Fortunately, I believe in the healing power of the body and not doctors’ predictions of outcomes). I went to bed. In the morning it was a little better but not much. I spent a lot of time in bed that weekend.


The flashing in my left eye became less frequent but remained, annoying and a little frightening. Then the brain boot camp showed up in my inbox. Then I started doing Pursuits training. It seems odd to say this, but it was almost as if I could feel it working–it felt as if connections were being rebuilt in my head.


I guess that was what was happening because the flashes subsided until they didn’t happen anymore--they went away entirely. Last night while walking my dog I saw a flash again and realized that I had stopped doing my pursuits and that my eye might be falling back into bad habits. So I’ve started my pursuits again.


Thank you for teaching this brain exercise and getting this powerful information beyond the walls of the NHL and NFL. When I visit my 89-year old mother for Christmas, I’m going to teach her pursuits.


Best regards and thank you, Daniel, for creating this method and Eric, for helping Daniel spread the word.



Course(s) Followed: Spine Control


I have been suffering from a sore lower back (slipped disc) for about 8 years and I tried many things to fix it. I tried physiotherapy, chiropractor, core programs, etc. but none would completely heal my lower back. The programs worked for a while but I would have a mishap and then my back would be in pain again.


I have been following Eric for a number of years and got the 2nd edition to his Spine Control course. I can tell you that it has helped so much. Eric doesn’t use all the conventional exercises but a number of new ones to help strengthen the core, allowing healing to take place and then use exercises to increases mobility and movement.


I really love the way Eric has put progressive overload in the program as you can see you are getting stronger. Some of the exercises were strange and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do them. However, with Eric’s great instructional videos I was able to do these and gain more and more confidence with my movement.


Courses Followed: Avoid the Knife: Meniscus Program

I want to thank you so much for this course.

I am a PT and follow you on YouTube. I saw two patients today that struggle with pain and ROM.

The first patient had a complete knee replacement procedure. Post-surgery, their ROM was not returning. I have seen her daily for two weeks and after following the Avoid The Knife material they have improved ROM, equal weight balance between their legs, and are walking much better.

The second patient experienced a significant reduction in pain and an increase in ROM. I am so happy for them and super excited about their progress.

Thank you for the well-explained presentation!

Dr. B addresses complicated concepts in a way that is clear and informative! Eric explains how to do the exercise well. He gives good cues with an awareness of common incorrect compensatory strategies used by many in a way that cautions against using such strategies!


Courses Followed: Hip Flexibility Solution

Hi Eric,

I invested in Hip Control because I recently completed HFS and had very good results from it, and while I still enjoy the HFS routines and find them to be effective, I want to learn new techniques to hopefully progress and improve further.

I’ve been working at a desk job for about 15 years, combined with a fairly high volume of leg exercise in my off hours (squatting, deadlifting, Olympic lifts, running, etc), and I had neglected true mobility training up until this year when I started HFS (I say “true” because I thought I was doing mobility work, but it was either not enough or not effective).

So needless to say, my body, especially the legs/hips, have taken a lot of abuse.

Earlier this year I started to pay the price in the form of injuries and chronic stiffness. HFS has repaired a good amount of that damage and has improved my hip flexibility/mobility significantly in just a few months, but I know that realistically it’s going to take longer than that to erase 15 years of abuse. I figure that if I’m going to continue trying to improve, I might as well learn some new techniques and figure out which ones are most effective for me (maybe it’ll be some combination of what I learn in HC and HFS, we’ll see).

In particular, I’d like to strengthen my hips and other leg muscles in a way that keeps them balanced, so that I avoid the compensatory M/APs going forward. I’m hoping that Hip Control will be a good next step toward that goal.


Courses Followed: TFLPS

Hi Coach,

I completed the TFL course in August and am happy to say that I am playing soccer without the hip pain now!

It is not perfect or completely free of tightness or stiffness, but it is SO much better than it has been for the last many years.

I am continuing the phase II section of the TFL twice a week now. Meanwhile, my heel started hurting (this is totally unprecedented) and has stayed sore-feeling bruised-for two weeks. I don’t know what caused it and have tried to figure out what I should do, and I found your Lower Limb course.

My husband has had a weak knee for the last 13 years which doesn’t usually bother him but he puts on a brace for hiking or basketball, which are two of his favourite things to do.

I told him I believe in your techniques and he suggested we do the course together for our two different ailments.

We started two days ago.


Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

I would like to thank you for the great resources.

After 8 months of being part of the Precision Movement Academy, I improved my movement patterns and thus my pain is under control now.

I was a very active young person, talented in various sports. I started IT studies and became less regularly active in my 20’s. At 23 I was diagnosed herniated disc in my neck for the first time. I attended private exercises with various physical therapists, but year after year I felt worse and worse. I did a lot of back and neck stretching and the same exercises all the time without results. At 29 I was diagnosed with serious multiple herniated discs in my spine and also stenosis in my neck and some doctors were worried even about possible full-body paralysis. Not mentioning pain and stiffness in the whole body.

I started to study a lot. I started with a lot of useless (even harmful) internet advice. Then I first read about correct movements and spine control in a book by doctor McGill, but only theoretically. It gave me direction on how to start healing my body. I was lucky to find a therapist who was teaching me the correct movements of the spine. After a half year of daily exercising I decreased my pain decently and felt much better, but I felt that I became stuck again and that it is not only with my spine but full-body – shoulders and hips.

Then I came across the Precision Movement Coach site and I started the Shoulder Control and Hips Control programs, as well I added some exercises from Spine control. I trained my shoulders and hips in parallel. After few months this helped me to improve my overall movement (e.g. before I was not able to retract scapulae with my elbows locked or use my gluteus muscles while walking).

As a result, my overall stiffness decreased and my neck felt much more relaxed. Now I am able to enjoy my days again, to do long walks and even hiking and I still feel that I have the potential to further improve my condition. These programs have perfectly designed plans and I appreciate systematical approach in all materials and a lot of logical explanations. This is the only set of materials which was helpful for me during my one and half year of exercise and study. I would like to add that the 3D technique for hips mobility was much better than any stretching I did before (and I did it before several times a day).

I am very thankful to you for making such a helpful content.

Isabel G

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Hey Eric and everyone!

Perhaps this could help someone, I’d like to share my experience:

I did my own investigation because I practice trail running and in March of this year I’ve started to feel a pain in my right hip.

After doing an MRI, I’ve been diagnosed with FAI -femoroacetabular impingement with early arthritis and labral tears- [I’m 48 so personally I don’t see anything strange in having early arthritis].

The fact is that I’ve been told I couldn’t run anymore and I probably should get an arthroscopy surgery to repair my bones. I live in Spain and doctors community have a very poor vision of movements and sports and they associate pain with bones shape.

But the truth is that being passive doesn’t help at all and pain is often caused by muscle imbalances.
I’m very grateful that I’ve found “The Precision Movement” on the Internet and following Eric’s challenge “Hip flexibility and mobility” has helped me a lot.

4 months later after being diagnosed, I’ve started running again -with no pain-

I know that I still have to improve my strength and flexibility, but I know The Precision Movement is exactly the type of PT we need to improve the range of motion and getting back to normal activity.

Thanks a lot for your good work and to the members, i wish you the best in your workouts and a full recovery.

Come on!

David H.

Courses Followed: Precision Movement Email Subscriber

Dear Coach E,

Just wanted to thank you for this video. I have been suffering from neck issues since last February when I experienced a concussion/whiplash while skiing. I started doing the stretches in your video [3 Unique Exercises for a Stiff Neck] and for the first time in a long time do I feel relief and have more mobility.
Thank again!
David H



Jim G

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy


Hey Eric,

I’ve been doing the easy shoulder exercises you demo’ed a few months ago. Wow, what a difference!
I’m an amateur racer and once strapped into the cockpit, I could never reach the master switch, which is located directly behind my shoulder and rearward about 4″. Used to have to yell for help when I forgot to switch it on before strapping in. Or unstrap, twist around, turn it on, strap in again.
A few weeks ago I forgot to turn the switch on again after tightening the belts. Was about to call a friend over but decided to give it a try myself. Reaching behind me with my elbow pointing up, I easily reached the switch and turned it on all by my lonesome!
Thank you for one more thing you’ve helped me with.
Jim G


Fred B

Courses Followed: TFL Pain Solution

I’m a big fan!

Hey Coach E – Another success story for you. After watching your hamstring series I applied the reprogramming range of motion trench and WOW what success. As you know all the static stretching of hamstrings and thigh decays throughout the day. The hamstring glutes in the left leg after hip replacement were constantly tightening and even fighting for control – even impacting my right leg and knee especially. That, I’ll call it the kinetic stretch routine the left hamstring and glue both settled down and it was as if I could walk normally again. Lasted for hours before having to repeat the kinetic stretch, even after I sat over an hour – getting up used to be the worst thing gimping for numerous steps before table to get close to a normal gate. Can’t thank you enough. I’m a fan and will be a client again in the future once I get through full recovery.



Brendan C

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Hi Coach E

I bought Hip Control in an attempt to get rid of my intermittent groin and knee pain. I have tried various traditional approaches over the years with limited or no success – mostly variations of static stretches. I scoured the internet for treatment solutions and came across your website and was very impressed with your approach to self care and injury management. What you had to say made sense and as a podiatrist I can see that your professional knowledge and its application is second to none.
Best wishes


Graham B

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

I can honestly say without a doubt that THIS is by far the BEST exercise programme that I have had the pleasure to thus far come across.

By THIS I mean having access to all of the precision movement academy material.
And by BEST I mean for me, these courses have given me more physical strength, resilience, and postural comfort than any other discipline of movement I have dedicated myself to.
There are three main gifts for me in this material:
1st – The cost I think, is extremely generous and I am grateful.
2nd – Eric’s clear dedication to improving the overall efficiency of his mechanical body and his ability to share his findings in a clear precise and easy to digest manner.
3rd – The support, of the coaches, admin staff, and ergonomic availability of course material 24/7 online and in-app.
A tiny bit about me – I had done one of those online muscle development courses. To become BIG. And it worked, reaching the point where I couldn’t help but walk down the street like a BIG man, you’ll understand if you got there. However, I didn’t feel strong. I could lift heavy weights and do many reps and I looked fantastic but felt weak.
Following a trip abroad to an exotic location, I became bed-ridden and almost died. In the process, I lost approx 4 stone of physical weight from my soft tissues.
I returned home and began rehab. When it came to physical rehab I found I could not do simple exercises. I came across Eric’s work and began to understand my physical body better, breaking down the rehabilitation to the absolute basics, like the kindergarten ABCs, and then swiftly being guided through a syllabus up to advanced Calculus in Sanskrit.
I have never had so much CONTROL of my body, nor so much understanding of the varying states of fitness of all the different parts of my body, and how they all function together in an immersive experiential developing journey.
I now FEEL stronger than I did when I was extremely muscley and at the time apparently well proportioned. And although I don’t yet look, well, let us say powerful and sexy with all the show muscle. I simply don’t care, because I feel GREAT!
The sense of achievement is also fantastic, when control returns to the body, its like discovering a new technology or ancient mystical artifact in your own back garden. And I know that should I want to, and when I choose to, I could extremely easily add some mass and bulk up in a short period of time.
But I don’t think I will bulk up. I think I will keep weaving together a tight smooth flowing body with coordination and strength and resilience tying all the limbs together held like titanium alloy by the A.I. of a mechanically efficient and relaxed body that knows exactly where it is in time and space whilst soaking up every last generous drop of the available material here and there, and there is PLENTY HERE.
I’ll just end this by saying thank you for being an extremely fundamental catalyst in returning my body to a fully functioning better than before state to enjoy whatever movements I decide to take up for the rest of my life. And I hope you and your team and your sources of inspiration ALL feel the appreciation economically as well as spiritually.
Yours Sincerely
Graham B

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control


I have been suffering Tennis for about eight weeks. I had an injection which really helps with the pain about a month ago and it has resolved 80% of the pain.
I found your videos Googling Tennis elbow and found all others to be vapid or not logical methods to resolve the issue. I found yours to be practical and thoughtful.
I am a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and have given up my dream to own my own gym due to this chronic issue. I hope that the techniques I learned today and started today will help me get back to the gym

Courses Followed: Spine Control

Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting back to me. The program’s been going decent so far.
It’s been a lot of content to cover, which I’m happy with. I’m happy that the Spine Control content is well structured, as well. That is something I sought out for when beginning my road to recovery and longevity journey, and unfortunately it’s just something that none of the doctors that I worked with in the past had in their treatment plans.
Another thing that I really like about the course is that Eric focuses on breathing. I hope that performing 360 breathing some good things for me. In addition to helping the healing of damaged tissues, I think that this will help control stress and anxiety in everyday life, which in my personal opinion, is just, if not even more important for me in my healing process. Managing stress is often times very overlooked in modern medicine.
In the past, when working with doctors, I wasn’t able to properly heal after working on core stabilization. I worked with a few people, and I think that an underlying theme/issue was that the timing of progression was not thoroughly planned. 1 treatment was very static (continue to do what you’re doing), another treatment was very passive (chill-out, stretch, and do a few core exercises), and another too progressive (let’s get you squatting and deadlifting again; you currently pass all of my tests, and you move fine).
Thus, all I have to say is that I’m really looking forward to this journey, and I hope it gets me back to a state of health where I need to get to in my life and (hopefully) puts me that much farther ahead in the future.
Stuart R

Courses Followed: Scap Strength, TFL Pain Solution

Hi Eric, thanks for the note.

I invested in the Scap Control programme primarily because of a long term AC Joint impingement which went from chronic to acute and stayed acute for two and half years despite numerous cortisone injections into the joint, a course of physio from a guy who just pulsed me with laser rays (or something!) and various bits of bro science on YouTube (“keep your scap packed down throughout lat pull downs bro!”).
I had already invested in TFL Pain Solution so I knew Coach E had some interesting techniques which above all got results!
For me, Scap Control was educational – how is my shoulder joint supposed to work? In my 45 years on this planet and many, many hours in the gym and on the rugby pitch I am not sure I intuitively knew (or maybe all the sitting at a desk and bro science washed away what I knew instinctively when I was four years old like my son now?).
Anyway, I am now on on SC Level 3 and I can flow from protraction to retraction and from depressed to elevated with ease (gone are the clicks and bumps along the way) and an unexpected benefit is that I am getting stronger (and just maybe a little bit buffer ). For all my gym junkie years (Monday – chest, Wednesday – arms, Friday – chest again, etc) my core was weak, the connection between my legs and my (over- worked) chest was not keeping up. Scap Control in some ways is making me stronger now in middle age than when I was testosterone-fuelled twenty-something!!!
I aim to stay on the same track once I have completed Level 3, following the same principles but pushing the boundaries. I hope to achieve 10 strict chin ups at some point (well, we can all dream…).
Thanks for the great advice Eric.
Kind regards.
Kostis K

Courses Followed: Precision Movement Email Subscriber

I just wanted to congratulate you and say thanks. I am about to start my acj rehab by following your advice.

So far your comments and exercises have been super accurate. Keep up the brilliant work!

Jana S

Courses Followed: Precision Movement Email Subscriber

Hi Coach! I just completed my first round of the fight stance knee drop. I got three reps on one side and four on the other. I put the iPad on a chair in front of me to follow along. This gave me something to hang on to and support myself as I rise and fall/drop into the position. I was pathetic in how little I could do without support, but I can only get better, right?

Even though it was really hard for me to do the movements, I tried. And although I intended to go onto the next exercise immediately, I decided to allow for more recovery time and take a bigger break. So, afterwards I noticed how nice and warm my hips felt, even though everything is maxed. I could tell some good things happened.
Jana S.

Jason P

Courses Followed: Hip Control, Hip Flexibility Solution

Hi Eric,

I invested in Hip Control because I recently completed HFS and had very good results from it, and while I still enjoy the HFS routines and find them to be effective, I want to learn new techniques to hopefully progress and improve further. I’ve been working at a desk job for about 15 years, combined with a fairly high volume of leg exercise in my off hours (squatting, deadlifting, olympic lifts, running, etc), and I had neglected true mobility training up until this year when I started HFS (I say “true” because I thought I was doing mobility work, but it was either not enough or not effective). So needless to say, my body, especially the legs/hips, have taken a lot of abuse. Earlier this year I started to pay the price in the form of injuries and chronic stiffness.
HFS has repaired a good amount of that damage and has improved my hip flexibility/mobility significantly in just a few months, but I know that realistically it’s going to take longer than that to erase 15 years of abuse. I figure that if I’m going to continue trying to improve, I might as well learn some new techniques and figure out which ones are most effective for me (maybe it’ll be some combination of what I learn in HC and HFS, we’ll see). In particular, I’d like to strengthen my hips and other leg muscles in a way that keeps them balanced, so that I avoid the compensatory M/APs going forward.
Sandra L.
I had a bad groin injury several years ago and have had problems ever since. I’ve also gone through some very stressful life situations and had some chronic pain and inflammation.
I have worked with the Hip Flexibility Solution and the TFL programs (as well as dietary and some other lifestyle changes) and it’s all helping, but I wanted to get the full picture.
I truly feel that you have the best, most comprehensive information available; I just wanted to get as much as I could.
I have to work very slowly and carefully so as not to reinjure this area. I’m making progress thanks to your programs.
Yavuz, 66

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Chronic hip and ankle pain and stiffness was the reason I signed up for the Lower Limb Control course.

My hip and ankle pain are almost completely resolved and my mobility significantly improved. Will continue working because I want to get stronger and continue improving my mobility.

Previously I had tried acupuncture, chiropractor, trigger point therapy for years with no long term improvement in my pain.

The Split stance squeeze is my favorite exercise in the Lower Limb Control course so far.

I invested in Hip Control because of chronic hip and ankle pain which affected my day to day life.

After 2+ month of working my hips, lower limb, spine I am finally pain-free and my mobility is 100% better.

I have tried many things over the past including acupuncture, chiropractor, trigger point therapy but nothing worked.

I have many favorite exercises from the Hip Control course such as, butterfly reach, active front split, but the one that stabilized my whole right side from feet to hips was the SPLIT STANCE SQUEEZE which is my absolute favorite.

Harold, 65

Courses Followed: Precision Movement Email Subscriber

Hey Coach E,

I want to thank you for what you have taught me so far. I am 65 and have struggled with back pain in one form or another since I was a teenager. As I have reached my 60’s I have really been struggling just to get out of bed some days. I am not someone who just sits around or relies on pain medication and have always been active. Years of rugby have contributed to a lot of my physical issues.

Anywaaaaayyy.. after day 1 of your program I felt immediate relief with the martial art 90/90 pose. I still can’t get to where you are in the pose but I know I will eventually. I am super stoked to learn more about my own body mechanics and how I can get off the sidelines again 🙂

Thanks a million 🙂

Jenna Leino, 27

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My main reasons for investing in the course was pain, inflexibility, etc. Since I was young, I always hated my thighs. I felt like they were thick and clumsy, and I think this was partly because I did a lot of horse back riding (up to 5 horses a day) and strenuous exercise.

At 19-20 years old, I experienced back pain for the first time. I got over it quite quickly despite it being very painful, but knew that I hadn’t entirely solved the problem and it would come back. Through my 20’s I discovered alternative forms of exercise, mainly doing things at much lower intensity and I also started yoga, which helped a lot. At 25 I started going to a masseur once a month. All of this helped and I liked my thighs a lot more at this point, but still noticed that certain basic exercises were more difficult than they should be at my level of fitness. Exercises incl. one legged hip thrust, one legged squat, push up (winging).

I started Hip Control and Scap Strength at the same time. I experienced results such as changes in pain, mobility and being able to do things I couldn’t do before. For me, the biggest help came from the inner rotation exercises. They improved the small pains I had alongside my leg (sometimes groin pain, sometimes pain at side of knee, sometimes pain at side of hip).

Previously I had difficulties activating my glutes at a level I felt was satisfactory, but my ability to activate glutes improved tremendously. I had been doing glute exercises regularly for 3-4 years previously, but only got moderate results before the Hip Control course. I still can’t do a perfect one legged squat, but I feel I’m getting there. Also to any fellow women out there; The Hip Control really improves thigh shape if you suffer from square, “manly” thighs.

Things I’ve tried in the past that did not work were strenuous exercises such as running, sports, weights at the gym, indoor cycling etc. What helped in the past was yoga, walking, gentle stretches, masseur, physiotherapy exercises, low to medium intensity body weight or low weight muscular condition exercises.

Inner rotation exercises were my favourite and I found them particularly effective. I liked the fact that there so many of them. The elastic band exercise in Hip Flexibility where you use an elastic band to push back the head of the femur into the socket was really good for me. I actually improvised a little to get more variations to the exercise because it felt so good and seemed so effective for me.

...[I have] replaced most of my normal workouts with those from Precision Movement…


A+ info as usual.

As a long time PT I shudder with what I see taking place at the gym these days. Crazy goofy dangerous stuff.

I’m very thankful for you and what you do. I refer people to your site so that they can be awakened to reality and experience proper and beneficial exercise instruction and rehab insight.

Keep up the great work Eric!


Clark B.

[Knee Meniscus Tear Tests and Exercises for Full Recovery]

Thank you, Eric. Softball games caused my knee to ache every day and I wanted to try something besides ibuprofen and naproxen.

The things you demonstrated relieved my pain totally by day #2. Whenever the ache reappears I do these things and the pain is gone. Even during a softball game, I do these things if I feel a bit of ache.

Thank you, again.

Isaac Baruch, 23

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I’ve suffered through tight and pinchy hips for years, and can say that 90% of all my discomfort has disappeared thanks to Eric’s Hip Control and Hip Flexibility programs.

The best part; I’ll be able to continue working on the remaining 10% with all the knowledge I’ve gained. I particularly liked the supine butterfly knee extensions, hinge walk, 1-leg hinge opener, and deep squat knee extensions.


Courses Followed: TFL Pain Solution

Hi Eric,

I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with your TFL program. Honestly I can’t tell you how many physiotherapists I’ve been to in the last 7 years.

After the spine surgery I was determined to get this sorted and thought the best bet would be U of T MacIntosh Clinic. The doc told me it was periformis syndrome and sent me to a massage therapist. WTF? Went to many others and just got so frustrated. No one ever said anything about the TFL. Don’t even think I knew what that was until I found your site.

You are a rock star and please keep doing what you are doing. And if you can set up training for all the physiotherapists in Ontario and beyond that would be amazing. 🙂

Dean Ball

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Hello Eric.

I’ve been following you for sometime and bought your Hip Flexibility Solution a year or so ago (this worked really well – cheers!)

I still suffered from pain and discomfort daily from outside of my right lower leg and ankle. Your Lower Limb Control Program seemed to fit my needs so I bought it and got started straight away. I can feel the difference already and have been almost pain free after the second session. Thank you again! I’ll keep going to the end of the whole course.

Kind regards

Natasha Guinnessy

Courses Followed: TFL Pain Solution

The TFL Pain Solution Phase 2 is going well!

For example, on Tuesday I taught two dance classes in the morning then joined my neighbor for a 2-hour line dance class in the evening. In the past I would have been in a lot of pain in the TFL area, a dull nagging pain that I would have either iced, heated or taken an anti-inflammatory as a consequence. I felt nothing on Tuesday evening, my right hip felt relaxed and pain-free.

I sometimes notice a niggle, generally when I am carrying heavy bags, but I do a combination of phase 1 or phase 2 exercises that now keep my hips in good health with no tightness and very little pain.

I cannot thank you enough as I am now able to move as I used to and I also, very importantly, now understand what the problem is and how I can keep on top of it.

Best wishes,

Jeanette Conery

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I am grateful to you. I appreciate your message in this email [YOGA: Instagram vs. Reality], and I agree wholeheartedly with what you say about yoga and safety. It’s unfortunate that the true message of yoga seems to have been lost to the pursuit of the most impressive asana and the cutest pants. I am a yoga instructor, and currently training to be a Yoga Therapist. My goal is to help people out of pain.

I, too, have developed painful imbalance and injury in my body over the years from strength training, HIIT without stability, and a forceful approach to asana (as well as a bike accident that forced me to stop doing all of the above and look for a better way).

I am grateful to have found your work, because it fills what I see as a gap in most other therapeutic modalities. The programs are practical and the results speak for themselves. I especially appreciate all the background info you give about the “why” of the programs. I’ve learned so much from you.

Jackie, 55

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

The reason I decided to invest in the Hip Control course is because I have suffered with pain in my right hip for about 5 years. The pain as cleared and I now have more mobility in the hips and a better understanding of how the joint work. I have visited physiotherapist in the past which helped a little but never really resolved the problem. I found all the exercises very beneficial and now use some of them in my yoga practice. I feel much more confidant and have a better understanding of how the hip works.

Can’t wait to start the next course.

Claudette Mainville, 51

Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

I’m in my last week of the Lower Limb Control course. I purchased it due to discomfort hindering me from running and training. I love that it addresses aspects of mobility that I have neglected. Many of lunge/balance exercises were especially effective.

Mo Lewis

[3 Steps to Addressing Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain & Tightness]

Finally! I’ve been dealing with TFL pain for 2.5 months now, and all my attempts to rehab my hip have seemed to make it worse. Now I realize that a lot of my rehab exercises have been working the TFL, which is the last thing I should be doing if my pain is a result of my TFL being overworked ( which I strongly suspect is the case, because I don’t feel much pain in the morning, but after a long day of walking (as I was doing on vacation last week) it hurts like all hell.).

Until I found this video and your blog post, nobody had shown me, including an ortho doc I visited, how to do rehab exercise that would exercise the other muscles in my hip while putting minimum strain on the TFL.

Sophie Strasser

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Hello Folks,

Pain has disappeared!!! and I am not done yet!

I took quite a long time with phase 2 and have just begun with phase 3. So far I love it. Thanks a lot!!

My shoulders are looser (I am mostly a desk worker, unfortunately) and old soreness /constant bit of pain between shoulder blades disappeared DISAPPEARED!! while doing the dissociation (raising arms while flexing spine forward), so cool!

Seasonal greetings from Austria!

(Female, 43, 2 kids taking up my time)

Riz Tabley, 44

Courses Followed: Hip Flexibility Solution, Shoulder Flexibility Solution, Upper Limb Control, Lower Limb Control, Spine Control

My knees and ankles were stiff and impacted my ability to do martial arts. I also had surgery to reattach my LCL on the right knee. I wanted to strengthen and improve the mobility of my knee after surgery so I can return to my martial arts.

My ankle and knee have improved incrementally. I feel more solid and stable when running and jumping and doing kicks. Because I am right side dominant, it seemed to improved better on that side instead of the left.

My knee after surgery is still stiff and certain movements are still painful but I have noticed improved mobility. The twisting squat and kneeling switches seem to be good for it. The ASMR for the joints and joint mobility exercises are great. A really good way to relax the feet and lower leg.

Leslie Lemos

YouTube Subscriber: How to Fix Glutes That Don’t Work

I found this video very helpful – I had a bilateral hip replacement 3 years ago and am still struggling with glute activation and glute medius strengthening ( another video of yours I used).

It is really great that you approach things from a real kinesthetic place and get to the root of muscle activation and proprioception without making any of those things readily apparent.

Really good stuff! Thank you!

Rodleigh Stevens

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy


I hope your other readers find similarities with their own experiences so that they can identify with my experiences, and have time to learn from my mistakes!

From a young age, I knew I needed to be strong if I wanted to be a successful circus acrobat. Unfortunately, I did not have access to a facility that could educate me in this training. I trained using only with my body weight, generally doing a variety of acrobatic exercises, depending on what new “act” I was learning at the time. My first serious training was on the trampoline where I developed strong legs, only to discover that my knees weren’t perfect. However, my ankles and hips were fine. I learned to catch people on my shoulders while standing on the unstable trampoline mat. This wasn’t always kind to my back! I should have paid more attention to strengthening my butt and stabilizing my hips, if only I knew better.

My next increase in body strength started when I was fifteen years old. I trained to do a hand balancing act using wooden blocks. Building them up and throwing them down while balancing on my hands. The act was about 6 minutes long and I needed a lot of strength to stay up that long in my arms doing one arm balances and bent arm presses to handstands. Try doing a handstand against a wall for a few minutes to appreciate the strength required to do this. My training consisted of many hours of push-ups, handstands against a wall, walking up and down stairs in my hands and even more hours perfecting one arm balances on both arms.

Flying trapeze was my passion. Ever since my first swing on a trapeze and dropping into the safety net, I knew I wanted to be a Flying Trapeze artist. So a whole new set of muscles needed to be made stronger through hours of training, including overhand grip chin-ups. I wanted to learn everything I could about it and did not limit my training to just the acrobatic flying, but also the demanding catching. I used my experience as a base (catcher) performing with my sister doing a Duo Trapeze act, where I hang by my legs from the trapeze and manipulate her doing a variety of poses and releases. Knee hanging requires great hamstring strength.

Without planning it, I had trained every major muscle group in my body, to deal with not only my body weight, but the added weight that accompanies dynamic and explosive demands on my body by my actions, or those of my partners. I, therefore, needed to be strong enough to endure these demands, especially during repetitive train and repeating actions over and over again, to perfect our acts and keep my partners safe.

My first injury took place during my first professional contract. An unfortunate landing in the safety net resulted in a broken capsule joint of my right elbow. At the time, I was ignorant about repairing injuries and was satisfied that since X-rays revealed no broken bones, I would heal completely over time. Wrong, and I blame the doctor who sent me home despite a massive hematoma that had developed under my arm from internal bleeding and soft tissue damage. I returned to catching on the flying trapeze as soon as I could tolerate the pain. Those were the days of “no play, no pay”, and I needed money to survive.

Another bad landing in the safety net, two years later, resulted in a bucket tear on my right meniscus – surgery! Fortunately no long term effects yet! Performing professionally is very taxing on your body. I was always getting minor injuries like broken ribs, toes, fingers, shoulders, torn hands and more stiff necks than I could remember. I was blind to a future of pain. I lived in the present, and I lived hard!

Years later, I started to experience pain, swelling and loss of feeling to my right hand, forced me to get an MRI on my right elbow. Scar tissue and osteoarthritis had developed during the previous 19 years after my elbow injury, resulting in the first of two elbow surgeries. I continued my flying trapeze act after a two-month recovery. More recently, the range of movement has been severely compromised since then and I can only get from 80 degrees bent to 160 degrees straight. Doctors are doubtful if I’ll ever achiever full range of movement in that elbow again.

The injury that forced me to stop my flying trapeze act after 15 wonderful years was an avulsion fracture on my left elbow. The tell-tale signs of osteoporosis. Two years later I injured my right shoulder while training a young catcher. The surgeon did an acromioplasty which is removing the lower edge of the acromion bone trying to create more space and avoid impingement for my supraspinatus rotator cuff muscle. An avoidable surgery if only I knew about scapular biomechanics. Thanks to Coach E, I am better informed now and will try avoid future unnecessary invasive procedures!

Next was my left knee meniscus tear while spotting someone on the trampoline. No long term effects other than nagging pain at night forcing me to sleep with a pillow between my knees! I have since discovered the success of PRP injections and as long as I get the once a year, my knee pain is under control.

I then damaged the labrum on my right shoulder while catching. The surgeon did a SLAP repair and told me he had never seen so much damage to one shoulder. He gave me a two-year recovery, but circumstances and financial survival had me catching again 9 months later. Sorry Dr. Hammond, sorrier to myself!

It was once again my right elbow that gave me enough reason to see my surgeon two years later. He did his best to “clean out” the elbow joint from arthritic bone spurs doing a “debridement” procedure, but that didn’t have the result I hoped for. I continued to have pain relating to my activities doing aerial acrobatics and coaching. I’m still searching for a pain free future for my right elbow, as I will continue to be active.

Catching on the Flying Trapeze at the age of 57 was probably not a great decision considering the next injury I endured! A full-width tear of the supraspinatus rotator cuff and partial tear of the infraspinatus rotator cuff. Plus an 80 percent wearing of the bicep head tendon. The surgeon believed that the time it took for those repairs to heal would be enough time for all the other minor injuries to heal that was present in my shoulder at the time. What I didn’t count on was the adhesive cellulitis, that became apparent a year after that surgery, resulting in another surgery to release the frozen shoulder. It’s been two years since that surgery and I’ve only just started to get almost a full range of movement again and being able to train and regain some of the muscular atrophy that had taken place throughout my body while I was forced into inactivity.

I decided to study again and came to Montreal which is the circus capital of the world. I found a mentor to train under and did a course at the National Circus School. One of the subjects dealing with the Prevention of Injuries is the reason I found your website. I was researching answers regarding shoulder impingement when I discovered your site and have been inspired to get back into shape, using your exercises and pure zest for the longevity of movement. It has been a profound personal achievement for me to be able to move again after my inactivity and depression about my broken body.

I am now able to do handstands again! I’m still unable to stay up longer than 35 seconds, but my bent right arm limits me. I’ve managed to get back my chin up strength and recently achieved 6 sets of 25 reps, three with a forward grip and three with a reverse grip! I do 4 sets of 25 abs exercises most days, but push-ups and overhead pressing is my weakness. I focus on protraction and retraction exercises mostly, to move my scapular better, and my favorite – doorway stretching. Trying to release the tight pecs I created when I was a teenager, doing thousands of push-ups.

So on a personal note Coach E, thank you for being where I could find you. By the way, I aced the exam for my course using your information! Thank you for your clear explanations which helped me understand my body’s biomechanics better. Thank you for giving me precise and achievable goals through the correct exercises. I still have a long way to go to get rid of all the bad M/APs I have ignorantly allowed my body to learn. A Physio recently called me a master of compensation! Normally I would regard that as a compliment, but in this case, it gives me the motivation to develop the correct M/APs and biomechanics so that I can one day return to swinging on a flying trapeze again, just for fun, and without the fear of possible pain.

Coach E, thank you for helping me repair my broken wings!


Courses Followed: Precision Movement Email Subscriber

Thank you again Eric.

Your BulletProof back exercises gave me my normal life back and I can’t thank you enough.

I am back to playing with my band and am able to have a fairly normal life.

I am the second one towards the rear on the left-hand side. 64-year-old male. I thought this photo was appropriate because I actually retired from this band due to back problems. I am now happily back playing.

It’s easy to see how people would become discouraged not realizing there are simple effective solutions. The solutions require consistent application and discipline, but they work.

You’re the best.

Tariq Haque

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Please always include the master manual in your courses. I read it and study it and the information that I have learned has come in handy when I talk to people. I’ve even been able to explain to some why they have pain and where it’s from, told them 1 exercise to do to make it better.

When they ask about my knowledge, which they usually do after they see pain alleviated I give them your name and tell them I buy your programs that have educated me and alleviated/resolved my pain.


Raphael Berserk

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Firstly I must say the TFL routine has already helped me greatly. I got injured at the beginning of the year. Then tried my best to get back to my old self to no avail. Tried everything I could think of. Even went to the doctor but all they did was give me pain meds which as soon as they were finished I was pain riddled again. Your advice and program have been the only thing that’s actually helped me.

I honestly thought I would have to stop playing basketball, which is something I love dearly and was on the verge of depression. Your program saved me and it gave me hope. While I’m still not quite myself I think if I keep doing the program I’ll likely get back close to who I was physically.

I live in a country without access to proper sports injury experts so finding your stuff was a Godsend. Just a few weeks of your program and I went from not being able to even walk without pain to being able to run relatively pain-free. Can’t thank you enough, you made me have hope when I thought I had none.

I love the info you provide, I will definitely recommend your site and programs to any athlete I know that’s battling injury.

Lastly, I just have to say thank you again. You helped me when I thought my TFL state was going to be permanent and helped avoid depression because of it.

Mikhail Balakhno

Courses Followed: Scap Strength, Shoulder Control, Hip Control

Thank you for the wonderful article! It’s very nice to have such a reference for everyday use!

I came from the injury camp myself — I had an acromioclavicular ligament partial tear about 3 years ago. I’ve done my rehab, and I’m now doing your Scap Control program (which is absolutely amazing!).
I’ve seen great progress from the Scap Control program. Previously the overhead movements were painful, now they are not. I’m continuing to do SC, and I certainly will do the Shoulder Control when it’s ready.
I know that eventually, that will help with my shoulder instability.
Darryl Cully

Courses Followed: TFL Pain Solution, Hip Flexibility Solution

I’ve been dealing with leg and hip issues since I shattered my right femur in 2007. Your hip flexibility program helped tremendously, and I was able to diagnose a pelvic alignment problem that turned out to be some compressed discs in my lumbar.

My chiropractor resolved that but I have been struggling with leg strength and some TFL pain as you described in your vids. Also since I broke my femur I’ve had a short piriformis that I assume is causing some sciatic pain I’ve been experiencing.

This is the first time I have actually had some real improvement in these three issues. I am very excited now it appears I might finally get my superman legs back.

Thank you for your great programs and the terrific instruction that you’ve given.

Bob Lau

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

8 weeks ago, I hurt my back bowling. I couldn’t even tie my shoe laces.

I found Eric Wong on YouTube, did the back pain assessment and my result was flexion dysfunction. I invested in Spine Control and now I can bowl 4 times a week with no troubles.


Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

I did lower limb control because I wanted to understand my feet better and because my Achilles tendon was pulling away from the bone at my heel on one foot and a flat foot on the other side indicating that could be next.

You released this program right on time!

I’m now running pain-free again and my ankles feel strong when I’m going cross country in rugged terrain.

Pablo Renato Taphanel, 57

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

My main reasons for purchasing courses are always the same with the Precision Movement Academy. I find in your courses a big resource of exercises and solutions to apply in my sport and my health.

LLC, in particular, was absolutely effective in resolving many issues with my feet and ankles. I had troubles with my balance because of old injuries from several Taekwondo performances and the LLC exercises and concepts helped me to improve my movements a lot. BEST IMPROVEMENT SO FAR: My Balance!

It is a great course.

My favorite exercises were: Ankle / Toe dissociation (every morning I do these!), Reverse Slide Lunge, Twisting Squats ( a big control challenge!), 1 Leg MTP Circles, and Lunge Stance Front Foot Circles.

Thank you very much, Eric!!

Gary Shick

Courses Followed: Hip Control, Lower Limb Control, Spine Control, TFL Pain Solution

Hey Coach E,

First off, your stuff is great. I found your website last winter and the information contained is well thought out, displayed, and just plain better than other things I’ve seen. And dealing with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries for the past 2.5 years… I’ve seen and tried a lot.
Shane Kerr, 50

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Best sets of Flat Bench I have had in about 2 years, very happy. Don’t think it’s realistic to get back around the 120 kg mark, would be very happy to hit my body weight at around 85 kg.

I can’t talk up SFS and particularly Scap Strength enough, I believe Scap Strength was the solution that eventually rehabbed my right shoulder back to where it is now.

Thanks, Eric!


YouTube Subscriber: How to Treat Tennis Elbow with 3 Effective Exercises

I’m suffering from tennis elbow in my left arm after overdoing it playing golf. This is the best video I’ve come across for exercises to help this. Thank you.

Yannick Legrand Polejewski, 63

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control, Lower Limb Control, Hip Flexibility Solution

I enjoyed all of it. It’s presented in a very good way. I did Upper Limb Control for a wrist that was bothering me and now there is no longer any discomfort.

Oh gosh, I just appreciated the PDF format for my non-computer mind.



Robert Woodbine

Courses Followed: Hip Flexibility Solution

Hey Eric,

Your HFS program has been amazing! For the first time in years, I now know what it feels like to be “free” in the hip region, lol. In doing your routine I’ve now switched my lifestyle over to more flexibility training as opposed to heavy weight lifting. I now do yoga almost every day of the week and include different parts of your routines into it, and maybe hit the gym up 2 or 3 times a week, but lifting much lighter more high reps. I’ve noticed that my body is happily reacting to yoga mixed with your routine…I can now do things more freely than I used to. It used to be hard to wake up in the morning and make it to the bathroom without feeling like my back was going to “throw out”! Now, my back is more flexible along with the hips and legs and it makes a million dollar difference.

Your routine works…I felt a huge difference within the first week! I didn’t realize how weak I was in certain areas and your routine brought those to my attention.

Thanks a ton for creating this program….keep up the good work Eric.

You’re Etobicoke neighbor,

Joe Musselwhite

Courses Followed: TFL Pain Solution

How ironic! Yesterday I tweaked my low back at work from simply bending over to retrieve a wrench and when I stood back up I did so at a slight angle and BAM! Tweaked my low back! This morning I was still experiencing the discomfort. It was like something was out of alignment.

Started this (HFS) series of exercises and on the 3rd rep of the bird dogs with my left leg extended I felt and hear an audible click. I did one more rep per side, stood up and to my amazement the tweak was gone! Not just feeling better but GONE!


Richard Norris, 54

Courses Followed: Lower Limb Control

I have ankle issues and my feet get sore from standing for a long time. Whilst my pain comes randomly being proactive to prevent injury is always a prudent move – hence me doing this program. I like the arsenal of new exercises I can use for me and for the swimmers I coach.


Jeff Joslin

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control, Hip Control, Scap Strength, Spine Control

Eric Wong always shows some tremendous stuff and it was very meaning full for my martial arts students and I. We have a lot of soreness, especially myself in my hands, my elbows and my upper limbs. Eric showed us how to gain mobility, strength and be pro-active in preventing injury.

I like to wrestle, grappling and train martial arts that are my fun part but I know I’m getting a little older now and things start to ache. Those pains can throw me off of my game so I’m excited to implement some of those things Eric showed us and I’m excited to feel better on the mats.

Jeff Joslin

Amro Al-Falastini

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control, Lower Limb Control

I’ve had an elbow injury for a bit. Eric showed me some techniques that helped me with massaging and relaxing my injury. I appreciated that very much. Big thank you to Eric Wong. You’re Awesome!

Gina Delfabbro

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I broke my wrist a few years ago and I’ve been having problems ever since so I decided to give the Upper Limb Control info a shot. Eric showed a lot of great techniques and details. Now that I think I’ve figured out exactly what’s going on I will be able to manage it better.


Dylan Balla

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I’ve been having some wrist problems with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Eric showed me a lot of details and techniques to reduce pain. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Matt Melo

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

Eric showed a lot of great stuff and I wasn’t even aware that I had some wrist and elbow problems. I can’t wait to fix them.


Andrew Bowler

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

Eric was amazing. I had sore joints and elbows so I gave the Upper Limb Control program a try and it seems to work really well. I recommend this program to everyone.


Khaled Ramadan

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I have many elbow, wrist, and finger problems and Eric showed me things I can start doing to help improve my situation. I can’t wait to start doing all of the exercises so that at some point I’ll be able to extend my elbows and start using my wrists like a normal person.

Thanks, Eric!

Dylan Routledge

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

Eric Wong is a really smart guy. He brings interesting and different types of exercises to the game. Going through the info on Upper Limb Control helped me understand the range of motion with my upper limbs and upper body overall.

Learning about problems I never knew I even had with my wrists was humbling and it’s great to have a way to correct all of these issues.

Bill Agnew

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

It was awesome to go through all of the info and understand all the ranges of motion of the upper limb. I was so impressed with Upper Limb Control that I will be signing up for the Academy so that I can also go through Lower Limb Control for my foot issues.

Jon Agnew

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

It was enlightening. I came in thinking I didn’t have any problems with my arms. Only realizing after Eric showed me that I had big problems to fix and it’s good to know that he’s out there to help us.


Zachary Nichol

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

It was a great program. Lots of simple concepts that you don’t think of on your own but seeing Eric teach the exercises makes them easy to perform and repeat.

Jomar Gacoscos

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I found it very empowering to learn how to take better care of my own body. Being practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we tend to use our grips quite a bit and Eric did a great job teaching us about what we should and shouldn’t be doing as athletes to make our upper limbs function better.

Thanks Eric

Garry Johns, 43

Courses Followed: Upper Limb Control

I found the program very informative with great advice and it answered a lot of questions that I had. I learned so much about my forearms and how important grips are.

Just to get the tension released and feel strong again in my forearms and elbows was perfect.

Thanks Eric!

Russell Thomas

Courses Followed: Shoulder Flexibility Solution, Scap Strength

Eric Wong saved my life!

This is probably a long overdue email and it was only when I received your email saying that I had been inactive for a long while that I thought I’d better send this.

I have always lifted weights and did some bodybuilding when I was younger. I even entered the Darkside a little bit but about 2 years ago I seemed to develop severe bursitis in both shoulders and had a torn rotator cuff with a 10 mm tear. In all the scans and the two surgeons that I saw said the only way was to have surgery and I would never lift weights properly ever again.

While in a state of depression I was scrolling through the Internet I came across Eric and after reading I decided to purchase the shoulder flexibility program but more importantly the scapula strengthening program from him.

I began working through the scapular strength program from the start and eventually found out that my shoulder felt better and better. Although I could not lift weights it also gave me a sense of purpose.

I still could keep in a routine by going to the gym and keeping in contact. Although I am now 51 years old and not as strong as I used to be I’m still managing to bench press 140 kg and military press 90 to 100. 2 years ago I never thought I’d even be there. I could not even brush my teeth or work properly as I said at 51 years old. I know that the tear will still be there but with the added stability in my shoulders and scapula, I think it has counteracted this. I still struggle on some days with pain but I still religiously do a scapula strength routine before every single workout. So although the title I gave this email was Eric wong saved my life it may have been a bit melodramatic but without going to the gym my mental state would not have been good.

So after this long email, I would just like to personally thank Eric for his revolutionary and inspirational programs. Please keep up the good work

Thanks, Russell, from Australia.

Ingrid E Hansel

Courses Followed: Hip Control

Why did I invest in Hip control? Well I’ve actually invested in Hip Control and Hip Flexibility and am starting with hip flexibility. I am here because I love endurance trail running.

I had to stop running in the end of January 2017 due to too much pain in my right low back and hip area. It’s never gone away.

I started and stopped several times between then and Oct 2017 but the pain was just so debilitating. I realized rest wasn’t working for me. In Nov i started up again.

By mid Dec i was back at square one and could barely move. I’ve had hip and low back x-ray and outside of some very minor degenerative disk between L4 and L5 there is nothing anybody can see. I believe therefore that i should get better.

I found out that my glute mead wasn’t firing. I searched the Internet for some exercises and found you. The exercises for glute mead activation felt really good.

I signed up for your 5 day hip flexibility and mobility challenge. Your exercises were amazing. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

So here I am. :). I’ve got a running training plan to build myself back up slowly and I’m in the gym 6 days a week. I still have pain, but I’ve seen a tremendous amount of improvement over the last two weeks.

Thank you!! Here’s hoping I’ll be back at 50km + training again soon!!

Peggy Wallace

Courses Followed: Hip Flexibility Solution, Shoulder Control


The 4 weeks of doing HFS (Hip Flexibility Solution) have really helped. Left hip flexor is no longer inflamed, and I don’t feel like an 80-year-old woman any more when I get up from sitting for long periods (which I try to avoid, but I AM on the bus for an hour every workday).
I’m not experiencing soreness while running, and my body responds better after I run. I still have a way to go, but I’ve definitely seen the fast results you mentioned I would. And the exercises don’t really take that much time and are easy to incorporate into my day.
I have been impressed enough with your system that I purchased the Shoulder program as well–and a few other programs.
Thanks for creating such useful and helpful training tools!
Nicky Scholfield

Courses Followed: Shoulder Flexibility Solution

I love your stuff – your words and your programs and I’m very grateful for them restoring me to action!

Here’s a pic of me at a bouldering competition earlier this year – this was after your shoulder flexibility solution helped clear up a nagging pain in my right shoulder.

I didn’t score any points at the comp and I’m full of chalk from all the falling! but, I had a great time and no pain 🙂 – and I could keep on climbing – fantastic.

Thanks again and have a great week,


Anthony Sharah

Courses Followed: Hip Control

Hip Control is a fantastic program. I am moving through it at my own pace, which is pretty slow. Most of the work I have done has been glute and psoas activation. This has worsened the stiffness in my hip. Obviously, I have taken it too far, but this has been a good learning experience.

I have started to work on abduction and found that this action dulls the pain and discomfort. So, I have been working this action 3 or 4 times a day. What is great about your program is education. Knowledge is power. I have been able to train a movement, then stand back and watch what happens. It is a great learning experience.

So I believe that I also had the issue of the psoas being dysfunctional. The psoas activation drills fixed this issue in the first two weeks. Initially, I was getting a cramp in my thigh, as the rec fem tried to do the job on its own. Once the psoas kicked in, I could feel the load of the leg being distributed across the whole of the hip structure.


Linda Chalkley

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Thanks to you for being the real person to obtain information that works. You have supplied me with the how-to’s that have helped ME!

Because of some (a lot) of limitations that don’t seem to have Doctor answers (a pill or shot for pain for whatever ailment), even making the attempt to do your program(s) has aided me in either try-it – use-it or just know-it and when possible I share what knowledge I have gotten. Thank you.

Linda C. (Looking forward to the next offer)

Ryan followed the Hip Control Program

Courses Followed: Hip Control

I invested in this course because I was looking to increase flexibility and control for my kicks in Muay Thai and for my guard work in BJJ. I have previously used other courses of Eric’s and I was sure this would not disappoint.

I can get deeper into squats without pain or binding. I feel like I can move with more control and my balance is better too. Additionally, after not going to the gym for 6 months and only doing my martial arts and the Hip Control program I hit an all-time personal record with my dead-lifts (about 30lbs above my previous PR) which I fully attribute to the increased strength in my stabilizer muscles from doing Hip Control.

Standard “gym class” stretches like trying to touch my toes, do “the splits” and the like. I would see improvement while I was doing them every day but if I missed any time my results would vanish.

The clear and detailed guide videos that walk you through each technique before going “live.” Having the coaching videos separate from the follow-along videos made it nice and convenient.

Erich, 48

Courses Followed: Hip Control

I started The Hip Control program to address Lower back pain, hip flexibility (forward/back bending is ok, inner/outer rotation sucks), and general curiosity.

I felt my hip flexors and abductors had to work much harder than they were used to

I liked the short sessions, smooth progression, and interesting exercises.


Billy, 52

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

I purchased Hip Control because I thought it would bring together all my body’s’ architecture together in one unifying celebration of movement. I have issues with a continuing tight quad/hip flexor on my left side, when I do hip circles as a warm-up I get clicking or heavier clunks from that area, This has been improved but not eradicated.

I feel the first exercise was fundamental to me, I normally have my feet slightly bunny like and so am trying to turn years of muscle compensation around. When I have my feet pointing straight ahead I feel that my feet are pointing inwards!! I do feel the course has helped my stability and movement range….sometimes I just feel very upright and in control, a good feeling.

I practice yoga. I use foam rollers and balls for facia release. Yoga is extremely helpful to me on many levels but doesn’t hone in on a problem area as your courses do. As we know rolling and balls help but issues return!

Being coached is very rewarding. The tasks themselves were and are great fun.

I’m continuing with the course and want to fit in some movement patterns to my every day for continuing stability and control.

Joshua, 43

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

The first course that I ever purchased from Eric was the Hip Flexibility Solution. I had been trying to rehab a knee injury for several years. I now know that his material is amazing and knew that I would see the results that I want 🙂

My pain and mobility improved almost immediately. Having completed the course, my issues are almost 100% resolved.

Before Hip Flexibility Solution, I followed traditional physio/massage-therapy material, which was just ok.

I am now a proud subscriber of the Precision Movement Academy and continue to enjoy exploring my body and learning through movement.

It’s amazing!!!


Cathy, 54

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

My primary purpose in investing was to expand my mobility tool kit. There are actions/exercises I have used in the past, but you get bored with the same old thing. You always have new tips and tools for improving overall mobility and I like that!

I really wasn’t dealing with any pain or activities that I couldn’t do. But I do have a much better range of motion in my hips than before.

I really like the “follow along” videos. I just play those and follow along to do the workout for the day. Being able to see and follow along is MUCH easier than trying to read a description or look at static images and figure out how a movement is supposed to be done.


Chantal Couturier, 59

Courses Followed: Hip Control

I loved Hip Control. I started with a hip rotator injury and a lot of over-stressed hip flexors (from running with a blocked pelvis and a non-functioning right glute) and with high hamstring tendonitis (from a long time high hamstring injury reactivated by overstretching).

So I wanted to retrain all my muscles, strength first and flexibility second before I run again. I feel I’m now super strong and flexible enough and I am running again without any pain and with a great form. I liked the progression of the course. My great challenge was HC3 Supine Butterfly Knee extension on the injured side, but just when I thought I should back off I became stronger and could do it without feeling I was gonna rip my hip off.

I gained a lot in strength and stability/balance. My right leg is slightly less flexible than the left, but it improved a lot and I can have it now almost at a 90-degree angle while in a supine position despite my constant effort of not stretching it too much as it might be counterproductive in my case. I love the follow-along videos, as it gives the feeling of not doing it alone. It allows having a constant reminder of a good posture as well.

Jason Robinson, 49

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

Have suffered for years from a lower back prolapsed/degenerative disc. Resulted in lower back stiffness and muscle spasms, some of which would completely incapacitate me where I had to lie on my back for a couple of days until it slowly released. I then felt nervous about getting back into exercises. I would protect my back which I think in turn reduced my natural/correct mobility.

Despite previous physiotherapy and Pilates; I was amazed at how effective your Hip flexibility program was in reducing the tightness and pain in my lower back. It was like a miracle. Before that, I had assumed that my tightness /reduced mobility was something I would just have to accept and live with. Upon recognizing and understanding Eric’s theory and movements/techniques I was keen to do and learn more about your programs. Although I’ll never have a 21 yr old lower spine again, I am continuing to go from strength to strength with more flexibility/mobility. I can now more confidently flex my spine with less worry of it going into a spasm. I generally feel far less stiff in that area, even first thing in the morning when I get up. It’s a great feeling again.

Prior to Eric’s program (as stated above) I had tried lower back and hip passive stretches which on occasions gave short term pain relief, but did not improve my range of movement. Before your programs, I wasn’t aware of the correlation with my lack of Hip mobility.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the exercises/techniques but particularly the seated butterfly reach, side kicks, 90 90 Bear Sit, deep wall squats & the stairs/ get up hacks were great.

Pat Offner

Courses Followed: Hip Control

I did martial arts for a long time. I have significant left hip pain and was told I needed a hip replacement. I’m not quite ready for that and wanted to see if this would help me avoid surgery.

As a result, my mobility has increased with less pain. Hopefully will avoid surgery for awhile longer.

I Liked the clear instructions with rationale behind the movements.



Shahid, 56

Courses Followed: Hip Control

I purchased the Hip Control Program to improve my flexibility and reduce backache

I did not have time to do the exercises as suggested but did perform them once a week. I have noticed a slight improvement in squats and one leg balance

Prior to purchasing this program, I did not have the knowledge or skills to improve my hip and lower limb flexibility

I really enjoyed learning new moves such as the Cossack moves and the link between hip knee and ankle flexibility and being able to do the exercises in my own time. Also the advice about how many times to do a particular exercise.


Ralph Gauthier, 72

Courses Followed: Student of the Precision Movement Academy

I purchased Hip Control because I had both hip and knee done last year on the same leg and needed extra assistance

Since completing Hip Control I can golf with the proper hip movement now. I can also touch my toes and I feel so much more nimble.

Prior to Hip Control, I had tried to fix my problems with regular fitness stretches from my phys-ed yrs and reg YMCA stuff.

I really liked the simple explanations.


Richard, 53

Courses Followed: Hip Control

I purchased the Hip Control Program to improve general hip mobility, and lean new drills and techniques to help my students.

Since then I’ve become more comfortable in a deep squat and feel less stress on the lumbar spine.

I’ve tried other programs but not in such a structured fashion.

I enjoyed the exercises for internal rotation and the triple flexion exercise.



Courses Followed: Shoulder Control, Scap Strength

I want to THANK YOU for posting what I think is the most important video topic (Technique for Thoracic Kyphosis, Overhead Mobility & Scap Strength). Along with other stretching and Strengthening exercises you have promoted, I’ve been taking it upon myself to do active hanging from a bar AND I’VE ACHIEVED AMAZING RESULTS for my Adhesive Capsulitis!

I have about 3/4 ROM from where I used to be thanks to you brutha!!!

Keep up the great job & ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!


Age: 53

Location: Avon, CT, USA


Morgan DuShane

Courses Followed: Shoulder Control

“After four weeks…WOW! I am not cured yet or anything but I have seen very dramatic results.I have had severe pain and weakness in primarily my right shoulder, but also the left, for the last 8-10 years or so. I have tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, static stretching, rolfing, exercises and medications such as NSAIDs and muscle relaxers.

Surgery was recommended by some but I never tried it.

All these things would temporarily give partial relief, but never long term or total relief.

I train in MMA as a hobby and it limits me greatly due to the pain and limited range of motion, I also work as a watchmaker and by the end of the day, I would be in a lot of pain and have numbness in my fingers.

I also would wake up numerous times in the night because I sleep on my side and my shoulder pain and tingling would wake me up.

I was hanging some curtains two weeks ago, after only two weeks in the program and realized I had no pain in my shoulders, I can’t remember the last time that happened.

I am sleeping through the night, I am able to train in MMA with only minor soreness and greatly increased range of motion, I am able to work through the day with little to no pain and no numbness.”

Morgan DuShane, Age 45
Ohio, USA


Courses Followed: Hip Control

Hi Eric

I saw your fight stance rotational knee drop a few weeks ago and have been giving it a go. Love your videos they are always so clear and well explained. Often have to go back to them to refresh and check that I am doing the technique correctly.

Making all the difference to my hips and lower back.

Thank you
Maria – Brisbane Australia

Alex Sturrup

Courses Followed: Shoulder Control, Scap Strength

Hello Eric, first off I must tell you how much I enjoy your programs. I love the details given that makes the most out of the workouts. For years I’ve gone through MANY programs to restore my shoulder mobility and didn’t stick with because I did not see any improvements, but yours 100% did. Thank you so much for your amazing knowledge….already my mobility has improved by at least 80% and I’m just in my 3rd week on 4 times a week training. Thanks again for the awesome program.


Age: 31

Location: Nassau, The Bahamas

Chris Lopez

Courses Followed: Hip Control

I’ve gone through the Hip Control manual and modules thoroughly and I’m hard pressed to find a more complete guide to one of, if not THE Most Complicated Joint Complexes in the human body.

Coach E has done an amazing job in distilling the research into a simple, easy to follow series of modules that will both educate the user and help them achieve optimal hip mobility, mechanics and CONTROL.

As a strength coach that focuses on Hardstyle Kettlebell Training, this resource is ESSENTIAL for both extension-dominant athletes, giriveks and an active population as it is for anterior-dominant “everyday” folks that want to get out of pain and move well to live life.

The section on proper BREATHING alone is a game-changer and will completely transform anyone’s exercise regimen let alone their overall health and sense of well-being.

Hip Control is a MUST HAVE for coaches and anyone who wants to live a healthy, active life.”

Chris Lopez, BScHK, CSCS, SFGII
Strength Coach

Josh Szymanowski

Courses Followed: Hip Control

Eric! I love this one [Technique to Restore Hip Rotation Mobility]! Good stuff. Tried it yesterday and felt a little extra whip on those kicks.

Robert H.

Courses Followed: Hip Flexibility Solution

Awesome sir I can’t thank you enough 4 weeks ago I could barely kick chest level now I’m doing the splits almost 180 degrees your program works!!!! 😉

Adam E. followed the Spine Control Program

Courses Followed: Spine Control

Hi Eric,

I just wanted to say I am noticing a huge improvement in my spine from this program. I just actually did squats for the first time and some jogging up hills yesterday, both normally finish me off for days with back pain. I probably shouldn’t be squatting yet but no pain, this is weird (but in a good way). Thanks!

Mirek S. followed the Spine Control Program

Courses Followed: Spine Control

I did three of those exercises: Press-up, Bird-dog, and Bridge. Just one set before going somewhere, even 5 or 6 reps, 10-sec hold, just to loosen up my back. It works great. I am getting up from the floor so easy after this set, like some 18-year-old gymnast! Thank you for this. It’s pure magic!