Drill to Strengthen and Mobilize Hip Rotator Muscles

By Eric Wong

Simple drill to help you both strengthen and mobilize the hip rotator muscles

Here’s a simple drill to help you both strengthen and mobilize the hip rotator muscles, including:

  • Hip internal rotators (rotate the thighs inward): piriformis (when hip is flexed), tensor fascia latae, glute medius and minimus
  • Hip external rotators (rotate the thighs outward): glute maximus, piriformis (when hip is in neutral/extended), gemellus superior and inferior, obturator internus and externus and the quadratus femoris

Strengthen and Mobilize Hip Rotator MusclesWe all need to work on both internal and external hip rotation more (especially internal) because most of what we do with our hips occurs in the sagittal plane i.e. walking, running, deadlifting, lunging etc.

Great drill to do in your warmup and/or in between sets of Bench Press.

Do anywhere from 6-12 reps per side or more!

And if you’ve got a lot of trouble doing this movement, then check out the Hip Flexibility Solution because if you don’t properly address your movement dysfunctions now, they’re only going to get worse.


About the Author

Eric is the founder of PrecisionMovement.coach and has a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. He's been a coach since 2005 and spent many years focused on training combat athletes including multiple UFC fighters and professional boxers and now dedicates his energy to helping people eliminate pain and flexibility and movement restrictions. He lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter and he drinks black coffee and bitter IPAs. Click here to learn more about Eric.