Spine Control leveled up! Low Back Pain Solution Takes Over for a Lifetime of Freedom from Low Back Pain

You’re now seeing information about Low Back Pain Solution. We used everything we’ve learned since we published the first corrective exercise program, Bulletproof Back in 2010, and Spine Control in 2017, to create a program that is easier to follow, incorporates the newest medical research, and provides a comprehensive guide to get you pain-free faster.

Explore this page to see what Low Back Pain Solution can do for your low back, whether you're looking to address a specific condition, general pain or improve your range of motion to keep doing what you love. 

Finally, achieve lasting relief
from low back pain

Low back pain is one of the most debilitating issues because no matter what we do we feel and are limited by it, whether we’re lying in bed, sitting at the desk, playing with our kids or other normal movements of everyday life, let alone recreational activities, exercise and sports.

The Low Back Pain Solution program is the result of a combined 50+ years of experience of a kinesiologist and orthopaedic surgeon guiding patients, clients and themselves to lasting relief from this disabling condition. Degenerative, herniated or bulging discs, sciatica or other nerve issues, spondylyosis, stenosis and muscle strains - the majority of common diagnoses can be safely and successfully addressed following this time-efficient, progressive and easy-to-follow home exercise program.

Wake deep muscles

With recurring pain, (re)activating the deep muscles that are often inhibited revives your body’s first line of protection for the discs, ligaments and other spinal structures.

Restore alignment

Restoring and stabilizing proper alignment of not just the spine, but also the pelvis, hips and shoulders lightens the load on your low back allowing for more free and effortless movement.

Build resilience

A stable core and good posture are essential yet insufficient for ultimate resilience, which is why you’ll discover unique exercises to build a back that can handle whatever you throw at it


"I was sick and tired of constant back pain on and off for over a decade. Good days/bad days. Good few months, then out of action for months. I had to stop playing football and my passion of surfing in the end. And car journeys and mornings were a nightmare.

Did lots of stretching for 10 years, with limited success…in the end nothing helped. Spent crazy amount of money on Osteopaths and pyhsios. Many thanks to Precision Movement for helping me to return to the activities that I love pain-free!!!"


Grounded in science and trusted by people from around the world who want to move freely and without pain



Eliminating low back pain starts with restoring your foundation:

When one of these pillars is lacking the passive structures in your spine absorb more stress than they should. Your body then compensates by using another muscle or movement pattern, leading to further increases in stress on the spine. Over time, your body will break down. It often starts as a minor pain that you can “work through”, but when left unaddressed progresses to intense, debilitating pain that can eventually lead to serious damage to disc, vertebral bodies, tendon, ligament, muscle and/or cartilage.

When you follow the Low Back Pain Solution and restore the 4 Pillars you address the root causes that led to your issue in the first place. Then, you’ll learn how to build resilience in these passive structures to prevent future pain. This provides lasting results and empowers you with the knowledge of what it really takes for a lifetime of moving freely and without pain and the confidence that your low back can take whatever you can throw at it.

Meet your team

Eric Wong BSc aka “Coach E” is a kinesiologist and the founder of Precision Movement. He was a pioneer in strength and conditioning in mixed martial arts, training a number of athletes who competed in the UFC and other professional organizations. He was at the forefront of the online fitness world back in 2008. He's an active father to his 3 young kids and wants to be an active grandfather and if lucky, an active great grandfather.

Dr. Erin Boynton MD FRCS is an orthopaedic surgeon who joined Precision Movement as Chief Medical Officer in 2020. She has 30 years of experience as an orthopaedic surgeon, served as the team surgeon for MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays for 10 years, is the current Medical Director of the WTA’s National Bank Open tennis tournament and a national champ tennis player herself.

Precision Movement is the trusted name when it comes to corrective exercise for 394,800+ subscribers on YouTube and tens of thousands of customers and users of our app. 

Feedback from our awesome community

"Feeling so much better after years of chronic back pain, surgery and all sorts of therapies. It’s quite wonderful and empowering to be moving and feeling better, and I can’t wait to discover how I’m doing in a year!"


"I injured my spine as a young teenager but did nothing about it. Then I started to suffer back pain at age 16 but was told at the time that I was young and should take up weight training. I have a number of your programmes all of which have helped/given me improvements and allowed me to age relatively pain-free for the majority of the time."


"I took this course because I have had an injury for a long time that prevents me from walking well, which causes me to continually have back pain at the lumbar and dorsal levels. The course has helped me to make my back stronger and better resist bad postures.


When you have low back pain, you can move around just fine but you can’t do much! For active people this is a problem since good health and joy are found doing the active things they love. We’ve put together the low back Pain Solution to get you back to pain-free movement and we can’t hear about your results.”

- Coach E & Dr. B

4 key benefits of this unique program

Easy to follow

Step-by-step instructions with concise, high quality videos make following this program a breeze. 


Routines require just 20 minutes and minimal equipment so you can do them at home.


Based on scientific principles and the latest research to get you lasting results.

Designed for you

Whether your pain is severe or mild you can get started and make real progress.

Come on in and take a look

Get rid of your low back pain today


  • Easy-to-follow program
  • Eliminate low back pain
  • Fix the root causes for long-term relief
  • Improve range of motion
  • Gain endurance and strength
  • Build resilience for prevention


  • 3 different phases based on your level of pain
  • Most routines take just 20 minutes
  • Designed to be done at home
  • LIFETIME access to the program on the web
  • 1 year money-back guarantee
  • BONUS: 1 year of ROM Coach premium ($99 value)

A typical course of physical therapy for low back pain is 8 weeks of treatment twice a week and can cost upwards of $1360, not to mention the added time and effort to attend your appointments.

If you want 1-on-1 coaching from Dr. B and Coach E, you're looking at hundreds of dollars per hour and at least four weeks on the waitlist.

Instead, get started on the Low Back Pain Solution today and you're getting our expert guidance over the next few months (and beyond) to take you from painful to pain-free for only…

Get Started For Only $99

All prices in USD

NOTE: your payment of $99 today includes LIFETIME access to the Low Back Pain Solution on the web and a free 1 year premium subscription to the ROM Coach mobile app ($99 value). Inside ROM Coach you will find all of the Low Back Pain Solution routines and can utilize the calendar and notifications to stay on track.

Your annual ROM Coach premium subscription will be locked in at the current price of $99 USD per year and will automatically renew in 1 year. You can easily cancel at anytime by sending an email to us at [email protected] and you'll never be billed again and will maintain lifetime access to the Low Back Pain Solution on the web and your 1 year of ROM Coach premium as a free bonus.


"I’m a trail runner and love endurance sports. I have bad posture and some low back pain, which is why I tried this course. It was great and easy to approach.

Your techniques are not like other strength programs. They’re “Precise” to the root problem, like the name and lay a good foundation for any of my moves. Now I have a better posture, low back pain is getting better too. I’ve also done Hip Control and love it too."

Siripong, Trail Runner

How the Low Back Pain Solution compares

Low Back Pain Solution

Physio, Trainer, etc.

Google and  YouTube


3 phases from pain elimination
to functional performance


Therapists rarely transcend the
basics while trainers often start too advanced

You might get a few exercises,
but that's it


4 x 20 minute sessions
per week

Making appointments,
traffic, etc.

Wasted time sifting through low quality content

Expert coaching






In the comfort of your own home


Same cost as 1-2 training sessions

Money-back guarantee

You’ve got 1 full year to decide

Probably Not


Frequently asked questions

What conditions will this program work for?

If you've been cleared by your doctor or you're otherwise ready to exercise, know that the program will be beneficial for virtually every low back condition whether you’ve got a degenerative or herniated disc ligament or tendon issue, sciatica or other nerve problems and general pain and soreness of the low back.

The reason why is because the Low Back Pain Solution fixes the root causes of most issues - poor tissue pliability, inactive and/or weak muscles, insufficient range of motion, muscular imbalances and poor motor control - and does so in a safe, progressive fashion. It also addresses the joints above and below including the hips and pelvis, thoracic and cervical spine, shoulders and even your feet, to leave no stone unturned giving you the best chance at lasting relief.

Addressing these root causes results in a body that just works better and distributes the forces from movement across all of the available muscles and joints, decreasing wear and tear on any particular muscle or tissue so it doesn't get overworked and break down.

What equipment do I need?

This is the best part! You don’t need any fancy gym equipment, only a massage ball, foam roller, strength band and stability ball.

What’s the time investment? 

Most routines take 20 minutes and require 4-6 days/week (your choice).

The Acute Pain Phase (pain level of 7+/10) is designed to quickly reduce pain and eliminate swelling and requires a short exercise routine of 10 minutes or less and other protocols performed 1-3 times/day (in this phase, the more frequent, the better). 

What if the program doesn’t work or I don’t like it?

If you’re not happy with the results you get or the program for any reason, email us at [email protected] within 1 year of purchase and we’ll refund your money no questions asked, no hassles. We're not happy unless you get results you're happy thrilled with.


Still have a question about the Low Back Pain Solution?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer as soon as possible. 

Get Started For Only $99

All prices in USD

NOTE: your payment of $99 today includes LIFETIME access to the Low Back Pain Solution on the web and a free 1 year premium subscription to the ROM Coach mobile app ($99 value). Inside ROM Coach you will find all of the Low Back Pain Solution routines and can utilize the calendar and notifications to stay on track.

Your annual ROM Coach premium subscription will be locked in at the current price of $99 USD per year and will automatically renew in 1 year. You can easily cancel at anytime by sending an email to us at [email protected] and you'll never be billed again and will maintain lifetime access to the Low Back Pain Solution on the web and your 1 year of ROM Coach premium as a free bonus.

We’ve got your back

If you have any questions or run into any issues we offer different ways to get support:

Email Support

Have a question? Send an email to [email protected] and one of our coaches will get back to you.

14 Years+ Online

We've been online for our customers for 14 years and counting and don't plan on going anywhere.

Facebook VIP Group

A community of friendly, like-minded folks all sharing successes, answering questions, and encouraging each other along the way

If you can’t get the support you need or don’t get results you’re happy with, you’re covered by our industry-leading 1 year money back guarantee.

1 Year Money-Back Guarantee

If this course doesn’t help you with pain, better movement, greater range of motion, or you just don’t like it, we’re happy to give you a full refund within 1 year of purchase - no questions asked. All you have to do is send us an email at [email protected] and we'll take care of you.


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