THIS ARTICLE IS FOR: Anyone who is sick of nagging shoulder and neck pain, shoulders that feel old and rusty and muscles that feel like they've been tied in knots for YEARS...


3 Reasons Why The Common Advice Won’t Get
You Anywhere... And The 6-Step Solution

Hey, Eric Wong here, strength and conditioning coach to professional combat athletes and coach to thousands via my online programs since 2008.

Wow, I’ve been doing this online coaching thing for a while now but I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

And in that time, I’ve continued to study and learn, not just about training and performance, but also how best to create programs to ensure effective implementation and adherence.

In fact, that’s been kind of a trademark for me – making the complex simple and the abstract tangible, so that when you get one of my programs, there’s no question as to what to do – you simply follow the clear and concise directions and voila, you get the results promised.

I’ve also learned to LISTEN. Not just because my wife is always bugging me to, but because I finally realized that it made sense to give my clients exactly what they want and need as opposed to coming up with what I think they want or need.

And one of the problems my clients kept asking me to address was tight shoulders and all of the associated issues, which include:

  • Bad, slouchy posture
  • Inability to touch your hands behind your back
  • Forward head
  • Difficulty reaching overhead and doing overhead exercises
  • Rotator cuff issues
  • Neck pain and tightness
  • Nerve impingements

And more dysfunctional and annoying problems where tight shoulders are often the root cause...

Now, before I reveal the step-by-step SYSTEM that will unlock your tight shoulders, we’ve got to discuss a very important fact that a lot of people get wrong about how to fix tight shoulders, which is that…

Typical Static Stretching Is By Far The LEAST 
Effective Method For Improving Your Flexibility

Static Stretching Problem #1:

It Isn’t a LASTING Solution

The reason why is that tight muscles often aren’t the problem they’re the symptom.

Static stretching is another product of the conventional thinking that the entire medical system is based upon – treat the symptoms instead of figuring out and addressing the root cause.

With respect to the shoulders, you could have one or all of these signs pointing to tight muscles:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Forward head
  • Excessively curved thoracic spine
  • Depressed ribcage / sunken chest
  • Inability to touch your hands behind your back
  • Inability to reach your arms overhead without pain

If all you’re doing is static stretches for these issues, you’re not addressing other more important factors that are key to ensuring that you can keep the gains you make.

Without this, you can stretch until the cows come home but tightness will ALWAYS return.

However there are key details about how to strengthen those muscles that will make the difference, which we’ll get to later.

Static Stretching Problem #2:

It Won’t Improve Dynamic Movements (and can actually hurt them)

If all you do in life is sleep, eat, walk and sit, then you can ignore this point.

But if you exercise, play a sport or move your body in anyway other than walking and getting up and down from sitting, then static stretching won’t give you everything you need.

Flexibility is specific and if all you’re doing is passive, static stretching, you’re not improving your range of motion for dynamic movements, since dynamic movements require more than just flexible muscles.

To improve range of motion in dynamic movements, you need to loosen tight muscles (and fascia and other soft tissue) and you also need to improve strength and coordination as well as reprogram your neuromuscular system to use the new range of motion you achieve.

If all you do is static stretching, you may improve range of motion in that stretch, but once you go to use it in a movement you won’t have the strength or coordination to get in or out of that range of motion and your nervous system will simply tighten you back up to prevent injury, since it knows you don’t have the strength or control in that range of motion.

A lack of strength and coordinated muscle action to stabilize your joints at the end ranges of motion is dangerous and can result in ligament injuries and muscle tears, which is why your nervous system automatically tightens you back up since being tight prevents these types of injuries from occurring.

Not to mention the fact that studies show that static stretching can decrease strength and power for up to 24 hours… not good if performance is your goal!

Finally, there’s one more major problem that the most common advice given to fix your tight areas…

Static Stretching Problem #3:

It Can Strain Your Ligaments (and result in traumatic joint injury)

In our culture, we often think that “more is better”.

More money, a bigger house, faster car, more clothes, etc…

We tend to apply this thinking to every area of our life.

However, when applied to static stretching, more can actually be worse. A lot worse.

If you over-aggressively perform a static stretch, you can actually get into stretching things you don’t want to stretch, such as ligaments.

Ligaments are designed as a fail-safe for your joint – if your muscles for whatever reason don’t contract when they’re supposed to, the ligaments come in and ensure your joint stays stable.

However, if you stretch your ligaments, which often happens with excessive static stretching, this fail-safe won’t work when it needs to and the result is an unstable joint and damage to muscles, ligaments, meniscus, bursa and other tissues.

That’s why when your goal is increased flexibility, you can never forget about increased stability at the same time, or you might pay for it with an injury later, which will leave you tighter than before you started.

“So what’s the answer for my TIGHT shoulders?”

Through years of study and experimentation on myself and my athletes, observing what works and what doesn't, I've identified 9 distinct factors that must be addressed to ensure rapid gains in flexibility.

It's Called The 3D Flexibility System™


Without proper joint stabilizer function, your body will instinctively tighten up muscles around the joint so that they don’t become damaged.


For many people, the core muscles, which include the abdominals and deep back muscles, don’t work properly. Unfortunately, this leads to compensatory tightness in other muscles that protect the lumbar spine, including hip muscles such as the psoas and glutes. That’s why you must get each and every core muscle firing and working as designed.


The prime movers are the muscles that move you in to and out of a range of motion. Without strength in these muscles, you cannot use whatever range of motion you gain through methods like static stretching, which is why these methods are an ineffective solution to your flexibility problems.


The ability to consciously feel, activate and relax the muscles in your body plays a huge role in your ability to develop both flexibility and strength.


Your body has various reflexes that must be accounted for when your goal is to improve your flexibility: the myotatic stretch reflex and reciprocal inhibition, which you’ll learn in the program.


While you never want to do anything painful that could cause damage or injury, a certain level of pain tolerance must be achieved to gain flexibility, just like when trying to gain strength or muscle and having to push through exercises when they become difficult.


Muscle is what most people think about when thinking about flexibility, but as you’ve discovered, it’s just one component that must be addressed. Plus, most people miss strentching all of the fibers in any muscle group, which you’ll discover how to do properly in the program.


Fascia is the connective tissue between muscle fibers that keeps your muscles organized. Unfortunately, it can develop adhesions and scar tissue and these restrictions must be eliminated to achieve maximal flexibility.


As you’ve discovered on this page, the joint capsule is responsible for 47% of restriction to your flexibility. If you don’t address it, you’re never going to be as flexible as you could be.

Once You Release Your Tight Shoulders, You’ll Flow
Through Life More Effortlessly And You'll Wonder Why Your Workouts Used To Seem So Hard

When you’re stiff and tight, everything takes more effort...

Daily activities like putting things away on the top shelf of the cupboard can go from a task you should be able to easily do but instead, you’re forced to grab a step stool so you don’t have to reach up and experience the associated pain …

Exercises in the gym that you should be able to do without an issues instead cause you pain and you just end up avoiding them altogether… and find that the list of exercises you have to avoid continues to grow…

And if you do any sports like golf or tennis or martial arts, you might find yourself getting slower and less powerful and you might even be chalking it up to “old age”.

But once you release your shoulders, you’ll find that movements that used to be hard and cause you to grimace take half the effort they used to and life and training becomes a whole lot easier.

And to make the whole process a piece of cake, I’ve developed a powerful and efficient system that when followed, makes it damn near impossible to stay tight.

Introducing The 6-Step
Shoulder Flexibility System

This system is based on science and like I said, when followed, you’re sure to feel looser than you have in years.

And because I know you’re busy and can’t afford to waste any time, I’ve applied this system to create ultra-specific routines laser-targeting the most common shoulder flexibility problems including:

The 6 Powerful Shoulder Flexibility Routines

The Behind The Back Routine

Trouble touching your hands behind your back indicates a restriction in many areas in the shoulder as well as active strength and control.

This routine will have you touching your hands behind your back in no time by releasing the restricted tissues and building functional strength in the appropriate movements.

The Forward Head Posture Routine

Every inch your head juts forward adds 10 pounds of force onto your cervical spine, speeding degeneration and causing excess neck and jaw tension and even headaches.

Performing this routine will restore the proper neutral head position keeping your neck healthy.

The Overhead Routine

When you have flexibility issues reaching overhead, you're at a high risk of suffering tendonitis of the deltoids and nerve impingements.

Restoring this range of motion requires addressing not just the shoulder but also the thoracic spine, as well as ensuring the core properly activates.

The Rounded Shoulders Routine

Rounded shoulders are a common occurrence in today's society because of all of the time we spend sitting while driving, in front of computers and staring at our phones, leaving us at risk of degenerative disc and decreased strength and flexibility.

Fixing this posture requires a synergistic approach of lengthening and strengthening so that neutral posture becomes your new norm.

The Winged Scapula Routine

A winged scapula indicates an unstable shoulder blade, which decreases your strength and leaves you at risk of injury.

Properly activating and integrating both the serratus anterior and subscapularis is key to fixing this problem.

The Pre-Workout Shoulder Prep

This routine is designed to maximize the mobility of your shoulder and ensure all of the stabilizer muscles of your shoulder are activated and ready to keep your shoulder safe during the most intense workouts.

When you perform this routine before your workouts, you'll lift more with less effort and quickly hit new PRs.

Each routine includes a PDF outlining the exact exercises, reps, sets and rest periods, as well as high quality streaming and downloadable videos where I’ll coach you on how to perform every exercise with perfect technique.

You also get the Implementation Guide which will walk you through assessing your current shoulder flexibility and function and tell you exactly what routines you need now and what routines you should hold off on for now to ensure you're getting the most bang for your training buck.

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into designing the Shoulder Flexibility Solution, testing and tweaking it and making sure it’s the most effective and efficient program possible.

I know this program will give you the results you’re after.

So, here’s what I’m going to do for you…

Try the Shoulder Flexibility Solution With Confidence Knowing You're Backed
By My Triple-Threat Guarantee

If You’re Not Satisfied You've Got 1 Year To Get A Full Refund

Guarantee #1

High Quality Production

If for any reason you don’t think any component of the Shoulder Flexibility Solution is top-notch quality, even if you don’t like the font used for the manuals, simply email us at any time within 1 full year and you’ll get a full and prompt refund.

Guarantee #2

Fast Results That Last

If after following the program you don’t experience virtually instant results and find that you keep your newly gained flexibility so that you continue to make gains until you reach your goals, just let me know and you’ll get your money back.

Guarantee #3

Gains Across The Board

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution will impact strength, speed and power, and eliminate nagging shoulder and neck pain. However, it’ll also impact other areas of your fitness that you won’t know until you actually experience them, guaranteed.

If for any reason the Shoulder Flexibility Solution doesn’t live up to any of these three points, just drop us an email at [email protected] within 1 year of your purchase, and you’ll get a full, no questions asked and no hassles refund.

If everything we’ve talked about sounds good so far, the last thing to cover is how to get started on the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program…

There are a ton of athletes and gym junkies out there continuing to stretch and stretch and frustrated with the lack of real, lasting results…

Up until now, training with me to learn the Shoulder Flexibility Solution routines would cost you a cool $125 per hour and it would take at least 6 sessions to teach you everything…

However, I know that $750 is more than most guys can afford…

So I decided to put everything together online and get the price down so low that anyone reading this can get the program and finally release their tight shoulders.

Today, you can have the entire Shoulder Flexibility Solution including the 6 core routines, PDFs and streaming and downloadable HD videos for only $67.

Special Price: ONLY $67!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

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"No More Shoulder PAIN!!!"

Hey Eric,

4 weeks into the SFS and I am stunned! I didn't think my shoulders could be helped!

After 15 years of competitive arm wrestling my shoulders took a tremendous beating and the price I have paid is chronic tightness due to adaptive shortening from never doing any type of prehab work before or after my AW'ing training sessions.

Still have a ways to go get my right shoulder where it needs to be but I can only imagine where i will be in another 4 weeks!

The main thing so far is NO PAIN! Increased range of motion in all areas and each sessions seems to get better.

I would have never thought my right shoulder could feel this good!

Joe Musselwhite

If You’ve Got Sore, Achy Shoulders Or Neck Pain Treat The Cause,  Not The Symptoms

Having rounded shoulders, forward head, or being unable to touch your hands behind your back will hurt you, sooner rather than later.

If you continue to train and do exercises like Pushups, Chinups, Bench Press or even Back Squats and you don’t release your tight shoulders, you’re causing excess stress on certain muscles and damaging other tissues like ligaments or the joint capsule.

You might ignore the pain and push through it for a while but your body will eventually break down and then all of the gains you got from training will be lost.

There’s nothing worse from a fitness and mental health standpoint than being unable to do the things you love, so make sure you address your issues before they come back to haunt you.

"I am SLEEPING through the night!..."

"After four weeks...WOW! I am not cured yet or anything but I have seen very dramatic results.I have had severe pain and weakness in primarily my right shoulder,but also the left, for the last 8-10 years or so.I have tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, static stretching, rolfing, exercises and medications such as NSAIDS and muscle relaxers.

Surgery was recommended by some but I never tried it.

All these thing would temporarily give partial relief, but never long term or total relief.

I train in MMA as a hobby and it limits me greatly due to the pain and limited range of motion, I also work as a watchmaker and by the end of the day I would be in a lot of pain and have numbness in my fingers.

I also would wake up numerous times in the night because I sleep on my side and my shoulder pain and tingling would wake me up.

I was hanging some curtains two weeks ago, after only two weeks in the program and realized I had no pain in my shoulders, I can't remember the last time that happened.

I am sleeping through the night, I am able to train in MMA with only minor soreness and greatly increased range of motion, I am able to work through the day with little to no pain and no numbness."

Morgan DuShane, Age 45
Ohio, USA

Morgan DuShane

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Are You Ready To Free Your Shoulders?

Special Price: ONLY $67!

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Here's More Feedback About the Shoulder Flexibility Solution

Martin W. 

"I've been doing the Shoulder Solution for three weeks now. Hard to believe the difference in such a short time. And I'm sixty years old. I was beginning to think it was too late for me. I'll post again in several weeks with a more detailed progress report. So glad I found this."

"I have gotten in 2-3 weeks worth of behind the back and rounded shoulders routine so far. I managed to start most of them off with rotator cuff hardening routine. I have had decent issues with weak rotator cuff and bursitis in the past.

I went through physio program before that focused on rotator cuff strengthening. It helped at the time but it has gotten much worse since, and just before I hit the doctor up again, I picked up your program thinking I don't have much to lose. 

I have to admit it worked wonders. I didn't do the second assessment yet to see the improvement on tests you prescribe, but I went from having pain just about anytime I move my right arm, to being able to move my arm overhead and anywhere really, without pain.

Still, a bit of work as I feel the painful spot when doing powerful and fast movements but the results have been a game changer. Not just for my BJJ but everyday life as well."

Michal P.

Peter B.

"Have been performing the rehab exercises as per your program together with other exercises you have posted as supplementary and have to say I have seen a great deal of progress. I am almost pain-free, only on the extreme of my flexibility and back to using weights.

I am now concentrating now on your scapula retraction/protraction program and finding this is really beneficial as I was having real issues with push ups; pull ups, bench press and overhead squat snatch. I think this was my real problem been doing em wrong for years."

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