Discover the ROOT CAUSE of Shoulder Pain and Tightness and Fix It For Good

Hey it's Coach E and by visiting this page I know you're interested in training your shoulders with my Scap Strength program.

Whether you've got shoulder pain or you feel your shoulders don't work like they're supposed to, it's critical to first restore function of the muscles that control the scapula otherwise it would be like trying to address back pain without training the core.

And there's one muscle in particular that you need to focus on...

Watch this short presentation to discover exactly what muscle I'm talking about, what it's supposed to do, how it gets messed up and how you can get it working the way it's supposed to:

Scap Strength is a progressive program that trains all of the muscles that control the scapula to ensure proper scapular positioning (i.e. not winging) and movement, aka scapulohumeral rhythm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment do I need?

Q: I've got (insert shoulder problem here). Will this program help?

Q: Who is this program for?

Q: How much time do the workouts take?

Q: How long does it take to see results?

The final question I'll answer for you is the most important, which is this:

"What kind of results can I expect with Scap Strength?"

This is the biggest question and instead of me telling you the kinds of results you can expect, here's feedback from people who have already gone through the program:

The movements I learned from you healed the Scapula I am forever thankful, just turned 80 and still kicking, you are the best.

Marlene S.

Hi Eric & Team,

Big thank you, from my family. The scap strength program helped me to truly gain the strength to do chin ups!

In my honest opinion the Scap strength program is spot on.



Trevor Tate

I want to THANK YOU for posting what I think is the most important video topic (Technique for Thoracic Kyphosis, Overhead Mobility & Scap Strength). Along with other stretching and Strengthening exercises you have promoted, I've been taking it upon myself to do active hanging from a bar AND I'VE ACHIEVED AMAZING RESULTS for my Adhesive Capsulitis!

I have about 3/4 ROM from where I used to be thanks to you brutha!!!

Keep up the great job & ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!


Age: 53

Location: Avon, CT, USA


I have used your techniques for shoulder control and scapular stability for several months now, with great results. So I was excited to try this out.

I have to say, I felt improvements after just the first time using these exercises. And I plan to continue using these methods.

Michelle followed the Scap Strength Program

I just finished the second day of the Activation Program and I'm feeling the benefits already. My shoulders have a nice "singing" feeling and my shoulder position seems to more neutral as opposed to rolling forward. I'm really psyched to finish the activation and then get into the strength program.

Joe S. followed the Scap Strength Program

I have finished four days of the activation program and just came from my regular massage (every two or three weeks). My massage therapist couldn’t believe the difference in the muscle tone in my shoulders and scap area. She usually has to work super hard around my shoulder blades. Part of the massage involves placing my hand behind my back in order to open up the scap. She checked my range of motion and I’m easily able to reached up a couple of inches higher up my back without pain. She said the results are so positive that she suggested doing the activation for at least two weeks. I’m definitely going to do that. Overall I feel a lot better and my posture has improved and I notice my shoulders are sitting more neutral without me consciuosly having to hold them back and down. Fantastic! Thanks Eric!

Joe S. followed the Scap Strength Program

After a week of activation workouts I did workout A then I cleaned and scrubbed my shower ( a surprisingly tough workout for the shoulder joint) and felt the strongest I had felt in a long time through my arms and shoulders.

After nearly two years of frustrating weakness in upper body, this is definitely putting my shoulders back on the right track. After nearly two years of frustrating weakness in upper body training, I look forward to finally being able to really work on my upper body strength again come January next year, not to mention being able to surf pain-free over Christmas this year (southern hemisphere)

Dan M. followed the Scap Strength Program

My scaps have been awakened and I feel that my shoulders are much healthier so far. Can't wait to finish the course to really feel the benefits!

Gill G. followed the Scap Strength Program

The Scap mechanism seems to be a lot stronger and my shoulder doesn't hurt now. I have managed to do my first strict pull-ups, although chin- ups are easier and I am able to do five unbroken of them.

Ann D. followed the Scap Strength Program

I have to say that your scapula program is the best Ive ever tried in years! I've been fighting chronic shoulder issues for over 6 years. I'm 23, btw. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE! I can finally do my hardcore bodyweight exercises again! :)

Landon B. followed the Scap Strength Program

The program has been great! Since starting the program I've decreased the tension I have In my upper traps/neck tremendously. I'm able to control my scapula and keep better posture throughout the day.

Colby N. followed the Scap Strength Program

It has been a couple of months since I started the program and it helped alleviate the immobility (and pain) that I was having in my neck and shoulders. I can't say enough good things about this program. I spent the last 12 years seeing chiropractors, Active Release practitioners, and even came very close to having fusion surgery for my cervical spine before I found out about your program, and it was only your program that gave me pain relief and better shoulder mobility that I have been striving for.

You have a fan for life!

Andy K. followed the Scap Strength Program

...I have to say that the exercises have been a lifesaver. I’ve had the shoulder impingement for over a year and was in a lot of pain daily, having to take painkillers frequently. Since starting these exercises, I’m now pain free almost all of the time.

Dave Jones, 69 , Retired teacher

That's what others who have already gone through the program have experienced and I've got dozens more emails in my inbox just like these and I'd love to add you to the list!

So here's everything you're getting today:

Scap Strength Master Manual
Inside you'll discover the science and background behind the Scap Strength program including anatomy, biomechanics, movement terminology and why each exercise was chosen and how the program will give you strong, stable and balanced shoulders.

No fluff here and you'll be done reading this manual front to back in 20-30 minutes and will have a solid understanding of the program and how to execute it.

Scap Strength Implementation Guide

This guide is designed to get you started quickly and help you implement everything correctly at the beginning and as you continue through the program.

Includes easy-to-follow checklists, templates and more.

Scap Strength Activation Routine

Many important scapular muscles are weak or worse - don't even function because they've never been trained properly.

This routine includes 11 exercises to activate all of these muscles in all of the different positions your scapulae can be in, ensuring your shoulder is stable and functioning correctly.

Scap Strength Activation Routine

Progressive workouts that take just 15-20 minutes to complete to build strength in your scapular muscles in all different movements and positions.

Each level includes special "Indicator Exercises" that you can use to assess your readiness to progress to the next level.

In addition to the PDFs that outline how to perform each exercise with pictures and exact exercises, reps, sets and rest periods, you also get high quality streaming and downloadable videos where I’ll coach you on how to perform every exercise with perfect technique.

I now move much more freely (and correctly!)

I invested in it because a) I have had a AC Joint related shoulder impingement for years and b) I was very impressed in your TFL program (I also have end state osteoarthritis in my right hip).

I have had numerous cortisone injections in my shoulder and a course of physio therapy but the condition refused to go away. I started googling possible solutions but the advice was contradictory/dangerous (eg, do everything with your scap retracted and down!) to the point where I wasn’t sure how perform basic movements.

The Scap Strength course has re-set all that and I now move much more freely (and correctly!). I can do push ups again and even some pull ups but I may never bench press again as I don’t feel that promotes good movement patterns.

Meanwhile, I completed the TFL course and I am onto Hip Control!

Stuart Rose

Now comes the best part...

You're getting a special discounted price today, which includes lifetime access to all of the PDFs, cheatsheets and both streaming and downloadable HD videos.

Plus, you're backed by my industry leading guarantee:

Try the Scap Strength Program With Confidence Knowing You're Backed
By My Triple-Threat Guarantee

If You’re Not Satisfied You've Got 1 Year To Get A Full Refund

Guarantee #1

High Quality Production

If for any reason you don’t think any component of the Scap Strength is top-notch quality, even if you don’t like the font used for the manuals, simply email us at any time within 1 full year and you’ll get a full and prompt refund.

Guarantee #2

Fast Results That Last

If after following the program you don’t experience virtually instant results and find that you keep your newly gained flexibility so that you continue to make gains until you reach your goals, just let me know and you’ll get your money back.

Guarantee #3

Gains Across The Board

The Scap Strength will impact strength, speed and power, and eliminate nagging shoulder and neck pain. However, it’ll also impact other areas of your fitness that you won’t know until you actually experience them, guaranteed.

If for any reason the Scap Strength program doesn’t live up to any of these three points, just drop us an email at [email protected] within 1 year of your purchase, and you’ll get 100% of your money back without having to jump through hoops or do back flips.

So instead of paying me $150 per hour for training, you can start training with me in the comfort of your own home for only...

ONLY $49

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Need Help? Contact Us Here

Complete your order today and I'll see you on the inside.

I can't wait to coach you through this program and help you get tremendous results.

Coach E.

P.S. Here's one more story from someone else who has followed Scap Strength that I just had to share (this is why I love what I do): 

Eric Wong saved my life!

This is probably a long overdue email and it was only when I received your email saying that I had been inactive for a long while that I thought I'd better send this.

I have always lifted weights and did some bodybuilding when I was younger. I even entered the Darkside a little bit but about 2 years ago I seemed to develop severe bursitis in both shoulders and had a torn rotator cuff with a 10 mm tear. In all the scans and the two surgeons that I saw said the only way was to have surgery and I would never lift weights properly ever again.

While in a state of depression I was scrolling through the Internet I came across Eric and after reading I decided to purchase the shoulder flexibility program but more importantly the scapula strengthening program from him.

I began working through the scapular strength program from the start and eventually found out that my shoulder felt better and better. Although I could not lift weights it also gave me a sense of purpose.

I still could keep in a routine by going to the gym and keeping in contact. Although I am now 51 years old and not as strong as I used to be I'm still managing to bench press 140 kg and military press 90 to 100. 2 years ago I never thought I'd even be there. I could not even brush my teeth or work properly as I said at 51 years old. I know that the tear will still be there but with the added stability in my shoulders and scapula I think it has counteracted this. I still struggle on some days with pain but I still religiously do a scapula strength routine before every single workout. So although the title I gave this email was Eric wong saved my life it may have been a bit melodramatic but without going to the gym my mental state would not have been good.

So after this long email I would just like to personally thank Eric for his revolutionary and inspirational programs. Please keep up the good work

Thanks, Russell, from Australia.

Russell Thomas

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