10 SAFE At-Home Exercises for
Knee Arthritis & Pain

This downloadable pdf includes all you need to get started on the path towards improving knee health and restoring optimal function. 

You'll get 10 exercises, split into two beginner and intermediate routines, with high quality, step-by-step instructions on how to do them, including reps, sets and duration.

Here's some feedback from others who followed our methods:

After one week doing the program I was already feeling better and my knee had stopped hurting at night. After 1 month I only occasionally felt pain in the knee and when I finished the program after 6 weeks the pain was gone.

Ole K.

Followed Knee Recovery Program

I had been experiencing pain in my feet for many years, in my knees for about four years and occasional pain in my ankles. My legs feel a lot stronger and my balance is better. I can walk further, cycle without pain and get into my kayak. Thank you everybody.

Leona J.

Followed Lower Limb Control

I have been in so much pain for years and lately mainly from my feet and knees, due to my job which makes me work in an awkward position. Even just doing a few of your videos helped me immediately

Audrey L.

Followed Lower Limb Control