5 Exercises to Fix
Forward Head Posture

This downloadable pdf includes all you need to get started on the path towards improving your posture and strengthening your spine.

You'll get 5 exercises (no static stretches, or corrective equipment necessary!) with high quality, step-by-step instructions on how to do them, including reps, sets and duration.

Here's some feedback from others who followed our methods:

Life Changer

The techniques are short. There is no way you can’t do one or more a day. While I have only been doing some of the techniques a couple of weeks, I have experienced some small but definite improvement in my ROM. I have hope that this program can allow me to continue to hike, hunt, and remain active for longer. 


Millzap, 66

Improvement I didn’t expect!

I have been encouraged by the exercises. I saw signs of improvement in small ways. It was and is easier to get down to the floor and up from the floor. I have back problems with pain and scoliosis plus one xray said spondylosis. 


Mama Loli

Wonderful resource!

I am a pilates teacher and movement educator. This app is helping me improve my understanding of dynamic, functional movement training and is consistently helping my clients and myself find better results during our sessions and classes. 


Vermont meditator