Lower Limb Control: Fix the Root Cause of Foot, Ankle & Knee Problems

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There is only one lasting path to pain-free movement and mobility and properly dealing with issues like…

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat feet aka pes planus
  • Unstable ankles or a history of ankle sprains
  • Shin splints
  • Recurring tendonitis of the knees, ankles or feet i.e. 
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Chronic stiffness in the knees, ankles or feet
  • General foot, heel, ankle and knee pain

… and that is to restore mobility, strength and build proper movement and/or activation patterns so your body moves the way it’s supposed to and all of your muscles are working as they should.

And that’s exactly what the brand new Lower Limb Control course is designed to do for you.

There are 3 phases in the course lasting 4 weeks each that you’ll be guided through to restore proper function, getting to the root cause of lower limb issues and improving mobility and control in the movements you do in life, the gym and sport.


Phase 1 is designed to fix structural and neuromuscular limitations. This includes addressing joint and soft tissue restrictions and getting rid of old, dysfunctional movement patterns and habits by resetting your neuromuscular system so you have a “clean the slate” for proper patterns to be programmed into.

You’ll also be activating and strengthening muscles that may have been dormant for years and that you didn’t know exist but must be working properly contribute to pain-free movement and optimal function.


Now that restrictions in your joints and soft tissues have been eliminated and your body is primed for proper movement, Phase 2 involves integrating what you’ve taught your neuromuscular system into the fundamental movement patterns we do everyday like squatting and lunging with specific techniques designed to ensure all movements involve the muscles that should be working for optimal stability, strength and control.

Ligament strengthening exercises will also be introduced to ensure these tissues are strengthened along with the muscles to maximize joint stability and minimize injury.


By Phase 3 you’ll already feel more stable and connected to the ground and move with greater ease and fluidity and now you’ll be upping the intensity by performing exercises designed to ensure that your lower limbs are ready for more demanding activities like running, hopping and jumping.

There’s no quicker path to re-injury than finishing a rehabilitation phase of basic exercises then getting right back to things like running, CrossFit or whatever sport or activities you participate in.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, training your body for more intense movements builds a bigger safety net, further reducing injury risk to keep you moving freely and without pain and doing the things you love.

After working through these 3 phases of Lower Limb Control, you will:

  • Understand exactly what your feet, ankles and knees should be capable of
  • Improve mobility and control in all movements of the feet, ankles and knees allowing you to do things you previously couldn’t do
  • Feel more connected and grounded when doing lower body exercises like squats and even simple walking
  • Find that chronic, nagging issues will gradually diminish until they’re all gone

Here’s everything you’re getting with Lower Limb Control:

Master Manual

After reading through this manual you’ll understand the science and background behind the course including how recurring pain and injuries happen and what to do about them.

You’ll come out of it with a greater depth of understanding of the lower limb and how it functions, which will instill you with confidence since you’ll understand the reason behind the exercises you’re doing. 

Assessment Guide

In this guide you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to perform each of the 4 assessments and exactly what each assesses, so you can establish a baseline and track your progress as you work through the course.

Training Guides

The Training Guides outline exactly what exercises to do, for how many reps and how to progress the exercises as you work through the course.

Each exercise also has clear pictures and bullet point instructions for when watching the videos isn’t practical or as a quick reference.

High Quality Video Instruction

You’ll learn how to perform every exercise with clear instruction on exactly what to do and common mistakes to look out for.

Both streaming and downloadable videos are available so you’re covered whether you have wi-fi access or not.

Here's What Others Have to Say About the Course:


I have ankle issues and my feet get sore from standing for a long time. Whilst my pain comes randomly being proactive to prevent injury is always a prudent move - hence me doing this program. I like the arsenal of new exercises I can use for me and for the swimmers I coach.


Richard Norris, 54 , Consultant

Hello, I invested in the LLC course because I have already completed HFS and Hip Control. I feel like since I’ve already completed those 2 this was a missing piece to the puzzle of complete lower body function. Also , my kids are in basketball leagues and wanted to help them strengthen their ankles after all the injuries they have had.

I loved the course , each phase got better, to be honest, the first phase was tough because they were such small movements it just got annoying, but I am one to push through, phase 3 was the best phase, incorporated everything and was enjoyable. I like the harder work. I have learnt the lower anatomy which I am happy with and feel my balance is better. I skateboard in the summer so this will help a lot! Thank you for this great course, looking forward to more.

Tariq Haque, 37 , Tech Support


Q: How long do the routines take?

A: The exercise routines are around 20 minutes long. Expect to spend a little more time the first 1-2 times you do each routine because you’ll be learning brand new exercises.

Q: How many days a week are required?

A: The exercise routine requires 4 days a week.

If you want to do 6 days a week you can and this will improve your results because the neuromuscular system responds well to frequency, but 4 days a week is sufficient to get results.es.

Q: How long is the course?

A: The course is 12 weeks in length and is broken up into 3 phases with phase lasting 4 weeks.

Q: Is this a ONE-TIME payment? Do I get lifetime access?

A: Yes, this is a one-time payment that entitles you to lifetime access to the course.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A:  Most of the techniques require your bodyweight only and floor space.

A few techniques require you to sit on something stable, like a workout bench or stable chair without a big puffy cushion.

A few techniques will also require a wall that you can lean up against.

And for one technique I recommend a strength band, but the technique can be performed effectively without it as well.

Basically, if you have a body and a roof over your head, you’re good to go. :-)

Q: When should I do the workouts?

A: You can either do them after your regular workouts or on their own.

Most people do them on their own at home in the evening and that’s what we recommend since they only require 20 minutes and you don’t need any fancy equipment.

Here's Our “Movement Improvement”
Promise To You:

Signup for Lower Limb Control and we promise that you will:

  1. Learn exercises you can do, regardless of your fitness level
  2. Be guided step-by-step with easy-to-follow instructions
  3. Be able to fit the program into your busy life
  4. Get the support you need, when you need it
  5. Move more freely with less pain and greater mobility and control

And you’re backed by our industry leading 1-year money-back guarantee, so you’ve got 1 full year to hold us to our word and if we don’t keep our promise or you’re unsatisfied for any other reason, all you’ve got to do is email us and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

That’s how confident we are that Lower Limb Control will help you restore proper function of your knees, ankles and feet for pain-free movement and mobility.

Signup for Lower Limb Control
Today for Only: $99

More Feedback From Others Who Have Already
Followed Lower Limb Control:

Jeremy L Huber, 44

Kept walking with no pain...

"I was walking last week and rolled my ankle, at least it would have been rolled before the LLC program. When It happened I just automatically corrected the angle at my ankle and kept walking with no pain."

My pain was largely eliminated

This course has been a game-changer. I've had pain just above and below the back of my knee for several years. And I had fluid build-up.

 After going all the way through the course - more than 12 weeks because I was in such sorry shape I had to linger over several modules - my pain was largely eliminated. 

After three weeks of Lower Limb Control, it's gone . . . except when I skip my exercises! I can stand up from a chair and walk without needing to warm up my sore, stiff knee. 

Jane B., 60

Yavuz, 66

My hip and ankle pain are almost completely resolved

"Chronic hip and ankle pain and stiffness was the reason I signed up for the Lower Limb Control course.

My hip and ankle pain are almost completely resolved and my mobility significantly improved. Will continue working because I want to get stronger and continue improving my mobility.

Previously I had tried acupuncture, chiropractor, trigger point therapy for years with no long term improvement in my pain.

The Split stance squeeze is my favorite exercise in the Lower Limb Control course so far."

It has changed the way I move in many respects

"Have had a blocked up ankle (in dorsi flexing) for as long as i can remember. The program has really helped and its nearly free moving now, which has changed the way I move in many respects (gait, squat, step ups etc) and has improved my knee and hip function (and pain). I LOVE doing phase 1 after a day at work while chilling at home or watching TV - it makes me feel so good (all over, not just lower limb!). I also do it with my little kids who love it.

Thanks Eric for this and the other courses you have created."

JOE M., 41


I can not only walk better, but I can rise up on my toes!

"I am SO HAPPY that you developed the wonderful Lower Limb Control (LLC) program! Five years ago I injured a nerve in my right foot and haven’t been able to walk properly and especially rise onto my right toes since! I’ve seen 11 health professionals for treatment with no real help. I'm almost finished only my second week of your LLC program, and I can not only walk better, but I can rise up on my toes! TOTALLY AMAZING! YOU ROCK ERIC!"

I'm able to swim and walk pain free

"Since starting the Lower Limb, I'm able to swim and walk pain free (without my rollator) for longer distances.

Right now, I'm preparing my lab for an Ultimate AirDog competition this weekend in Bradenton, Florida. 

I have to swim fast to train him in speed swimming. The following weekend, I'm hanging with some college kids I met at a recent dog 5k. 

We are swimming in Biscayne Bay at FIU in a .6 m, 1.2 m or 2.4m event. Since I want to do the 2.4m, but am still injured, I'm really glad I invested in Lower Limb and Hip Control.

It's enabling new found strength to do either of the shorter distances, depending on the ocean conditions.

Thank you for the skilled coaching!"

Marje Pedersen

Joyce MerritT, 69

This program is one of Eric's best

"The lower limb program came out at a time in my life when I knew I had to do something to regain leg strength and control for aging.

I believe that this program is one of Eric's best. The strength gains and ankle, knee mobility made me realize that time had robbed me of a lot but I could get it back without extreme workouts."

We’ve got your back

If you have any questions or run into any issues we offer different ways to get support:

Email Support

Have a question? Send an email to [email protected] and one of our coaches will get back to you.

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We've been online for our customers for 14 years and counting and don't plan on going anywhere.

Facebook VIP Group

A community of friendly, like-minded folks all sharing successes, answering questions, and encouraging each other along the way

If you can’t get the support you need or don’t get results you’re happy with, you’re covered by our industry-leading 1 year money back guarantee.

Here's How It All Goes Down:

After you signup you’ll be automatically logged into the course portal where you’ll get access to all of the Phase 1 materials including the PDFs, videos and other downloads.

I suggest you start by working through the Kinesiology section so we're on the same page with all of the anatomy and movement terminology of the lower limb. Ankle eversion + toe flexion here we come!

After that, read through the Master Manual where you’ll learn the science and background that went into designing the course.

Then you can perform the 4 assessments to establish your baseline so you can objectively track and see your improvements as you progress through the course. 

Finally, it’s time to get to the routines and in Phase 1 there are 4 different routines that will take you 20-25 minutes each that address structural limitations, dissociate habitual movement patterns and activate and strengthen muscles that you may not have used for years. 

I’m looking forward to guiding you through this course and can’t wait to hear about your results!


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