Ask Dr. B Episode 3: Injury Healing and Recovery

Relax Phase (Case Study)

By Coach E

ask dr b live - injury healing and recovery

In this week’s episode, Dr. B addresses the emotional component of the relax phase when dealing with a Wear and Tear Injury.

Part 1:

She introduces a special guest, Lisa Bentley – 11-time Ironman Champion, 11-time Ironman 70.3 champion, several top 5 finishes at the Ironman World Championships and much more – who achieved all of this despite having cystic fibrosis, and is going to talk about the power of having a positive mindset towards recovery and how that influences your likelihood of success.

In the last two weeks we have reviewed our basic philosophy with regards to Wear and Tear Injuries. There are four phases to recovery: Relax, Reset, Restore and Reprogram. The goal of the first phase relax is to allow the injury to heal and improve tissue suppleness.

Relaxing the body is only one part of this, it can be emotionally challenging to dealing with a painful injury, especially when we are used to being really active, and yet our body needs time to heal.

I have been amazed over the last 30 years at the difference in recovery between two people with identical physical pathology but contrasting mindset and attitude. There is more and more scientific evidence that belief is more powerful than genetics in determining one’s overall health and susceptibility to disease.

I have observed that individuals who are able to “let” their body heal verses trying to “make” their body heal are more successful.

Lisa Bentley knows how to “let” her body heal. We have the tremendous privilege of having Lisa Bentley join us today to share some of her story and life experiences to guide you to a healing mindset.

Week 3 Theme: You cannot make it happen, you have to let it happen.

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