Coaching to Build Your Confidence and Make Sure You're on the Right Track

Hey, I'm Joshua. Movement seems like the easiest thing in the world, which makes it even easier to take for granted. How often do we ignore stiffness or minor pains that reduce our ability to move? I’m a physical health educator, helping people use movement to overcome pain and limitations to get back to doing the things they love better.

Some of the benefits of coaching

Technique Adjustment

Coach Joshua will review your exercises and offer constructive feedback to improve your form to make sure you're doing things right.

Exercise Customization

Some people have difficulty with specific exercises, so Coach Joshua can provide suggestions and regressions to adjust for your specific situation.

Positive Reinforcement

Sometimes knowing you're on the right track and hearing that from a coach can give you the confidence to continue the program, which is the only way to lasting results.

Kelly's Story

"Sitting in front of a computer for an eight-hour work day really puts a strain on my back and eyes. I realized later on that moving and stretching my body throughout the day really helps with improving body stiffness and tightness.

I was hesitant to connect with Coach Joshua for the one-hour consultation at first, because 1) I have a busy schedule, and 2) I did not want to find out what my body movement age was, but I booked it for the betterment of my health. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed the consultation with Coach Joshua. He did a great job providing step-by-step instructions and guiding me through how to maneuver within the ROM app.

I also enjoyed the assessment process. Getting to know and understand my body was a great learning experience. The insight and feedback from Coach Joshua motivates me to continue to be active, and to both maintain and improve my body strength and flexibility."

Kelly L.

Frequently asked questions

1. What if I need to reschedule?

No problem! Just send an email, and we’ll send you a new calendar link to update our appointment. We kindly ask that you give us as much notice as possible. :-)

2. What if I have more questions afterward?

We can schedule another appointment, or you’re welcome to email us or post in the Precision Movement VIP Lab on Facebook where you can also search through the many questions and answers from others. 

3. Do I need a coach for the program I purchased?

Not at all! Most people see improvements with the materials on their own. This service is for anyone looking for extra pointers on form, adjustments to meet their goals, or even help to get into a regular training schedule. 

4. How do I know if I’m a good candidate for coaching?

It’s extremely rare to find someone uncoachable. All you have to do is submit any requested information, show up on time, and implement Joshua’s critiques. If you don’t understand something, ask! We love questions.

5. What are Joshua’s qualifications?

Joshua Kahn BSCH BASC CPT.M PN1 is a physical health and nutrition expert. He has years of coaching experience with all ages, from 3-year-olds at swim lessons to 80-year-olds trying to stay active. He’s also taught Kinesiology students at the University of Toronto.

6. What if some movement is causing me pain?

Dr. Boynton is best suited for any acute or sharp pain and medical consultations. However, it’s always wise to check in with your regular physician to get a specific diagnosis if you’re experiencing pain.


"Prior to our appointment, my fingers were crossed hoping Coach Joshua was as knowledgeable as Coach E, and he did not disappoint. After our session, I feel like I have a plan to stop chasing Pain Du Jour and address the root of my dysfunctions. I also like feeling connected to a human as opposed to a device."


"He gave me excellent guidance and suggestions for my meticulous situation."


"He understood exactly what the problem with my elbow was and gave me 4 exercises to do for rehab. He also explained progressions that I can do with the exercises from the programs that I am doing on the ROM Coach app."

Ready for a little extra guidance via coaching?

If you’re seeking faster progress, feedback from a trained eye, or wondering how best to fit training in with your lifestyle, schedule a coaching session with Joshua today.