What is the Precision Movement Academy?


When you're in pain, the immediate thought for most people is that something is wrong with the muscle or joint that's in pain.

While this can be the case, the reality is that the area that's hurting is a result of either damage (in the case of painful joints) or overwork (in the case of painful muscles) as a result of dysfunction in another joint or muscle(s).

Here's the BIG problem with this: little aches and pains ignored can result in a compensation and the little aches and pains go away. But over time, this initial compensation results in pain in another area and this process can repeat itself again and again until you can no longer ignore it to finish your workout, practice or game and it kicks you to the sidelines.

These compensations layer on top of another and fixing one can reveal another, that left unchecked, will eventually result in pain and damage.

For example, shoulder pain can be the result of poor thoracic mobility. Performing rehabilitative exercises for the shoulder can help and the shoulder may feel better, but the poor thoracic mobility can then lead to lower back pain. So you then address the lower back pain with core stability exercises, but then your neck starts to hurt. 

This is why I've created the Precision Movement Academy - to give you everything you need to get ALL of your joints and muscles functioning properly to eliminate compensations and imbalances so you can get back to and keep doing the things you love, for life. 

I hope to see you inside the Academy.

Kinesiologist and Movement Coach
Founder of Precision Movement

Why join the Academy?

Address Your Whole Body

Unless you incurred a traumatic injury, pain or tightness is often the result of a compensation from another area. By restoring function and mobility to every muscle and joint, you're treating the root cause of issues.

At-Home Friendly Routines

All Precision Movement courses are designed to fit into your busy life, not take it over, with 20-30 minute routines using minimal to no equipment, helping you stick to the plan to get the results you deserve.

PRO Support

As a Student of the Academy your success is our success so Eric and his team of PRO Coaches are here for you whether you need an exercise substitution or simply to know you're on the right path.

LIFETIME access to every existing
Precision Movement course


The Foundation for Movement Longevity


The Fundamental Precision Movements



Hip Pain Solution


Shoulder Pain Solution


TFL Pain Solution


Knee Pain Solution


Elbow Pain Solution


Low Back Pain Solution


Foot and Ankle Pain Solution




"I developed discomfort in my wrists and had lost range of motion/mobility and hand/wrist strength so I started the Upper Limb Program to improve all of this.

I’m just about finished the program and have found a tremendous improvement in both range of motion/mobility in my wrists, hands and fingers plus a much improved grip strength.

I had enrolled in the Academy and access to greater content after I finished the Hip Control Program about 5 months. So far I’ve completed (or almost completed) 4 programs – Upper and Lower Limb, Hip Control and TFL and I have greatly benefited from them all.

I am determined to get my body moving more freely and with less pain as I move into my later years, I’ll be 59 soon!



"I really needed Precision Movement! I am a slightly beat-up 43-year-old dad who is trying to stay active and fix some old injuries.

I started with the hip control series last fall, and also shoulder control. My hips haven't felt this good in at least 10 yearsCurrently, I am following spinal control and the scap strength program. I don't really use the app, probably because I am just not much of a computer person.

Following the programs strictly has been more than helpful and I really feel much better about my movement. Thank you so much for providing me with this tool.

When I purchased the lifetime access, my wife remarked that we would probably pay that amount for just a couple of sessions with a physical therapist

If a person can be self-motivated, your programs are really magic and saved me a lot of money.

Now I have been able to return to the activities I love like swimming and weight lifting, and look forward to a pain-free future."

Stephen Ingebrand

a new world of mobility in my body...

"I have a traumatic brain injury. Which affected the left side of my body. I have done & followed 5 Precision Movement programs. I was ecstatic with the results every time. Kept me coming back for more. Where I’ve regained moment & a bit of strength in some areas.

Eric has helped me go to the next step & open me up to a new world of mobility in my body, and understanding about each area."

Chris Greeno, 36

"All my Ph.D. in Dance and Sports Medicine did not give me even a small percentage of the insight (and good humour) You provided me over the recent years. Thanks to your wisdom I have been able to help many dancers in the Czech Republic and I am deeply grateful for this gift, for all your generosity, humility and effort. You have a special place in my heart…" - KLARA

"I continue to be touched by how strongly both you and Dr. B care about helping others and empowering them to take greater care of their bodies! I consider you both blessings to me and to all who follow your joint work (and to your team as well.) I want you to know that I have strongly recommended your app and your material to the Rheumatology Clinic doctor where I go for checkups. They were very excited to learn of the app and want to check it out and possibly recommend it to other patients. I only hope that they do so!" - LISA

Exclusive content to keep you moving


A wide range of full body Mobility Routines that will work your whole body unlike anything you've experienced before. These routines are exclusive to Academy students and not found anywhere else. 


Range Specific Routines (RSR) are laser targeted to improve a specific range of motion i.e. hip flexion or shoulder extension.  These routines allow you to improve precisely what you need to balance your body or eliminate restrictions that limit you.  


Each month you get access to a new strength and conditioning workout that includes weights, bodyweight circuits and interval training.

If you like being strong and in good shape, you'd like to follow efficient and proven routines and you're looking for new methods to spice things up, you'll love these programs. 


The Movement Database is a searchable resource that includes all of the exercises and techniques that are in courses, published on the blog and in YouTube, as well as never-seen-before techniques.

You can then save custom routines of your favourite exercises for easy access or to remember techniques you may want to re-visit in the future. 

FREE Upgraded Access to ROM Coach

Inside the Precision Movement Academy you'll be learning all about the body from the inside out while following progressive courses to restore function to every muscle and joint.

ROM Coach is the perfect complement to the Academy, allowing you to work other areas that you're not focused on with a Control or Solution series course or program, keeping your other joints moving freely and without pain while you focus on your most problematic area.

What can the Academy do for you?


"I love your stuff - your words and your programs and I'm very grateful for them restoring me to action!
Here's a pic of me at a bouldering competition earlier this year - this was after your shoulder flexibility solution helped clear up a nagging pain in my right shoulder. 
I didn't score any points at the comp and I'm full of chalk from all the falling!  but, I had a great time and no pain :) - and I could keep on climbing - fantastic.
Thanks again and have a great week."

Nicky Scholfield


"Hello Eric, first off I must tell you how much I enjoy your programs. I love the details given that makes the most out of the workouts.

For years I've went trough MANY programs to restore my shoulder mobility and didn't stick with because I did not see any improvements, but yours 100% did.

Thank you sooo much for your amazing knowledge....already my mobility has improved by at least 80% and I'm just in my 3rd week on 4 times a week training.Thanks again for the awesome program."

Alex Sturrup, 31, Nassau


"I just had to tell you that you've basically saved my life. I've been suicidal on and off for 4+ years due to intense back pain after a herniation at L5-S1. After several rounds of PT and injections not much had changed. No one said anything about my psoas.

A combo of your exercises and ART have vastly reduced my pain in just a week. I hope to have zero pain over time and get back to the things I miss (yoga, running, climbing, etc). And I'm a better parent to my young daughter this way. Thank you again - I wish I could give you a big bear hug!"



"When i purchased your scap control program i was right on the edge of bankruptcy. I wanted to help my problematic shoulder/arm myself without losing a tonne of money on personal training that quite frankly may take the long way around to my own understanding and mastery of my own shoulder.

Im REALLY pleased to say after two days in I already can tell that this is re-aligning the problem at its absolute root cause, my own use of my shoulders in each and every moment.

I want to note this is after a massive journey with various massage modalities and rolfing with 4 different Rolfers which assisted my spiral into unmanageable debt alot. Im chuffed to bits something is FINALLY working that will last as long as i do.

Im so impressed that even though I am now firmly in the grip of bankruptcy and on a very tight budget that i'm kicking myself for not accepting the bundle deal of lower limb mastery/control."

- Bodhi Rishi


"I invested in this course because I was looking to increase flexibility and control for my kicks in Muay Thai and for my guard work in BJJ. I have previously used other courses of Eric's and I was sure this would not disappoint.

I can get deeper into squats without pain or binding. I feel like I can move with more control and my balance is better too. Additionally, after not going to the gym for 6 months and only doing my martial arts and the Hip Control program I hit an all-time personal record with my dead-lifts (about 30lbs above my previous PR) which I fully attribute to the increased strength in my stabilizer muscles from doing Hip Control.

Standard "gym class" stretches like trying to touch my toes, do "the splits" and the like. I would see improvement while I was doing them every day but if I missed any time my results would vanish.

The clear and detailed guide videos that walk you through each technique before going "live." Having the coaching videos separate from the follow-along videos made it nice and convenient."

Ryan, 29

Ready to go?

Membership to the Precision Movement Academy includes: 

  • LIFETIME access to all existing Foundation, Control and Targeted courses* ($858 value)
  • Exclusive content including daily routines, flows and Range Specific Routines  ($513 value)
  • Strength and Conditioning routines to improve performance in a balanced way ($348 value)
  • FREE ROM Coach premium access (value depends on plan chosen)
  • Minimum 60-90% discount on courses or programs released in the future
  • TOTAL VALUE of over $1,835!

* NOTE plans, all payments must be completed to maintain full access to courses and programs

Choose your plan below:


Includes a 30 Day ROM Coach Subscription for Free ($10 value)




Paid in full after 12 payments

Try the Precision Movement Academy and if it's not the right fit, get in touch within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

"I can honestly say without a doubt that THIS is by far the BEST exercise program that i have had the pleasure to thus far come across.

I have never had so much CONTROL of my body, nor so much understanding of the varying states of fitness of all the different parts of my body, and how they all function together in an immersive experiential developing journey.

I now FEEL stronger than i did when i was extremely muscley and at the time apparently well proportioned. And although i don't yet look, well, lets say powerful and sexy with all the show muscle. I simply don't care, because i feel GREAT!

The sense of achievement is also fantastic, when control returns to the body, its like discovering a new technology or ancient mystical artifact in your own back garden. And i know that should i want to, and when i choose to, i could extremely easily add some mass and bulk up in short period of time.

Yours Sincerely
Graham B."

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